How long do camper covers last? (7 of the best)

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: How long do camper covers last? We will discuss what makes a good camper cover, how to properly maintain them. We will also share our most favourite camper covers. 

How long do camper covers last?

Camper covers can last between one to five years, depending on the model but also on the frequency of use and how well you maintain it. The best camper covers are generally made of polypropylene or polyester, they have a triple layer of fabric over the roof for added protection. They are treated to be waterproof and protect against UV rays, which can cause damage even in winter on sunny days.

The best covers are also able to transpire, so that moisture can evaporate and does not condense under the lid, where it can give rise to the formation of mould.

The best camper cover can save you a lot of money on maintenance and cleaning. A suitable cover is also important if your camper remains in a garage since dust accumulates on the bodywork and also penetrates inside.

If you want to live your adventure with the camper immediately when spring begins, without having to do extraordinary cleaning and retouching of the deteriorated parts, you must necessarily equip your vehicle with a good cover that protects it from atmospheric agents and impurities.

What is the best and most resistant camper cover?

On the market, you can find numerous coverage options, especially if you turn to online sales where you can get a more attractive and cheaper price than elsewhere. However, at the time of purchase, you must have clear ideas.

Finding the ideal coverage is therefore worth doing some research. If you have any doubts about particular models you are interested in, read the opinions of users who have already purchased before you.

Below we present the best camper covers:

  • 1PLUS Cover for motorhomes – The cover guarantees excellent protection of the camper from dirt and humidity thanks to its resistance to UV rays. It is made of breathable material to allow moisture to escape from the inside. It has practical hinges at the vehicle doors, to give the possibility to easily access the interior of the camper.

The cover comes with everything needed for assemblies, such as buckles and straps. In this way, it can be optimally attached to the vehicle.

  • Spinelli CM70 Full Cover Camper – The cover guarantees excellent breathability. In this way, it protects the camper avoiding the formation of harmful condensation which over time can give rise to mould and rust. It also has a protective action against UV rays.

The fabric is made of DuPont Tyvek material coupled and silver-grey Poly. The assembly on the camper is facilitated by the presence of block openings which are then closed with hinges and velcro fasteners. It fits perfectly, also covering all accessory structures such as bicycle racks and the attic above the cabin.

  • Carpoint 1723484 Camper Cover – Guarantees effective vehicle protection, thanks to its exclusive four-layer structure. It is breathable and is, therefore, able to favour the escape of excess moisture.

It is also waterproof and resistant to UV rays, depending on a long duration over time.

  • Maypole motorhome cover – It is a four-layer UV breathable tarp made of sturdy material, to ensure maximum durability. Its structure includes a system of nylon straps and plastic buckles to offer a secure grip.

It is elastic to promote snug coverage. Designed for motorhomes 6.5m to 7 meters, it comes with a practical carrying case for storage when not in use.

  • Brunner Caravan Cover 600-650 – This protective cover for the camper is made of breathable non-woven fabric, grey in colour. It effectively protects the vehicle, especially during the colder months. Resistant to UV rays, it is water repellent and easily washable. Protects paintwork, rubber seals, windows and upholstery. Thanks to the large side opening that can be rolled up using two hinges, it is possible to quickly access the interior.

The straps ensure optimal hold. It is supplied in a convenient bag to keep it during the periods when it is not used.

  • HBCollection camper cover – Made of high-quality polyester, it has a four-layer structure. The lightweight breathable fabric prevents the formation of moisture. It effectively protects from dust, pollution and dirt and is ideal for protecting the camper from the sun and intense UV rays.

It is very resistant and is easily washable. The straps ensure an effective seal. A convenient storage bag is supplied that allows you to store the cloth neatly. 

  • Maypole 9434 Caravan/camper cover – It is a cover made of durable 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric. It protects from UV rays and offers an effective defence against atmospheric agents.

It is water-resistant: it, therefore, favours the escape of moisture after a certain amount of rain and allows the evaporation of rain and condensation more easily. The nylon straps and plastic buckles offer a secure fit and thanks to the elasticated hem the towel fits perfectly.

Why do you need a camper cover?

Camper covers are important, of course, to protect your vehicle when not in use. Especially if you do not use it during the winter months and leave it outside in an open place with the cover, this accessory is absolutely necessary. And even if you can store it under an indoor canopy, a camper tarp can help keep bugs and dust out.

If you think it is useless, do four maths of how much it might cost you to repair the exterior of your camper, whether it is a paint job, repairing some part or sealing the windows: it will likely be quite expensive. If your camper is exposed to the elements (such as rain and snow) for an extended period of time, these repairs will be unavoidable.

Covering your camper and preventing damage in the first place is very economical compared to the expenses you might incur when reusing the vehicle. Not to mention, you’ll need fewer exterior washes to maintain your vehicle’s resale value.

What are the risks of an uncovered camper?

A camper left uncovered outside will be exposed to all the elements of Mother Nature. The exterior of the vehicle will be prone to getting dirty all the more in the presence of bird droppings, acid rain and tree sap, dust and sand from the Sahara on, particularly windy days. The degradation caused by exposure to atmospheric agents including the action of the sun is one of the most serious problems that owners of campers face.

Different types of motorhome covers can protect your vehicle in various ways, avoiding the following damage:

  • Bout of rodents and insects, which you can hardly control;
  • The action of UV rays. A cover protects the surfaces of the camper from the direct action of ultraviolet rays which are the main cause of the loss of value of your vehicle. Not so much because over time you will have to do tedious repainting work but because all the original plastic and fibreglass parts tend to become opaque and the seals lose their elasticity and stiffen due to the action of UV rays.

In general, camper covers are made of polyester or polypropylene. Multiple triple-layer stratifications are used for the caravan canopy and for further protection the materials are treated with water-repellent substances that protect against water damage, humidity.

The best fabrics are able to breathe and have vents to prevent moisture from condensing, they let air pass on windy days without the fabric swelling or tearing due to the force of the weather. This way you can avoid unpleasant mould growths.

Therefore, once the superficial paint layers are damaged in some way, they can leave metal parts uncovered that begin to deteriorate, also causing damage to the interior, some infiltration occurs that forces you to intervene with expensive repairs. Paint is not the only element that can be damaged. Even the fibreglass increasingly used to lighten the vehicle can easily oxidized and become opaque, losing its lustre.

The bottom line

A camper cover will not only protect the vehicle from sun damage. But as previously mentioned, it will protect against any climatic effect, even of high intensity. And you will certainly have the obvious advantage of not spending a lot of time cleaning it or having to wash it often. So make sure you invest in a good one and that you maintain it well for long use!

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FAQ on How long do camper covers last?

Is a camper cover effective?

Yes, a camper cover is very effective. A camper cover will not only protect the vehicle from sun damage. But as previously mentioned, it will protect against any climatic effect, even of high intensity. 

How to choose the best camper cover?

Before choosing a camper cover there are some factors you need to take into consideration.

  • The type of coverage: The coverage of a motorhome is extremely different from that of another motorhome.
  • The dimensions: The correct measurements are the ones that fit the top of the canopy so that you can securely wrap your camper.
  • The material: The material you choose for your roof depends on the type of climate you are facing in your region.

How to put the cover on the camper?

When placing the cover on the camper, it is recommended that you find someone to help you. If you are on the roof, it really helps to have someone on the ground. Take the cover from the box and spread it out on the ground. Unhook each hook, open the hinges and analyze it. Determine how it should go, where and how it should be inserted.


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