How much can a 2010 Toyota Camry tow?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: How much can a 2010 Toyota Camry tow? We will review the 2010 Toyota Camry versions and discuss its towing performance and behaviour on the road. 

How much can a 2010 Toyota Camry tow?

With the exception of the hybrid versions, the 2010 Toyota Camry can tow up to 2645 lbs, which is more than enough for small and medium-sized caravans, pop-up campers, travel trailers, small boats and motorcycles. 

2010 Toyota Camry Towing Capacity

2010 Toyota Camry SpecsTowing Capacity
Altise2.4L, ULP, 5 SP AUTO2645 lbs
Altise2.4L, ULP, 5 SP MAN2645 lbs
Ateva2.4L, ULP, 5 SP AUTO2645 lbs
Grande2.4L, ULP, 5 SP AUTO2645 lbs
Hybrid2.4L, Hyb/ULP, CVT AUTO0 lbs
Luxury Hybrid2.4L, Hyb/ULP, CVT AUTO0 lbs
Luxury Hybrid (Psr/Sat)2.4L, Hyb/ULP, CVT AUTO0 lbs
Sportivo2.4L, ULP, 5 SP AUTO2645 lbs
Sportivo2.4L, ULP, 5 SP MAN2645 lbs
Touring SE2.4L, ULP, 5 SP AUTO2645 lbs

Why can’t I tow with a 2010 Camry Hybrid?

You can tow with a Toyota Camry Hybrid, but its towing capacity is very small, just 880 lbs, thus it will be able to tow only a small camper, very lightweight boat or jet ski. You must ensure you do not exceed the towing capacity of your Camry, as you may damage the vehicle. 

Contrary to popular belief, the regulations do not prohibit the installation of trailer hitches on a hybrid vehicle to trace a trailer or a caravan. You just need to call a professional to make you a tailor-made one. But this coupling installation requires prior approval. 

Note that the various designers are increasingly offering models with original trailer hitches. However, it should be remembered that the specific architecture of hybrid vehicles (including the location and weight of the battery) sometimes makes it difficult to install a hitch or significantly reduces towing capacity. 

The question then is how many loads can you tow with a hybrid car?

2010 Toyota Camry: Road behaviour

Perhaps the biggest novelty for the Toyota Camry in its 2010 model year is the addition of a new six-speed automatic transmission with manual mode, this box comes standard on all versions, the tested version incorporates the powerful and refined 3.5 V6. liters that as in the previous year model continues to deliver 268hp and 248 lb/ft, the four-cylinder variant has increased to 169hp versus the 158hp it previously offered.

The Camry’s V6 is a great engine, the technology it employs allows it to offer outstanding power levels while taking great care of the issue of emissions and fuel consumption. Direct injection and variable valve opening, both intake and exhaust are some of the technologies that allow Toyota to offer such a refined engine.

One of the strongest arguments for the Camry is its high safety equipment; it incorporates seven airbags (the seventh is for the knees), Stability Control, Traction Control, ABS, EBD, complete the package.

The front suspension is McPherson, while the rear is multi-link, both axles with stabilizer bars.

Technical Evolution: New 6-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.

Benefits for you: Greater control, allows better use of engine power.

How is towing with a 2010 Toyota Camry like?

The 2010 Camry, in the comfort section, is well covered, with electric mirrors and windows (all 4 of a single touch), two-zone air conditioning with an air purification system that according to the brand eliminates practically any bacteria, also the system Climate control can be controlled from the steering wheel.

For its part, the audio system is JBL with 8 speakers and amplifier, with a 6 cd changer and capacity to read MP3 and WMA, it also offers mini jack auxiliary input and a USB port to connect players such as iPod or some USB plug, the Audio controls on the steering wheel are also present and it must be said, the playback quality is very good.

The Bluetooth system is also present and supports voice commands to indicate to the phone basic questions such as dialling a contact from the directory. On the other hand, the seats are covered in leather, while the decorative element is provided by inserts in wood type.

As for driving and towing, the dynamic behaviour proposal of the Toyota Camry perfectly reflects the design philosophy, it is a car with a conservative design and the handling is too. 

While it is true, the 3.5-litre V6 is an excellent engine, with a fairly flat torque curve in general terms and a good power reserve for recoveries and overtaking, the rest of the set, in its eagerness to deliver a lot of comforts, ends up providing sensations anaesthetized. The steering is too smooth, so it stops communicating faithfully what happens with the front wheels and exactly the same happens with the suspension that shows a very soft calibration.

All of the above translates into a silent vehicle, which completely isolates the driver and passengers from what is happening outside and allows extremely relaxed and comfortable journeys. But by demanding a little more and entering winding roads, the suspension allows excessive body movement (too much weight transfer), the steering also seems to go slower than our hands require.

The Camry is a car that perfectly fulfils to move with total comfort, but it lacks character, it lacks enthusiasm and that is something that although it extends practically to the entire Toyota range, in the Camry let’s say it stands out, let’s say that if you are looking for a Reliable midsize, equipped and well-positioned, this car fully delivers, but if you’re looking for a little more excitement, the Mazda 6 or Honda Accord do a better job.

The good: Comfortable, quiet, isolated.

Can Improve: It lacks more emotion and character, better convey the driving sensations.

How much cargo space does the 2010 Toyota Camry have?

One of the great virtues of the Camry is the use of space, the rear row is very wide, it resembles a comfortable sofa, it is perfectly capable of carrying three adults with a very decent level of comfort, the legroom allows plus-size passengers to travel in comfort. The trunk has a capacity of 411 litres, more than enough to carry all the necessary luggage for the family.

Can Improve: Nothing, it is quite spacious and with numerous slides, the trunk is huge too.

Final thoughts

The Toyota Camry is a middle-class car that comes standard with a four-cylinder, cross-mounted engine. You may have extra cargo space on your Camry, and installing an aftermarket trailer hitch will allow you to tow a small trailer and expand your vehicle’s cargo-carrying capacity. 

Nothing beats towing with a Toyota Camry. Do you agree? Please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions or comments on the content. 

FAQ on How much can a 2010 Toyota Camry tow?

Can I tow with a Camry Hybrid?

You can tow with a Toyota Camry Hybrid, but its towing capacity is very small (400 kg/880 lbs), thus it will be able to tow only a small camper, very lightweight boat or jet ski. You must ensure you do not exceed the towing capacity of your Camry, as you may damage the vehicle. 

How much can a 2002 Toyota Camry tow?

A 2002 Toyota Camry can tow up to 3500 lbs, which means it will perform great in pulling a small pop-up camper, travel trailer, boat, or even a snowboard. Please see the table below for more specific information. 

How much can a 2003 Toyota Camry tow?

Depending on the car specifications, a 2003 Toyota Camry can tow up to 3500 lbs. While towing with a 2003 Camry, always remember that the vehicle is carrying extra weight. 

Can a Camry tow a pop up camper?

Yes, a Toyota Camry could easily tow a pop-up camper, as they weigh only about 300 kilograms (650 lbs). Still, keep in mind that towing can be dangerous if you don’t take it seriously.