How much does a Scamp 5th wheel cost?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How much does a Scamp 5th wheel cost? We will give you a complete review of the Escape 5.0: a fibreglass 5th wheel camper from Scamp. 

How much does a Scamp 5th wheel cost?

A Scamp 5th wheel trailer costs $17,750 as a base price, but you can pay $22,295 for a trailer with extra options included.

The basic version of a 19′ Deluxe Scamp Lite 5th wheel travel trailer includes:

  • A queen size loft bed with 5” cushions
  • A standard brown and beige with fibreglass cabinets and wood panel doors interior
  • A stairway to the loft bed
  • A 9-gallon tank shower & toilet;
  • 12 Volt Water Pump
  • City Water
  • Grey Water Tank
  • Gas Water Heater
  • 3.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator
  • Rear Overhead Cabinets
  • Group 24 Battery Pack
  • And a screen door.

The optional features that you add on your 19′ Deluxe Scamp Lite 5th wheel travel trailer are:

  • Dry Flush Toilet
  • Gas & Electric Water Heater (Upgrade)
  • Roof Fan (Front)
  • Roof Fan (Rear)
  • Roof Air Conditioner
  • Heatstrip for Air Conditioner
  • 6.7 Cubic Foot Refrigerator (Upgrade)
  • Microwave Oven
  • Stove Cover
  • Glass Stove Top (Upgrade)
  • Conventional Oven (Upgrade)
  • Power Range Hood (12 Volt)
  • Backsplash
  • Furnace (16,000 BTU)
  • Wireless Brake Control
  • Backup Camera
  • 2nd Set of Tail Lights
  • 12 ft Awning
  • TV Antenna
  • TV Cable Hookup
  • TV Package
  • Generator
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Solar Panel Kit
  • Tank Monitors
  • Upgraded Rims w/ Spare Tire
  • Sink Cover.

Note: The final price for your Scamp 5th wheel trailer will thus greatly depend on the number of amenities you decide on adding!

How to order a Scamp 5th wheel trailer?

Scamp trailers are manufactured in a small town in Minnesota, called Backus. It is a family-owned company and they’ve been making Scamp trailers since 1971. 

From start to finish, it takes anywhere from 35 to 40 days to get your Scamp trailer. When you order your Scamp you have to put down a $500 deposit that is refundable if you decide you don’t want the trailer after all. 

It is important to know that they do not have a showroom so yes, you rely entirely on o the pictures from the brochures. Or if you’ve been lucky enough, you’ve seen a second-hand Scamp travel trailer before. 

Before actually starting to build your Scamp trailer and after you’ve placed the deposit, you will get a call confirming your order and every add-on that is on the list. Once you come to an agreement, they start building your trailer. 

How much does a second-hand Scamp 5th wheel cost?

A second-hand Scamp 5th wheel costs between $8,000 and $13,000 – again, depending on the year of manufacture and the options it has onboard. The hardest part, however, would be to find a secondhand Scamp 5th wheel on the market. 

Since Scamp makes its trailer on customer requests only, the market is not as crowded with Scamp trailers as one would expect it to be! 

Advice for acquiring a second-hand Scamp 5th wheel

Before getting behind the wheel of Scamp 5th wheel trailer, it may be useful to go through a quick checklist:

  1. Can you legally tow your trailer?
  2. Have you driven it recently? Towing skills can be poor when not used regularly, and if so, take your trailer to a deserted shopping park on a Sunday and practice activities like turning and backing;
  3. Have you planned your route? Some enthusiasts will experience the horror and embarrassment of finding themselves stuck in small alleys or streets totally unsuitable for towed vehicles. Good route planning should avoid this;
  4. Are you sure your trailer is safe for the road? A mechanical, electrical and gas safety check-up at the start of each season is strongly recommended;
  5. Is your insurance in order, including coverage for your property?
  6. Have you made a campsite reservation? Even out of season, it is possible to arrive at a site of your choice and find that there is no room, so book in advance and get confirmation;
  7. Are all drivers covered and accurately reported on your policy? If you are in doubt as to your eligibility, you should contact your policy provider.

Are Scamp 5th wheel trailers worth the price?

We may be biased, but after reading and listening to (almost) thousands of reviews, we can agree that Scamp’s 19’ Deluxe 5th wheel trailers are completely worth the price.  The Scamp 5th wheels have floor plans that are family-friendly and have other advantages over their counterparts:

  • More than enough living space: Living in a Scamp 5th wheel feels more like living in a house than living in a trailer. The actual living space of this trailer is 100 per cent of the total interior area.
  • Mobility options: Once at the chosen destination, your car can easily be separated from the Scamp trailer and used as a means of transportation around the area. This is particularly beneficial when the recreational vehicle remains at a campground for an extended amount of time or when the campsite is particularly far from entertainment, grocery stores or gas stations.
  • No additional engine maintenance: Because the Scamp 5th wheel trailer does not have an engine, it does not have additional engine maintenance while it is parked at the house. 
  • Easy to repair: If the Scamp 5th wheel vehicle breaks down and requires an extended time for repairs, you can still live in the trailer at the campsite until repairs are made. Staying in a motel or hotel can get expensive, especially for large families!
  • A large choice of towing vehicles: A Scamp 5th wheel trailer has a wide range of towing vehicles that can pull it, including a six-cylinder sedan, SUV, MPV, or half-ton pickup truck, so which vehicle can be chosen that best fits that trip. If a family is planning a vacation at a resort, for example, a sedan may be the best vehicle choice; a pickup truck may be a better choice for backwoods camping.

The bottom line

As you have seen, the Scamp 5th wheel trailers come with many innovative features and many good reviews. If you are unsure whether Scamp trailers are worth the price, please feel free to check our other articles on Scamp trailers cost, maintenance and amenities. 

Also, if you have any comments, questions or tips on how to improve this article, let us know!

FAQ on How much does a scamp 5th wheel cost?

How much do Scamp travel trailers cost?

The cost of a new Scamp travel trailer varies from $7,900 to $17,500 depending on the trailer model and the add-ons.

How much do the add-ons on a Scamp trailer cost?

When speaking about add-ons costs, something you might want to think about is the size of your Scamp trailer and whether your car has the required towing capacity to pull the trailer. Keep in mind that the final price will vary greatly depending on the Scamp travel trailer dimensions, but also on the number of amenities you plan on adding. 

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase.

How big is the bed in a Scamp trailer?

The bed in a Scamp trailer can have one of the following three dimensions: 42’’, 44’’ or 54’’. When building your Scamp trailer, you have the option of choosing the size of your bed as well. Each Scamp trailer, even the 13 Standard can have a bed as big as 54’’. 

Do Scamp campers leak?

Yes, Scamp campers are prone to leaks. In truth, fibreglass campers, such as the Scamp models, are less likely to leak. Still, improper maintenance is the main cause of Scamp camper leaks and if it has been a while since you last thoroughly checked your camper roof and seals, don’t be surprised if you find water leaking inside!

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