How long do Ford Transit vans last?

In this blog post, How long do Ford Transit vans last? We will give you a few tips on buying a second-hand van and tell you what to pay attention to. 

How long do Ford Transit vans last?

Ford Transit vans usually last between 160,000 and 300,000 miles.  This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who are going to buy this vehicle. Knowing how many miles a van can hold will give you the real pattern of the amortization that the investment you make in it will have.

Of course, to answer this question, many details will have to be taken into account. For example, whether or not it has been properly maintained in all that time. Regarding the change of fluids, cooling, if the vehicle has not been exposed to overexertion, etc.

Why choose a Ford Transit van: 

  • Drives with incredible agility
  • Abundant configuration options
  • Extremely versatile interior.
  • Highly configurable for cargo transportation
  • Strong engine knock
  • Comes with Sync 3 infotainment system

The cons of a Ford Transit van: 

  • Cabin materials are unimpressive
  • Unrefined ride quality
  • Slow passing power on the freeway
  • Low scores on towing capacity
  • It is not the best in terms of build quality.

In the minivan segment, the Ford Transit Van offers one of the best overall packages and is the best-seller in the world. This city van can be outfitted to carry up to seven people or hollowed out to haul things, depending on whether the cargo van or passenger car is selected.

It offers the choice of a short or long wheelbase, symmetrical rear doors or a liftgate, and two different four-cylinder powertrains.

Despite its pragmatic personality and dynamic ride quality, the small van has agile driving characteristics that will be appreciated in traffic and tight spaces. With its countless configurations and a long list of popular options, the Transit Connect 2021 proves to be quite a useful tool.

This minivan faces stiff competition from the Nissan NV200, 2021 Mercedes Benz Metris and RAM ProMaster City.

Is it worth buying a second hand Ford Transit van? 

If you are going to buy a second-hand Ford Transit van, this is when you really have to pay much more attention to how long the van lasts. In order to know what state the vehicle you want to purchase is in.

On the question of how many miles to buy a van. The answer is very varied, because like everything: it depends. It is not the same for vans with many miles that have about 300 thousand, which have been very well cared for and have had the necessary maintenance, then a van with 100 thousand miles that has not been taken care of.

Compared to what we have seen previously, you may be considering the idea of ​​buying a second-hand van. If so, this has several advantages, such as the fact that it has already been gradually losing value. If you buy a new one, from that moment it begins to lose value in the market.

Logically, the prices will be very different. Therefore, you can invest a little more money in equipping the van or in making some changes if you wish.

As in everything, in addition to seeing the miles that that van has done, we must pay attention to other points.

For example:

  • First impression: it may seem strange to you, but how you feel about the vehicle the first time you get in it is something that matters a lot. Trust your intuition in this regard, listen to how it works and what it can offer you. 

Of course, we cannot rely on that alone and we must review and test other aspects in-depth, but of course, if the first impression is good everything will be much better.

  • Claims: Has the van suffered several claims? Pay attention to all the bumps he may have. See how the sheet metal is and on all the things that the chassis is not touched. The more information they can give you about what the van has suffered during the time of use, the better. One trick is to watch your sheet metal and paint changes.
  • Miles: as indicated above, you have to know the number of miles that the vehicle has travelled. But this number is not unique nor can it be telling you the truth. To really check if it is a worthwhile vehicle, you have to check the engine condition very well, see if it makes strange noises, if there are jerks and, of course, ask to test the van. When you test it, take a good look at the brake, tires, clutch and steering.
  • Belt change: check the date of the last timing belt change. And that the same date is also in the documentation.
  • Homologation: if your idea is that the van is your space to live when you travel. Then you have to see if it is homologated for a home vehicle. As well as what changes and adaptations you can make for it.
  • What are you looking for: space and dimensions is essential. A van to work, travel alone or to play sports is not the same as a van to travel with the family. You will have to pay attention to the comforts in the latter case and of course to space so that everyone travels calmly.

The best thing you can do in these cases is to have the advice of an expert. It can be the mechanic from your trusted workshop who will be able to do all the above checks for you if you don’t have much idea about the engine, etc. Don’t buy a van just because it looks good or because you like the way it looks. You have to check the interior to be sure that the investment will be worth it.

How many miles is a lot for a second-hand van?

It depends on the conditions of the van. A vehicle with 300 thousand miles could be in better condition than one that has travelled 100 thousand miles.

The general average of sale of a second-hand van today is about 200 thousand miles onwards.

You have to check very carefully that the mileage counter has not been tampered with or tampered with and that it actually has more. If it is detected that this modification has been made, that is something punishable by law, which should be reported.


The type of van to buy will depend on the points that we have discussed before in terms of dimensions, capacity, number of seats and consumption, among others.

Do not forget that it is also good that you calculate the insurance of your van. This is essential in second-hand vehicles, especially if you are going to buy a very old van. Find out beforehand if the insurer is going to reject it because there are some cases in which when they are very old they are not allowed to insure them.

Read about tips for buying a campervan to other people who already have a vehicle of this style to know their experience and find out what they would change or what they recommend you see. Remember that this van will be your home when you travel and you want to have a home where you feel comfortable.

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FAQ on How long do Ford Transit vans last?

How many miles can a second-hand van have?

The general average for sale of a second-hand van today is about 200 thousand miles onwards.

What engine does the Ford Transit Connect have?

Ford Transit Connect has a 1-litre, 3-cylinder, 74kW (100hp) EcoBoost petrol engine that gives you all the power you’d expect from a conventional 1.6-litre engine, but with 24% improved fuel consumption and a lower level of CO2 emissions.

What is the engine of the 1998 Ford Transit?

A 1998 Ford Transit has a 2.5 engine with 100 CV of power. With a Manual gearbox and 2 doors, this vehicle is from the year 1998.


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