How much does a camper van cost?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How much does a camper van cost?” We will discuss the price range of camper vans and list out the best camper vans from low to high prices. We will also discuss some of the top features and amenities that make these camper vans the best on the list.

How much does a camper van cost?

A camper van can cost varies on the brand, size, and features. The price of a camper van can range from $10,000 to $120,000. The cheaper the camper van the lesser the amenities and luxury. The price factor also depends on the sleeping space, dining, and kitchen equipment. There is a wide range of camper vans to choose from, but the cost will vary according to your preference.

Unlike an RV, a camper van is smaller and compact with the right amount of space to sleep, cook, and travel. A camper van is typically a van that is converted into a small motorhome. Several camper van brands come with some of the best features. Camper vans have a longer wheelbase and it is usually larger than the average van.

The best camper vans from low to high

There are camper vans that start from $9,000 and the price range continues to increase along with the amenities and features. Camper vans can also turn out to be expensive in some cases and some of them even come with a toilet and shower. Those camper vans are luxury ones with some top-class features. Below is a list of camper vans that are listed out from a low to high price range.

Ram pro-master city

  • The ram pro-master city is one of the most well-known camper vans due to its affordable price range. The pro-master starts at $9,000 and is perfect for a couple. 
  • The features might be minimal but it is still a compact and inexpensive camper van. There are two basic models with the ram pro-master city.
  • One model arrives with a large double bed and a pullout kitchen. This model allows you to do the cooking outside. 
  • The other model comes with a U-shaped bench seat that can be converted to a double bed when sleeping. You might lose out on the in-van kitchen, but this is a perfect van for short camping trips.

Hillside leisure dalbury

  • With a price range of $30,000, the hillside leisure dalbury is an electric camper van that is environmentally friendly. 
  • This camper van goes from 0 to 80 percent with only 30 minutes of fast charge. 
  • This camper van has a 95-watt solar panel that is perfect to supply enough power for all the required gadgets. The advantage of his camper van is that it is tax-free.

VW Caddy

  • The VW Caddy starts at $35,000 and can accommodate up to four people. 
  • The passenger seats in this camper van can be converted into large double beds that are perfect enough to accommodate up to two adults. 
  • The VW Caddy also comes with a full-fledged kitchenette with a fridge, sink, two-burner hob, and plenty of storage for all essentials. 
  • It also has a removable dining table and is perfect for camping.

Sports mobile classic

  • The sports mobile classic starts with a price range of $39,000 and is one of the best camper vans for off-road performance. 
  • It arrives with a pop-top roof and it has an exceptional streamlined appearance. 
  • The interior of this campervan is comfortable and it comes with a bed that folds out and has plenty of space for sleeping.
  • This camper van is spacious with extra storage walls and cabinets. 
  • The kitchen also comes with a sink, fridge, and microwave oven. This is a perfect camper van for a weekend getaway and it also has an awning. 
  • With a couple of camping chairs, you can easily take this beautiful camper van for a long trip.

Citroen Campster

  • The Citreon Campster starts with a price range of $41,000. This camper van is compact, stylish, and has enough space to fit a small family with kids. 
  • It arrives with a pop-top and there are plenty of sleeping space and storage options. 
  • There are enough cupboards and cabinets to store the cooking accessories.

Citroen wild camp

  • The Citroen wild camp is another notable camper van that is perfect for off-grid camping.
  • This camper van is one of those classic Type H vans that has been converted with some of the best amenities. 
  • It arrives with a fold-down ladder and larger carry-ons, and it has a 161 HP BlueHDi diesel engine. Some of the key features are the hill start assist.
  • There is plenty of storage space and it has a kitchen with a two-burner gas hob. 
  • The refrigerator is 12 volts and it has a stainless steel sink. For the price range, this wild camp is perfect for camping over the weekend and it is perfect for a family. 
  • With the right amount of luggage, you can also take your pet along with you.

Sunlight cliff 600

  • With $49,000 as the starting price, this camper van is believed to be worth every dollar. 
  • It is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis and has top camping gear and huge accessories. 
  • The interiors have a stylish design and have plenty of storage space at the back. 
  • The front seats can be converted into a dining area that can accommodate up to four people.

Winnebago Solis

  • Winnebago is known for its RVs and it also has some of the best camper vans. 
  • The Solis is on the expensive side and is priced at $100,667. 
  • This camper van is the best for families despite its small appearance. 
  • The height of the camper van is more than six feet and is also perfect for tall people. 
  • Up to two people can be accommodated in the pop-top.

VW Crafter Max Traxx

  • This camper van is a little more expensive than the Winnebago Solis at $103,499. 
  • The Van Worx is known for going through rugged terrains and is designed to accommodate four people to sleep comfortably. 
  • There is a proper kitchen area with a fridge and a fold-out bed option. 
  • It also has a complete shower room and can be customized according to your requirements.

Hymer Aktiv 2.0

  • The camper van has a rich look on the outside and is good for a large family. 
  • There is enough sleeping space that can accommodate up to four people. 
  • The dining area can be transformed into another bed if needed. 
  • It has a compact shower and a kitchenette with a rear sofa that has extra seating capacity. The price for this camper van is $144,127.

Benchmark Ford transit camper

  • The Ford transit camper is one of those sturdy campers that is well-equipped with rugged features. 
  • This camper van is suitable for all-terrain and also has a roof rack to carry your camping gear. 
  • It has an additional wheel at the backdoor and plenty of space. 
  • The kitchen cooker and kitchen sink can be converted into storage tops. 
  • The price for this camper van is $125,000.

Winnebago revel

  • The Winnebago revel is constructed on a Mercedes Sprinter. 
  • This camper van is priced at $129,375 and comes equipped with some of the best features. 
  • The Winnebago Revel is a luxury camper van with a power patio awning and complementary lighting for the outside. 
  • It has a convenient ladder and there are plenty of storage options on the inside.

Storyteller Overland

  • The starting price of this camper van is $150,000 and it has a tough roof rank with a ladder for easy access. 
  • It arrives with a high-quality energy management system and a 3,600-watt inverter. 
  • The kitchen has a microwave and a fridge and the biggest comfort is the mini bathtub and the rear shower.

Purchasing a camper van is based on your preference and what kind of features you require. These camper vans are some of the best models that are available on the market that are known for their top features and amenities for the price range. There are a few other options, but these are some of the best camper vans.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How much does a camper van cost?” We have discussed the price range of camper vans and listed out the best camper vans from low to high prices. We have also discussed some of the top features and amenities that make these camper vans the best on the list.


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