How many can you sleep in a VW camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How many can you sleep in a VW camper? We will discuss the pros and cons of a VW camper; how many people are legally allowed to live in a VW camper and what is the rival of the VW camper.

How many can you sleep in a VW camper?

How many you can sleep in a VW camper will depend on the model:

  • California Ocean Camper Van: 4 Travelers / Sleeps 4
  • California Beach Camper van: 5 passengers / 4 sleeping places (possibility of renting a Decathlon tent for the fifth person), 5 sleeping places for children under 10 years old.
  • Burstner CityCar motorhome: 4 passengers / 4 sleeping places

Note: Every Volkswagen camper has a 2-seater bed in the cabin and the second bed on the drop-down roof.

The number of people authorized to take the road in a VW camper is entered on the vehicle’s registration card. It generally corresponds to the number of seats fitted with a seat belt. For a camper, there may be a difference between the number of places listed on the registration card and the number of beds.

How many people can travel in a VW camper?

If you have in mind to buy a camper, one of the most important factors to take into account is the number of places to travel. There are numerous alternatives on the market but the fundamental thing is to be clear about how many homologated seats you have and their configuration from the beginning so as not to get involved. How many people can go in a motorhome? We explain it to you below.

There are motorhomes that have several places to sit, but not all places to travel have to be approved. When driving, it is mandatory that each seat has a seat belt. Each type of motorhome usually has a specific number of places to travel, although it can change depending on the manufacturer, brand, model and distribution.

Camper van-type vehicles often have two transverse double beds or a single double bed and can have four seats to travel.

If you have planned a longer or shorter stay at a specific campsite, punctuated by shopping and day trips, then your best bet is still to set up a caravan in a specific location. You will be able to enjoy your car or public transport more freely without having to constantly search for a parking space suitable for large vehicles.

And if a family member wants to go for a drive, the other people can stay quietly by the caravan. No need to move everyone on each outing! A particularly advantageous solution for large families where opinions can quickly diverge.

The dimensions of a VW camper

A VW camper measures within 5m in length and, with a height of less than 2m, it accesses underground parking lots without the slightest problem. It goes without saying that it can be parked in common parking spaces. 

Its large tailgate can also carry bulky luggage or leisure equipment. If you want to combine daily activities and relaxation with a single vehicle, this converted utility vehicle will perfectly meet your expectations.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and easy parking access, this camper is the ideal companion for city trips, weekend trips, or even longer trips. However, this compactness has its limits. If there is enough space for two people with modest requirements, conditions become precarious beyond.

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VW camper: Space

The space is relatively limited in a VW camper. The vehicle can certainly accommodate a stove, a cooler and a small sink, but you will look in vain for a toilet area or a shower. The storage possibilities, too, are severely limited in such a compact vehicle.

Optionally, these campers are available with a roof that can be raised when stationary. The advantage is that you can stand upright in the vehicle and have additional sleeping space on the pop-up roof. The other bed is obtained by folding down the rear seat, which can easily be transformed into a bed of 1.2 m × 2 m in most cases.

We must also consider that everything is a question of transformation: whether you want to stay, sleep or cook, you must always make a prior arrangement.

Heater: If you like to get out there in the winter, you can equip your van with a heater. For outright winter camping, on the other hand, this category of vehicle is not really recommended. By equipping the minivan with a matching awning, however, the limited space can be significantly optimized.

Advantages of the VW camper

  • Perfect for two or three people
  • Daily and resort assignment
  • Compact and very agile
  • Driving comfort similar to that of a passenger vehicle
  • Driving license category B still sufficient

Disadvantages of the VW camper

  • Standing height only with the roof raised
  • No bathroom (shower / WC)
  • Limited storage space
  • Rather suitable for summer use
  • Relatively expensive to purchase
  • Small from five people.

4-seater alternatives to the VW camper

Many compact (lift-top) vans have a removable rear bench (or independent seats). As in most minivans, the seats are secured on mounts, or on rails (which also allow them to slide). The advantage is obvious: when two of you are travelling, you have plenty of useful space, to take your bikes, for example. 

Note: space freed up in this way is not fitted out (except if you get a storage box with rail mounting, as some manufacturers offer; but is it really a fit-out?).

There are even very rare converted vans from which the rear seats can be removed. This is the case with the Hymer Sydney. Check it out!

The bottom line

The best camper is the one you’ll feel right at home in. The compactness-habitability ratio should allow you to fully enjoy your trips. The camper must be manoeuvrable and comfortable. But it must also adapt to your needs (transporting bicycles, possibility of bringing a third passenger occasionally). Our advice:

  • choose a model with enough seats: there are campers specially designed for two, three, four, even six travellers;
  • choose a camper  from which the rear seats can be removed;
  • choose a tailor-made camper, or set it up yourself!

Do you have any tips for those travelling with a VW camper? Feel free to share your thoughts or questions about the content. 

FAQ on How many can you sleep in a VW camper?

How many people can sleep in a camper?

Depending on the model, two to six people can sleep in a camper. The profiled motorhomes (or semi-integral motorhomes), regardless of the number of beds they have, usually have five places to travel and five to sleep.

How many can enter a caravan?

A caravan usually has 4-6 approved seats.

How many people can sleep in a Volkswagen California?

Up to 4 people can sleep in a Volkswagen California. The California Ocean, a Volkswagen T6 that can be used as a motorhome, but camperized by the brand itself. In addition to allowing up to 4 people to sleep in it, it has a kitchen, cabinets, fridge and other amenities

How to sleep in a van?

Here are a few tips for sleeping safely in a van:

  • Read the national legislation on motorhomes. 
  • Choose a place that gives you a good thorn
  • Avoid gas stations and roadside rest areas.
  • Look for areas specially equipped for the parking of vans or motorhomes.
  • Close the curtains on your van.


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