How much does a truck cap weigh?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How much does a truck cap weight? We will explain what types of truck caps exist and how to choose the best one for your pick-up truck. 

How much does a truck cap weight?

On average, a short bed truck cap weighs 170 lbs, while a long bed truck cap weighs 200 lbs. As for other measures, truck caps have height and length variations depending on the type of pick up where they will be installed. However, there are at least three types that are the most used:

  1. The canvas truck cap: It is the most practical version when it comes to truck caps. It allows better visibility from the driver’s perspective but does not offer much interior space. It consists of a waterproof and weather resistant tarpaulin that covers the rear of the cabin. These covers are totally hermetic so that they prevent the passage of water, dust or any other element inside.

Some are rigid and are composed of several retractable sheets that fold when opening and closing the space, others are more flexible and roll up in a quite practical and comfortable way, and the market also presents those that consist of a single rubberized cover, made in plastic or fibreglass.

  1. The flexible canvas truck cap: This type of truck cap enters the segment of the spacious and economical. They are made of canvas, with an aluminum frame that makes their weight much lighter. They are independent of the front passenger compartment but allow greater discretion when carrying luggage or merchandise.

However, the downside to this type of truck cap has to do with safety. These truck caps – while flexible – are more vulnerable to vandalism, compared to their fibreglass peers.

  1. The fibreglass truck cap: Its use is very common in work vehicles and modern sports cars. They allow you to carry loads discreetly and safely and are made of fibreglass.

Some models have secured sliding windows, a lock on the main hatch, and an internal lighting system. Some manufacturers adopt the structure of the front passenger compartment to create a connection with the rear screen through a window.

This type of truck caps for trucks, for their space, safety and comfort, are used on family trips, for workloads and even on rustic trips. The disadvantage? Some block partially or totally the visibility in the central rearview mirror of the pick-up truck.

6 tips for buying the best truck cap

Buying the right truck cap for your pick-up is not difficult, however, depending on whether you have a short bed truck or long bed truck you may or may not want a certain type of truck cap.

Here are our top six tips for buying the best truck cap for your pick-up:

  1. Define its purpose. If you use the pick-up for moving things around, a truck cap with windows can be an idea. This makes it easier to monitor the items. On the other hand, if you transport heavier and thicker materials, a truck cap without windows is a better alternative, it offers greater safety and resistance by not having glass that can break.
  1. Check the make and model of the pick-up truck. Today, there are truck caps that adapt to different vehicles, however, it is important that when looking at the options you consider the make and model, and test the options until you find the one that fits perfectly. The level of security offered by the truck cap will also depend to a large extent on its proper fit.
  1. Consider buying a waterproof truck cap. A waterproof truck cap protects the truck bed and its contents from dust or water. If you use the truck in extreme climates, it is necessary that the truck cap has this add-on. The quality must be verified since we require that it be flexible, resistant to wear and temperature changes and that it be completely waterproof.
  1. The truck cap must be sturdy and secure. It is important to verify the material with which they are made so that they can offer adequate security and protection to your cargo. It must not be easily opened or removed, and it must withstand geological and climatic changes.
  1.  Made from light materials. This will depend on the size and functions of the truck, however, it is best that it be made with lightweight materials so that it does not bounce off unstable surfaces or impede the correct handling of the driver.
  1. The truck cap height is important. The higher the truck cap is, the more space you will have in your cabin, so it is necessary to consider how wide you want it to be, depending on the activities to be carried out, to determine the height.

The benefits of using truck caps

If you are still wondering if a truck cap is a worthy investment, here are a few benefits of using one:

  • You can paint it the colour of the truck so that it becomes an accessory unified with the aesthetics of the truck.
  • Most are made of strong carbon or glass fibres for durability.
  • Prevents theft when the truck is stopped.
  • In addition to having a great variety of models and prices, some truck caps are removable, so they give greater versatility, depending on the needs.
  • They are mostly light items, ideal for vehicles that constantly travel and transport heavy materials.

A truck cap is essentially used for the extra space and to store some piece of equipment. Besides it, many pick-up owners like to camp with their pick-ups, and here is where a truck cap brings the most benefits.

Camping under a truck cap: the essentials

If you’re adventurous, camping in a pick-up is a great alternative to buying an RV. Camping under a tonneau cover offers several key advantages over traditional tent camping, for example. It is more comfortable, safe, convenient and cheap. With a few thousand dollars, you can optimize your pickup truck to make it one of the most comfortable camping spaces.

You don’t have to worry about having an XL size pickup. A well-prepared midsize pickup works well. Larger trucks can even be problematic as they provide less mobility, consume a lot of gasoline, and may be out of place on smaller roads due to their weight and size.

There are designated camping areas throughout the USA for trucks, cars, and tents. These grounds are usually well prepared, with a fire pit, a picnic table, electricity, and a nearby water source. It is advisable to visit the local police station or call them to inform them of your stay.

Your truck pickup is going to be your home away from home. Living there can be a disaster while you are in nature. Before leaving, do a thorough cleaning of the truck. Uninstall accessories like cargo bars and toolboxes to reach the smallest spots. This will also ensure that you have enough space for the base of the bed.

The bottom line

Choosing the right truck cap is not a difficult task, but necessary if we want it to give us the protection we are looking for for our cargo. That is why it is important to consider aspects such as materials, vehicle brand, height and more so that it meets the expected quality standards.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or any comments regarding the use of a truck cap. 

FAQ on How much does a truck cap weight?

Do camper shells improve gas mileage?

No, camper shells do not improve gas mileage. In fact, for what it’s worth, camper shells lower your mph due to the extra weight. Another fact that we must address here is that camper shells do not improve your truck’s aerodynamics.

Are camper shells useful?

Yes, camper shells can be useful. They offer extra space to store your equipment and also protect the truck bed when driving. There are different types and sizes of camper shells, so make sure you choose the one that fits your needs best. 

How much do Leer camper shells cost?

Leer camper shells can cost between $1200 and $1800, including the costs of installation. Leer camper sheets are made from aluminium and are very popular caps for pickups. 

Is it OK to cover the camper with a tarp?

Yes, it is OK to cover the camper with a tarp, as it must be protected from external aggressions when you are not driving it for a relatively long time. This is the best way to keep it in good condition over time.

What are the best brands of camper covers?

If you know for sure that a particular tarp is perfectly compatible with your camper and wallet, buy it without worrying about its manufacturer. However, as with any other purchase, it is strongly recommended that you purchase your tarpaulins from reputable brands such as Hindermann, Roc Line, Tyvek, 1PLUS.

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