How many horses can fit in a trailer? (examples included)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How many horses can fit in a trailer? We will find that there are different sizes when it comes to horse trailers. We will also discuss the basics of transporting one or more horses. 

How many horses can fit in a trailer?

Up to six horses can fit in a trailer, depending on the size and model of the trailer. When transporting more than one horse, the minimum height inside the compartments must exceed the height at the withers of the tallest animal by at least 30 inches (almost 75 cm).

There are various types of horse transports and just as many ways of loading animals, which we present in the table below. Check with your carrier to find out which vehicle is right for you and your horse. 

Different horse trailers sizes

Number of horses that can fit in the trailerHow much weight the trailer supportsTrailer Models
1 horse1300 lbsBrenderup Solo
1 horse1600 lbsWW 5×10 Stock Trailer
1 horse2700 lbsDouble D Trailers
2 horses2150 lbsBrenderup Baron SL
2 horses2360 lbsCharmac Trailers
2 horses2800 lbsLogan Coach 2 Horse Bullseye
2 horses2900 lbsMaverick Highside
2 horses10580 lbs2019 Maverick Highside 
2 horses10580 lbsLogan Coach Select 810 
3 horses2920 lbsLogan Coach Crossfire 3H
3 horses4140 lbsDouble D Slant Load Trailer 
3 horses7495 lbsLakota AC311 3H Alum Colt GN LQ
4 horses2861 lbsDelta Manufacturing 16′ 500 ES Stock Livestock Trailer 
4 horses4700 lbsLogan CrossFire
4 horses4230 lbsLakota BH8416TSR 4H Big Horn 16′ LQ
5 horses3760 lbsCimarron Trailer Gooseneck
5 horses4860 lbsClassic Manufacturing 5 Horse
6 horses4400 lbsCimarron Trailers Lonestar Livestock Trailer 
6 horses9720 lbsFeatherlite 8541 Six Horse Trainers Trailer with Mid-Tack

Note: So that the task of transporting your horse is not stressful, you must ensure that the animal is well hydrated and fed. Prepare it with protective clothing for travel and try to keep it calm while loading it in the vehicle. It is advisable to make stops on long trips, if possible in a stable, so that the equine can rest and relax for a while.

The basics of transporting a horse in a trailer

All horses may need to be transported at one point in their lives. Not only those of different races must be prepared for a trip. If you need to transport your horse to take him to the vet or make a change of home, in these cases you must also prepare him properly so that he does not suffer during transport.

You should always train your horse for transport and prepare it in advance. Never decide at the last minute to transport it without prior preparation. Choose the method that is least stressful and safest, this way you will avoid frightening when entering such a small and moving space.

Try to compensate your horse when he has already gotten into the trailer with food. If your equine has a bad experience from a previous transport, it will surely cost you much more to do it this time and you will need the help of an experienced person in this type of task. 

Once you have carried him happily, he takes the first short trips that are not to places that can generate stress. By taking small steps and staying calm and patient, the end result should be satisfying, whatever the destination.

Use travel clothing and protection for each horse in the trailer

Horses must feel comfortable and safe during the trip, so it is important to protect them with appropriate clothing and other items. It is the case with a good leather collar that fits without problems and a head protector. In addition to the tail guards and bandages, which are important to prevent damage to your body.

Protection can be ensured in the form of custom-made bandages or leg protectors. They must always be properly and securely positioned to perform their function. To ensure that the horse maintains its proper body temperature during the trip, there are fresh sweat mats on the market. It is important that the horse does not feel too hot or cold during transport to maintain its well-being.

Prepare your horse ahead of time before its transfer, accustoming it to wearing its protective clothing and in this way you will make it feel comfortable when using it.

Some legal requirements to transport a horse in a trailer

On the occasion of pilgrimages, exhibitions, competitions or races, it is very common to transport the horse. Of course, it is essential to guarantee your safety and compliance with the legally established requirements.

The law states that, for example, any means of transporting animals must be previously disinfected by an authorized centre. The other alternative that horse owners have is to take a course to obtain the official certification that allows disinfecting, disinsecting and derating these vehicles.

At a private level, we can carry out the transfer of these animals, but with certain limitations. These are:

  • Only within the same autonomous community.
  • Both the animal and the vehicle must be legally in the name of the interested party. In addition, the driver must be the owner of both.
  • The displacement must not be for profit.
  • In some states, it is not possible to transport more than two horses, so pay attention to that!

Advice for transporting more than one horse in a trailer

If you are towing a horse trailer with more than one horse, keep in mind the following:

  • Bring enough food. Fresh hay is important for making stops along the way. Depending on the distance you have to carry and the number of horses, make sure they are well hydrated and fed. 
  • If the horses are big or tall, it is imperative to put a protector so that they do not hit their head. If possible the trailer is 10 inches taller than your horse.
  • It is crucial to always carry an emergency kit (or a kit as complete as possible).
  • You must bring all the travel accessories for each horse.
  • Be careful with sudden manoeuvres! You can scare the animals. Also, think that they are not used to being in such small and dark spaces.
  • The trailer’s cabin must always be well ventilated.
  • If you can avoid it, don’t travel in the hottest hours of the day.
  • Drive with caution. You may be a great driver but the rest of us don’t know how they will react. Consistently smooth and fluid manoeuvres.

You already know that prevention is better than finding solutions and caution at the wheel is never low.


In conclusion, there are a few things you will need when transporting your horse that we want to remind you about:

  • A health certificate
  • Food (fresh hay)
  • Water
  • Trailer in good condition (lights, attack, etc.)
  • Halter, ropes, protective blankets, etc.

Please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions or suggestions about safely transporting one or more horses. 

FAQ on How many horses can fit in a trailer?

How many hours can a horse travel in the trailer?

A horse can travel up to 8 hours in the trailer. The horse must always have a net with hay (better soaked) so that he can eat at all times. It is advisable to water the animal and supply electrolytes in short periods of time. 

What license is needed to drive a horse trailer?

To transport horses in a van you will need special authorization, since the weight that the vehicle pulls increases considerably with the load of the horses. 

What travel equipment do I need to transport a horse?

As for travel equipment, the horse must wear the halter for the duration of the trip. Most experts suggest a leather halter (not nylon or rope). In an emergency, the leather is easy to cut. Depending on the weather during your trip, you may or may not need a blanket. Bumpers and leg guards can be very important. 


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