How much does a 13 foot Scamp trailer cost?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How much does a 13 foot Scamp trailer cost? We will also discuss the pros and cons of the 13 foot Scamp trailer and whether it is an investment worth making. 

How much does a 13 foot Scamp trailer cost?

The cost of a 13 foot Scamp trailer will highly depend on what trailer model you use. The most popular Scamp Travel Trailer is the 13’ one. Now, depending on the layout you want to buy, whether you want your trailer to have a bathroom or not, the average price of a trailer is $12,395 with add-ons.   

If you want the package deal, that comes with city water, a refrigerator, an oven, a battery pack, a screen door, gravel shield window and rear cabinets, it comes to $14,595. 

As you will see in the table below, Scamp offers four different packages for their 13’ model. Each one has a starting price for the basic model that will increase depending on the number of amenities you plan on adding to the trailer.  

Scamp Trailer ModelPrice for a new trailer without add-ons
Scamp 13′ Bath Package$7,900 to $13,895
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Bath Package$12,600 to $20,800
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Front Dinette$8,500 to $15,600
Scamp 13′ Package$7,500 to $11,900

Why you should buy a 13 foot Scamp trailer

  1. The number one reason for buying a 13 foot Scamp trailer is its weight. This travel trailer is extremely light as it has a fibreglass shell and a lot of the amenities inside are made of fibreglass as well. The 13’ Scamp is very versatile and almost any vehicle can pull it. 
  1. The second reason why you should buy a 13 foot Scamp trailer is for its retro and creative design. Indeed, the Scamp trailer has a really attractive retro design that hasn’t changed much since Scamp started making these in the 70s. 
  1. Another reason is that it’s extremely compact. To be able to fit so many amenities and up to six people in one small trailer, you have to design it well. Overall it’s a compact trailer and perfect for those of you who do not like to bring too much stuff on their trips.  
  1. The 13’ Scamp is also really minimalistic. The best part yet is that you get to choose the number of add-ons and you are free to go as low as you want or as high as you want.  
  1. The solid fibreglass body of the Scamp 13’ doesn’t rust. As you may already know, rust is perhaps the number one enemy of campers (along with mould). Rust can also lead to leaks, so this is an important aspect to consider.  
  1. The 13’ Scamp trailer also promotes simplicity, efficiency and necessity.  You can only bring what you can fit! Most of the time, when you go on trips there’s a tendency, especially when you have kids,  to bring everything with you. You just can’t do that in the Scamp!

First of all, it won’t fit, but then if you’re pulling this with just a regular tow vehicle like a just car you cannot pull it safely with additional weight.

  1. You can customize your Scamp trailer.  You can have them do pretty much whatever you want. Obviously, there are limitations due to size and whatever materials they’re using, but here’s some customization that you can do and we’ve found out that you can actually customize it according to what you need!

Why you shouldn’t buy a 13 foot Scamp trailer

  1. It will most likely not fit in your garage. There are some garages that are tall enough to fit a Scamp trailer, but if you have an AC unit on the roof, forget about it! 
  1. The cost of a 13’ Scamp is quite high. Of course, you can sleep four or six people in it, it’s got an awesome kitchen, it’s got a full bathroom with a shower, and all that – but there are bigger travel trailers on the market at the same price. 
  1. Another problem that you’ll notice is that the 13’ Scamp doesn’t feel too stable. It’s got some bounce and even with the back support down and the front support down, it doesn’t seem to matter.  
  1. Some other minor but common issues reported by Scamp owners are: poor quality doors and windows, the water tank leaks, the door doesn’t close properly. 
  1. If you’re a tall person, you’ll have a difficult time standing up. You’ll probably find it quite difficult to feel comfortable in the trailer, so consider this before buying a 13’ Scamp.
  1. It can’t fit extras. If you need to bring something that you cannot fit because of weight or size you just have to leave it at home. It can be a con if you’re somebody who likes to bring a bunch of stuff with them on the trip. 
  1. Because it is so light and small, it is easier to steal or to break into. We recommend investing in a high-quality camera, alarm and lock for your trailer

Why buy a 13-foot Scamp travel trailer?

For several reasons in fact! Their size, weight, fuel economy, aesthetic qualities … you are spoiled for choice!

  • The layout: Often, Scamp trailers have more compact dimensions than aluminum sheet trailers, which makes them easier to manoeuvre.
  • The weight: For the same size, a fibreglass trailer is lighter than an aluminum model. It could therefore be easier to tow by a utility vehicle or a minivan, for example.

Remember to check the towing capacity of your vehicle to make sure it is able to tow your trailer, regardless of its composition!

  • The fuel economy: Who says less weight says savings at the pump! Indeed, since a Scamp camper is generally lighter than a sheet metal trailer, it will require less effort to be towed, thus reducing fuel consumption! In addition, their more aerodynamic shape offers less wind resistance, which also helps to increase fuel efficiency.
  • The Scamp camper is more aesthetic: It’s all a matter of taste, of course, but the glossy finish and the various graphics on the exterior of the Scamp camper are the most beautiful effect! In addition, unlike aluminum sheets which can sometimes have their paint peeling, fibreglass remains beautiful for a long time … obviously provided you take good care of it!

The bottom line

Very compact and, as their name suggests, very light, Scamp campers are made of moulded fibreglass; in this way, no water infiltration is possible through the walls! In addition, they are ideal for travelling long distances and they are easy to tow, given their low weight and compact dimensions.

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FAQ on How much does a 13 foot Scamp trailer cost?

How much do Scamp travel trailers cost?

The cost of a new Scamp travel trailer varies from $7,900 to $17,500 depending on the trailer model and the add-ons.

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase.

How big is the bed in a Scamp trailer?

The bed in a Scamp trailer can have one of the following three dimensions: 42’’, 44’’ or 54’’. When building your Scamp trailer, you have the option of choosing the size of your bed as well. Each Scamp trailer, even the 13 Standard can have a bed as big as 54’’. 

Do Scamp campers leak?

Yes, Scamp campers are prone to leaks. In truth, fibreglass campers, such as the Scamp models, are less likely to leak. Still, improper maintenance is the main cause of Scamp camper leaks and if it has been a while since you last thoroughly checked your camper roof and seals, don’t be surprised if you find water leaking inside!


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