How long do Class A motorhome tires last?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How long do Class A motorhome tires last? We will discuss the date of expiry for Class A motorhomes and give you a few tips on how to properly maintain and inspect a motorhome tire.

How long do Class A motorhome tires last?

Class A motorhome tires can last between three to six years, depending on how often you are on the road and how well you are maintaining the RV. 

The best tires for a Class A motorhome and that last the longer are:

  1. Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude;
  2. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Tires;
  3. Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire;
  4. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire
  5. And the Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire.

Tires are one of the most important elements of any vehicle since our safety while 

driving depends on them. However, they are not always given the necessary attention, both in controlling their inflation pressure and in checking their state of wear. 

Sometimes it is even difficult to know when to change them and, in the case of motorhomes, it is not easy to find the model that best suits our needs, unknowns that we will try to reveal below.

What is the date of expiry of Class A motorhomes?

Tires are made of different types of materials, whose properties vary over time. Obviously, the degradation of materials is highly influenced by the conditions of use, in which factors such as load, speed, or even the pressure of use intervene.

However, temperature, humidity or the position of the wheels can also influence the ageing of the tire. These are difficult factors to evaluate and therefore, as a complement to the regular inspection of tires, manufacturers recommend their replacement within 10 years, from the date of manufacture, regardless of their state of wear.

For this, the manufacturer indicates said manufacturing date on the sidewall of the tire, behind the initials “DOT” and various codes referring to the manufacturing plant. It is a four-digit number, combining the two digits for the week and the last two digits for the year of manufacture.

Class A motorhome tires: Care and maintenance

We live too fast and sometimes we are not aware of the importance that certain routines can have on our safety. We all want to take the motorhome and run to enjoy the weekend, without thinking about how long it has been stopped and what the tire pressure will be when we are driving. In this sense, we must bear in mind that insufficient inflation pressure can be very dangerous. 

In the case of motorhomes, an inflation pressure of 0.5 bar below the recommended pressure is equivalent to an overload of approximately 100 kg per tire, with the consequent risk and increased consumption. But not only pressure matters, as poor load distribution or overloading the maximum limit of the tire can lead to premature tire wear.

We must also bear in mind that there are occasions when our motorhome remains immobilized for a long time, a period during which we must avoid that the tires have insufficient pressure, making it convenient to review and inflate them systematically. 

Likewise, it is advisable to protect them from UV rays and avoid contact with the tires with very cold soils in winter (concrete, stone …). In fact, if possible it is advisable to park the vehicle using chocks, for example.

Class A motorhomes tire wear

Wear is another of the checks that we must carry out periodically, as it is the best way to know if the time has come to replace them. We can do this by observing the wear witnesses on the tread, which the manufacturer has for this purpose. If we prefer, we can also carry out the control with a depth gauge, to check the depth of the drawing.

In this sense, the Law prohibits driving with tires with a tread of less than 1.6 mm, although below 2 mm it is considered dangerous to drive with them. It is just as important to identify irregularities in tire wear, which can show other problems in the vehicle since irregular tire wear can be a sign that we are driving with inadequate pressure, a poor adjustment of the geometry of the tire. steering or shock absorbers in poor condition.

We must also pay attention to the damage that the tire may suffer as a result of driving, such as lumps or cracks, which are an unequivocal sign that we must replace them, even though, due to wear, the time has not yet come to change them. 

We must bear in mind that an alteration in the architecture of the wheel can reduce its performance, in a very notable way, and can even jeopardize its integrity in certain situations.

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Class A motorhome: Available options

Although there is not much variety, we do find enough options on the market to choose from.

The French manufacturer Michelin has a long experience thanks to its “Michelin Agilis Camping” model, specifically for motorhomes and campers. It offers excellent control and good grip, with a Q speed index, offering lower rolling resistance (type E) and a lower noise level (type B, 70 dBA) than its competition. Its price is around 131 euros.

Pirelli also has a specific model for motorhomes, the Chrono Camper, which offers characteristics very similar to Michelin and the same price (131 euros), even improving the speed index (R), although its rolling resistance (type F) and the noise level (type E, 73 dBA) are somewhat worse.

Our latest proposal is the Continental Vanco Camper tire, probably the least known and difficult to find, although it is the tire with the lowest and most adjusted price of all, (119 euros), and with the same specifications as the Michelin tire.

The bottom line

As we mentioned above, the condition of the tires is crucial for a safe journey in your RV. Even if you don’t use your motorhome continuously, the tires will wear out over time and you will have to replace them with new ones. 

Knowing when to change your RV tires is a little less obvious. It is possible not to notice the wear on the tires since they are on the road less often than cars. However, they should still be changed quite often.

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FAQ on How long do Class A motorhome tires last?

What are the best tires for a Class A motorhome?

The best tires for a Class A motorhome are the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude and Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Tires. On our list, there is also the Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire, Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire and the Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire.

Why do you cover RV tires?

You should cover your RV tires to protect them against harsh weather or UV exposure, as both can damage the tires in the long run.

How do you know if your RV tires are bad?

You know if your RV tires are bad if 1/8 of an inch is down, they have cracks or dry rot more than 1/16 of an inch deep.


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