How long do Scamp Trailers last?

In this article, we will answer the following question: How long do Scamp Trailers last? We will share the most useful advice on prolonging the lifespan of your Scamp trailer. 

How long do Scamp Trailers last?

Scamp Trailers can last on average 10 years, if you take good care of them and maintain them well, especially during the cold season. Scamp Trailers are made of fiberglass which makes them quite durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms or snowfall. 

There are a few basic things you can do in order to ensure a longer lifespan for your Scamp trailer:

  • Maintaining the exterior of your trailer (always cleaning from bottom to top, cleaning the roof as well, using non-abrasive cleaning products)
  • Protecting the trailer for direct sunlight (using a caravan cover especially for long-term parking, protecting the opening systems and ensuring the waterproofness of your trailer)
  • Checking the towing system before any trip (difficulty closing or opening it indicates a more or less advanced degradation of the part)
  • Checking the trailer connectors (the connectors allow the electronic system to ensure the operation of the signal lights and flashing lights)
  • Checking the tire wear (this will have a significant impact on the vehicle’s operating quality and on its lifespan)
  • Protecting the trailer during winter (it is advisable to disconnect the batteries, to completely clean the internal equipment, to purge the elements containing water, or to disinfect the sanitary equipment and the ventilation grids.)
  • Checking the quality of your trailer’s equipment (regular checks will prevent unpleasant surprises that could spoil your next family trips.)

These checks apply to kitchen units as well as to sanitary facilities, the roof, or doors and windows. You can request a leak detection test for further evaluation of the travel trailer. The intervention of a professional will also guarantee the reliability of the various supply systems, including that of gas and electricity.

Ensuring the lifespan of your Scamp Trailer

Scamp trailers are a fantastic investment for anyone with the opportunity to explore the country in relative comfort. However, they must be maintained on a regular basis, particularly if you want to avoid being burdened with expensive repair bills. To ensure that your Scamp trailer is kept in good condition, you need to follow the following ten steps:

  1.  Check and tighten all wheel nuts regularly. Over time, the wheel nuts will slowly loosen. Using your trailer when the wheel nuts are loose can make you vulnerable to dangerous and potentially costly accidents, so be sure to always double-check they are within the manufacturer’s recommendations (usually between 90-110nm) using a torque wrench before using yours. trailer or before storing it for long periods of time
  1. Clean all vents, windows and door seals whenever possible. Dirt and grime can quickly build up in and around the vents and gaskets that pierce the bodywork of your trailer. If left unattended, this buildup can prevent adequate airflow and potentially damage the rubber seals needed to prevent rainwater etc. Get into your investment. 

Regularly clean these weak spots using a soft brush or scraper whenever you get the chance – doing so will help extend the longevity of your trailer and ensure it keeps you warm and safe on cold nights. The best way to avoid this is to keep the trailer covered with a waterproof cover.

  1. Test the handbrake before and after each trip. A trailer’s handbrake drum is particularly prone to rust, corrosion and general wear. By testing it before and after each trip, you can help ensure it never stops unexpectedly; damage your trailer and put you at serious risk of accident or injury. 

The best way to test a trailer handbrake is to just apply and then release at least three times. As long as there is no noticeable grille and the brake applies smoothly, it is fully functional.

  1. Regularly check and clean all street lights and electrical systems. One of the most important safety features on a trailer is the street lights and making sure they are kept in good condition is one of the key parts of properly maintaining your trailer. 

Try them at least once before and after each trip by docking the trailer to the car and then convincing someone to stand behind and act as an observer for any problems or problems. To keep them clean, be sure to clean your lenses every time they get dirty and check that no water gets in front of the bulb.

  1. Keep the battery charged. A trailer’s leisure battery will normally last between 7 and 8 days when fully charged, but it is important to remember that by discharging a battery below 50% it will prevent it from being fully charged. charge again, so always make sure the battery is fully charged by plugging it into a voltmeter before setting out on a trip: readings of 12.7-12.3 indicate a fully charged battery, while readings of 11 indicate near-complete discharge.
  1. Make sure the water in your trailer’s fuel system is changed frequently. Left for long periods of time, the water in the system can become stale and unsightly. It can also start damaging the pipe seals throughout the trailer. 

Drain it at least once a season using the integrated valves and use this opportunity to check for any signs of leaks. Provided that everything is okay, you can fill the main tank and test the pressure on all the taps and showers.

  1. Keep your Scamp trailer covered whenever possible. Over time, dust, resin, bird mess, and excessive amounts of sunlight can have a huge impact on the structural integrity of your trailer – exposure to the elements damages seals, vents and electrical connections, as well as cause discoloration of the trailer shell. The best way to avoid this is to keep the trailer covered with a waterproof cover. Provided the cover is made of breathable fabric and fits properly, it can be used to prevent damage to your trailer whenever it is not in transit and could greatly extend the life of your investment
  1. Make sure your trailer’s tires are always fully inflated: While it seems relatively obvious, keeping fully inflated trailer tires out is a very important part of any maintenance program; Under-inflated tires can put a strain on the axle of your trailer and increase the risk of damage to the rims. 

Whenever you are in transit, take the time to double-check your trailer’s tire pressure in a garage or service station; paying close attention to PSI recommended manufacturers.

  1. Regularly air your trailer: Opening windows and doors for a few hours at regular intervals helps prevent the air in your trailer from becoming stale and also helps prevent mold from forming in wet corners or edges. 

Once mold has begun to colonize the interior of your trailer, it can be relatively difficult to destroy, so take steps in advance to make sure you are not creating the kind of environment that will encourage fungal invasion.

  1. Test your trailer’s smoke detector. It’s easy to forget, but a fully functional smoke detector can save lives, so make sure part of your regular maintenance schedule leaves room for a quick test – press the “ test ” button on most modern smoke detectors is all it takes to make sure the electrical systems and sensors are still functioning properly.

The bottom line

Very compact and, as their name suggests, very light, Scamp campers are made of molded fiberglass; in this way, no water infiltration is possible through the walls! In addition, they are ideal for traveling long distances and they are easy to tow, given their low weight and compact dimensions.

Maintaining a travel trailer is not easy and time-consuming, of course. But, this vehicle allows you to live pleasant moments in the company of those who are dear to you, whether in your hometown or abroad. It is reasonable for you to take care of it!

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FAQ on How long do Scamp Trailers last?

Do Scamp campers leak?

Yes, Scamp campers are prone to leaks. In truth, fiberglass campers, such as the Scamp models, are less likely to leak. Still, improper maintenance is the main cause of Scamp camper leaks and if it has been a while since you last thoroughly checked your camper roof and seals, don’t be surprised if you find water leaking inside!

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase. 

Are Scamp Trailers good for winter?

Yes, Scamp Trailers are good for winter, as they have great insulation. By making sure that you have the right furnace and that you are able to control the interior temperature, you will be able to travel and live comfortably in a Scamp Trailer even in the cold season. 

How long does a travel trailer last?

A travel trailer can last up to 10 years, on average. However, the lifespan of a vehicle can vary considerably taking into account some essential aspects such as: how often you drive it if you live full-time in the trailer or not, if you do regular annual maintenance, if you take precautions when parking it long-term and in time what are you on the road.

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