How much do Scamp travel trailers cost?

In today’s blog, we will discuss: How much do Scamp travel trailers cost? We will also explain the process of ordering one and discuss whether Scamp offers financing for their trailers. 

How much do Scamp travel trailers cost?

The cost of a new Scamp travel trailer varies from $7,900 to $17,500 depending on the trailer model and the add-ons. Please see the table below for more details.

Scamp Trailer ModelPrice for a new trailer without add-ons
Scamp 13′ Bath Package$7,900 to $13,895
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Bath Package$12,600 to $20,800
Scamp 13′ Deluxe Front Dinette$8,500 to $15,600
Scamp 13′ Package$7,500 to $11,900
Scamp 16′ Deluxe$12,600 to $31,200
Scamp 16′ Standard$10,100 to $17,000
Scamp 16′ Standard Front Dinette$10,400 to $17,500

How much do the add-ons on a Scamp trailer cost?

When speaking about add-ons costs, something you might want to think about is if you want a 13’ Scamp or a 16’ Scamp and whether your car has the required towing capacity to pull the trailer. Keep in mind that the final price will vary greatly depending on the Scamp travel trailer dimensions, but also on the number of amenities you plan on adding. 

  • The most popular Scamp Travel Trailer is the 13’ one. Now, depending on the layout you want to buy, whether you want your trailer to have a bathroom or not, the average price of a trailer is $12,395 with add-ons.   

If you want the package deal, that comes with city water, a refrigerator, an oven, a battery pack, a screen door, gravel shield window and rear cabinets, it comes to $14,595.

  • The 16’ Scamp has five different layouts, they can also be custom-built to what you want. You will start with the basic package and you just keep adding on things until you get exactly what you want. 

The 16’ Scamp deluxe package, for example, comes to $22,000.  This model in particular it’s a lot heavier than a regular fibreglass trailer because it’s got heavy wood flooring. Regarding the extras, a roof fan for this Scamp trailer is $175, $7.99 for the TV package, $900 for the awning, and so on. 

So, you want to start with the basic package and keep adding your “essentials” until you get your final price. 

  • The 19’ Scamp trailer is actually a 5th wheel trailer and it comes with two different floor plans. The starting price for these models is $25,395. 

The cost of Scamp trailer add-ons is more or less the same for all travel trailer sizes. A basic appliance such as a refrigerator can cost you $590, a two-burner stovetop – $389, a furnace $445. It is best to check their website or Scamp trailers brochures for more information on the actual prices. 

How to order a Scamp travel trailer?

Scamp trailers are manufactured in a small town in Minnesota, called Backus. It is a family-owned company and they’ve been making Scamp trailers since 1971. 

From start to finish, it takes anywhere from 35 to 40 days to get your Scamp trailer. When you order your Scamp you have to put down a $500 deposit that is refundable if you decide you don’t want the trailer after all. 

It is important to know that they do not have a showroom so yes, you rely entirely on o the pictures from the brochures. Or if you’ve been lucky enough, you’ve seen a second-hand Scamp travel trailer before. 

Before actually starting to build your Scamp trailer and after you’ve placed the deposit, you will get a call confirming your order and every add-on that is on the list. Once you come to an agreement, they start building your trailer. 

Does Scamp offer financing for their trailers?

While Scamp does not offer to finance their trailer, there are plenty of other options for trailer financing.  characteristics and assess which one best suits our needs:

  • Conventional consumer loans: personal loans allow us to get large amounts of money and repay them in several years. In addition, many entities have loans to finance cars with advantageous conditions.
  • P2P (loans between individuals): these online platforms put investors who want to achieve profitability in contact with users who are looking for financing. In this way, we have options to get the necessary capital. The platform will assign us a risk level that will act as an indicator to establish the interest we will pay.
  • Financing through the dealer: generally, these establishments offer promotions, but we must inform ourselves well of all their conditions since, despite the possible discounts they include, the interests of their financing (in the case of the trailer) are usually expensive and may end up involving a higher cost than other routes.

Many banking establishments offer loans dedicated to the purchase of a trailer or motorhome. These offers generally include appropriate insurance in the event of accident, damage or theft. How to find a Scamp trailer loan at the best rate? We answer in this section.

Before you find financing, you will need to choose the model of the trailer that is right for you. The catalogue of Scamp trailers comes in different forms. This choice will depend mainly on the composition of your family, the use you want to make of this vehicle, the level of comfort you reduce and your budget.

After finding the Scamp trailer that suits you and depending on its price, you may have credit for the funder. The allocated credit makes it possible to finance the purchase of a new or used trailer. The amount of this consumer credit varies between 5,000 and 75,000 dollars, repayable over a period of 12 to 72 months.

What are the advantages of trailer financing?

Making a loan to buy a trailer allows you to take advantage of several advantages:

  • Facing an assessed investment: the price of a new trailer (excluding canvas model) is between 15,000 and 35,000 dollars depending on the models, dimensions and options offered.
  • Insurance in case of accident or damage to the vehicle and/or its accessories is included in most offers.
  • Optional insurance against theft.

Thus, taking out a trailer loan can be interesting if you do not have the necessary budget.

Why buy a Scamp travel trailer?

For several reasons in fact! Their size, weight, fuel economy, aesthetic qualities … you are spoiled for choice!

  • The layout: Often, Scamp trailers have more compact dimensions than aluminum sheet trailers, which makes them easier to manoeuvre.
  • The weight: For the same size, a fibreglass trailer is lighter than an aluminum model. It could therefore be easier to tow by a utility vehicle or a minivan, for example.

Remember to check the towing capacity of your vehicle to make sure it is able to tow your trailer, regardless of its composition!

  • The fuel economy: Who says less weight says savings at the pump! Indeed, since a Scamp camper is generally lighter than a sheet metal trailer, it will require less effort to be towed, thus reducing fuel consumption! In addition, their more aerodynamic shape offers less wind resistance, which also helps to increase fuel efficiency.
  • The Scamp camper is more aesthetic: It’s all a matter of taste, of course, but the glossy finish and the various graphics on the exterior of the Scamp camper are the most beautiful effect! In addition, unlike aluminum sheets which can sometimes have their paint peeling, fibreglass remains beautiful for a long time … obviously provided you take good care of it!

The bottom line

Very compact and, as their name suggests, very light, Scamp campers are made of moulded fibreglass; in this way, no water infiltration is possible through the walls! In addition, they are ideal for travelling long distances and they are easy to tow, given their low weight and compact dimensions.

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FAQ on How much do Scamp travel trailers cost?

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase.

How big is the bed in a Scamp trailer?

The bed in a Scamp trailer can have one of the following three dimensions: 42’’, 44’’ or 54’’. When building your Scamp trailer, you have the option of choosing the size of your bed as well. Each Scamp trailer, even the 13 Standard can have a bed as big as 54’’. 

Do Scamp campers leak?

Yes, Scamp campers are prone to leaks. In truth, fibreglass campers, such as the Scamp models, are less likely to leak. Still, improper maintenance is the main cause of Scamp camper leaks and if it has been a while since you last thoroughly checked your camper roof and seals, don’t be surprised if you find water leaking inside!


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