How long do pop-up trailers last? (9+ tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How long do pop-up trailers last? We will discuss the basic rules for maintaining your pop-up trailer so it lasts many, many years. 

How long do pop-up trailers last?

A pop-up trailer can last between 10 to 15 years, depending on how often you use it, how well you have maintained it and whether it was stored inside or outside.  Some pop-up campers can last even less, and that is because their owners didn’t know how to properly maintain them. 

Here is an example of what needs to be checked yearly in order to ensure decent care of your pop-up trailer:

  • checking the load index of the tires and their condition (wear and pressure);
  • the operation of the lights (dipped beam, main beam, position, direction, stop and license plate lights);
  • brakes and shock absorbers;
  • the frame;
  • the homologated repeater plate;
  • the state of the bodywork, in fact there should be no serious dents, the professional in charge also checks that there are no signs of corrosion even on the bumpers, on the windshield, on the rear-view mirrors;
  • the condition of the axles, suspensions, wheels;
  • checking the pop-up canvas for tears  or holes and fixing them;
  • regularly inspecting the roof for cracks that would later lead to leaks. 

How to make your pop-up trailer last longer?

Want to make sure your pop-up trailer will last as long as possible? Follow our tips!

  1. Maintain the exterior of your trailer. As with cleaning a car, you can choose maintenance products that are compatible with the materials of your pop-up trailer; or use hot soapy water, unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer. 

For convenience, the use of a broom (ideally equipped with a telescopic handle) is recommended when washing it. Then rinse with fresh water, using the low-power jet of a garden hose. The use of a high-pressure cleaner is prohibited to carry out maintenance on your pop-up trailer.

  1. Protect the opening systems and seal your trailer: Maintaining your pop-up trailer also requires treating articulated parts and opening systems. This applies, among other things, to door hinges, axes and windows. Apply White Lithium 3-IN-ONE Technical Grease to preserve the quality of the movements, and to protect the various elements against corrosion and humidity. Its efficiency remains optimal if the trailer is parked permanently outside.

The waterproofing of your trailer requires regular inspection of the condition of the seals on the doors and windows. To prevent cracking and insulate your interior space, opt for Technical 3-IN-ONE Silicone Lubricant. This cleaning product preserves its appearance. It can be used on rubbers as well as on metal and plastics.

  1. Check the towing system: When servicing your pop-up trailer, also pay attention to the towing system. Directly connected to the towing vehicle, check the connection mechanism. Difficulties in closing or opening it indicates a more or less advanced degradation of the part. As a preventive or curative treatment, White Lithium 3-IN-UN Technique Grease helps preserve the part over the long term.
  1. Check the pop-up trailer connectors: Depending on your trailer model, the connection allows the electronic system to operate the signal lights and flashing lights. Avoid malfunctions with the Technical 3-IN-ONE Contact Cleaner. After direct application to the socket, let dry. You can use it on metal and rubber parts. It protects your gear against oxidation, and removes dust, grease stains and polar fouling.
  1. Regularly check the tire wear: This is a point that you may not necessarily think about. However, it will have a significant impact on the operating quality of the vehicle and on its lifespan. Unlike those in a car, the tires on a trailer tend to wear out more quickly. While driving can influence their wear, it will not be the main cause.

Look for any cracks in the structure to intervene before having to deal with a puncture. Checking the voltage is also mandatory to eliminate any risk. Your trailer tires must be replaced every 6 years: this clause is stipulated by your insurer and must be respected to request compensation if necessary.

  1. Pop-up trailer body maintenance: Apart from the trailer tires, its body will also need to be maintained to preserve its appearance. When stationary, the vehicle will tend to accumulate traces of dust and wear. Regular cleaning will allow you to notice small damage to the bodywork and external accessories.

It is also possible to cover the trailer with a cover to protect it entirely, and to space out the maintenance. Items that open will also need waxing. This will prevent them from rusting, or getting stuck due to lack of oil. The locks, the bicycle rack, the various interior and exterior hinges will have to be fully reviewed.

  1. Pop-up trailer canvas maintenance: A tear in your pop-up camper leaves you vulnerable to bugs and rainwater. To avoid sleeping in wet conditions with lots of mosquitoes, keep your RV in good condition. Fortunately, fixing a tear in the canvas of a pop-up camper is a simple process. All you need is a tent repair kit and two hours.
  1. Winterize your pop-up trailer: Wintering helps to preserve your pop-up trailer and to avoid starting problems once summer returns. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect the batteries, to completely clean the internal equipment, to purge the elements containing water, or to disinfect the sanitary equipment and the ventilation grids.

Your insurer can request at least two winterings per year. Also, remember to rid the vehicle of salt that could have accumulated in strategic places. While this process can be time-consuming, it avoids corrosion of the installations.

  1. Review the quality of your trailer’s equipment: For various reasons, it can happen that the equipment of your trailer gets damaged. Regular checks will prevent you from unpleasant surprises that could spoil your next family trip.

These checks apply to kitchen units as well as to sanitary facilities, the roof, or doors and windows. You can request a leak detection test for further evaluation of the trailer. The intervention of a professional will also guarantee the reliability of the various supply systems, including that of gas.

  1. Pop-up trailer roof maintenance: The pop-up camper exterior is subjected to climatic conditions, to the sun, to rain, to temperature variations, to pollution… It is especially subjected to leaks throughout its life. Your pop-up camper roof can also stain over time. Besides cleaning your pop-up camper, it is also important to regularly inspect it for tears, holes, and fix the damage as soon as possible.


Your pop-up trailer can last for many years with proper maintenance and a few repairs there and there. With pop-ups, you must take care of its canvas, as it is the most prone to damage. Make sure you clean it well and wait until it’s dry before storage. Regularly inspect the pop-up canvas and its roof to avoid any issues with the camper.

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FAQ on How long do pop up trailers last?

How do you clean a pop-up camper roof?

To understand how to clean a pop-up camper roof, you have to know how to recognize the types of stains on the camper roof. The pop-up camper exterior is subjected to climatic conditions, to the sun, to rain, to temperature variations, to pollution… It is especially subjected to leaks throughout its life. Your pop-up camper roof can also stain over time.

Do pop up campers leak when it rains?

Yes, pop-up campers may leak when it rains. Why? First, because they are not waterproof. Second, because your camper canvas is probably torn or seriously damaged. You must always check your camper before every trip for holes in the canvas or the roof, as they are mainly responsible for water leaks. 

Can you pressure wash a pop-up camper?

It is not recommended to pressure wash a pop-up camper, as it can damage the canvas, as well as the fibreglass. Likewise, pressure washing can damage the gaskets and caulking around your pop-up camper vinyl windows. If you pressure wash your RV, you might accidentally force water in it or even remove the decals.

How do you get mould off a pop-up camper vinyl?

To get mould off a pop-up camper vinyl, you can use one part vinegar mixed with two parts water. After cleaning the vinyl, make sure you dry it well. Also, check your camper canvas for holes, tears and water leaks. 

How to remove the musty smell in a camper?

To remove the musty smell in a camper, use a saucer filled with lemon juice and baking soda. Regularly refresh the air in your camper and clean it as often as possible. 

What to do if my pop up camper smells bad?

If your pop up camper smells really bad, the best thing you can do is clean it. Ideal for cleaning and eliminating odours on board motorhomes and caravans, vinegar disinfects and removes limescale and is therefore ideal for cleaning sanitary facilities, the kitchen unit, but also the refrigerator. 


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