How does Truma Ultraheat work?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How does Truma Ultraheat work?” We will talk about the electric and gas operation of the Truma Ultraheat. We will also discuss the features of the Truma Ultraheat. Furthermore, we will discuss the various types of Truma heaters that are available.

How does Truma Ultraheat work?

The Truma Ultraheat works with electricity and gas. The Truma Ultraheat is a dual-fuel unit that is used to heat caravans, motorhomes, and RVs. This unit runs on 240v mains and it can also function with gas. The Truma Ultraheat has a fan that pushes the warm air out from the heater and it is passed around the caravan through a system of pipes.

Truma Ultraheat electric operation

  • The Truma Ultraheat works well with electricity and it functions with a 240v operation. The Truma Ultraheat has a main switch that must be turned on before the power reaches the temperature selector switch.
  • The operation is simple. The Truma Ultraheat has three settings, 500w, 1000w, and 2000w. These three settings are on the 240v option.
  • Note that this is the max power that is used to heat the caravan on each setting. The green light indicates when the power is turned.
  • This heater has a dial that will indicate the power output that has been selected. You can rotate the dial according to the desired power.
  • The switch also has a thermostat setting that can be adjusted accordingly.
  • There is a separate switch for the fan that is located on the heater. This switch consists of two settings, manual and auto. You will need to select manual or auto according to your preference.
  • The auto fan is controlled by the thermostat and the number of the dial is the temperature to which the fan speed reduces. This works only when the 2KW power output has been selected.

Truma Ultraheat gas operation

  • The Turma Ultraheat works equally well on gas and this comes in handy when you are camping remotely without any shore power.
  • The heater will function on gas only when the gas control knob is set to 10. It has to depress fully to get started.
  • The automatic igniter produces a small “tick” sound until the control know is depressed. The main burner kicks and the heating process gets started automatically.
  • In some situations, you might need to use the manual igniter to depress the control know for five seconds. Be sure to press the manual spark knob repeatedly and ensure that it is depressed for 10 seconds before the main burner kicks in.

The Truma Ultraheat works in a simple yet efficient manner. It is easy to use with the simple instructions that are provided in the manual. The Truma Ultraheat helps your caravan or motorhome to maintain a specific temperature at all times. This is perfect for those who love camping in winter.

Truma Ultraheat features

The Truma Ultraheat is designed for cold climatic conditions and one of the biggest advantages is the dual-functioning process. This works well when connected to shore power it equally operates well on gas. Truma Ultraheat is one of those well-known heaters that are available in the market that have incredible features.

Optimum heat distribution

  • The Truma Ultraheat has optimum heat distribution features that help keep your motorhome warm in a balanced manner. The heat is distributed equally with the existing fans and warm air ducts.
  • This heater is automatic and it heats on its own. It is easy and simple to use and it is perfectly matched all types of climatic conditions.

It is compact

  • The Truma Ultraheat is a compact heater that can be carried around with ease. This heater can be installed at various locations in your motorhome.
  • It is not too heavy and does not consume too much space. The Truma Ultraheat also has all operating levels controlled via a thermostat.

Remote sensor

  • One of the major advantages of the Truma Ultraheat is the removal sensor. This helps to operate and prove the ideal room temperature according to the climatic conditions outside. However, note that this is an option that you can choose from.

Three operating levels

  • This heater has three operating levels to choose from. You can turn it up if it is extremely cold and turn it down accordingly. It also has a three-meter connection cable and functions efficiently.
  • Another notable feature is the thermostatic control on each heat level setting. This makes it easy to operate and you can get the required amount of heat in no time.

Quick heating process

  • The Truma Ultraheat works well to heat your motorhome fast. This brand is known for its efficient and quick heating process. Despite the temperature on the outside, the Truma Ultraheat provides optional heating.
  • You can also opt for a blow air distribution with the TEB-3 fan kit. This helps your motorhome to heat faster. However, note that it consists of extra weight of 2 kilograms.

The Truma Ultraheat also arrives with a warranty of 24 months. These heaters have incredible five-star reviews from most customers and they are perfect for a chilly night or rainy day. These heaters are not too expensive and they are known for their top-class quality and long-lasting properties. The Truma Ultraheat is the best option to keep you warm.

Types of Truma heaters

Turma has various Ultraheaters that are built for multiple types of motorhomes and requirements. These heaters have different features and specifications. Here are some of the multiple types of Truma heaters apart from the Truma Ultraheat.

Truma S 3004

  • The Truma S 3004 is a gas heater with a 3500 W heating output. These heaters are perfect for motorhomes and caravans that function without electricity. Two energy sources can be used. You can either go with propane or butane.
  • This model also has a 1.5v automatic ignition device with battery operation. It consumes around 30 to 280 gallons of fuel per hour with an operating pressure of 30 Mbar.
  • The weight of the Truma S 3004 is approximately 10.3 kilograms and the power consumption is 225 mW (ignition).
  • The dimensions are 373 x 503 x 545 mm and the installation cut-outs are 280 x 480 x 480 mm. This is a compact and powerful heater from Truma.

Truma S 5004

  • If you are looking for something that requires more load, the Truma S 5004 is the perfect option. This powerful gas heater produces an incredible heat output of 6000 W.
  • This is perfect for motorhomes and caravans that function without electricity and it has two energy sources both propane and butane.
  • The Truma S 5004 is also equipped with the same 1.5v automatic ignition device with battery operation.
  • The fuel consumption for this model is a little more due to the power. It consumes around 60 to 480 gallons of fuel per hour.
  • The dimensions are 496 x 533 x 568 and the installation cut-outs are 380 x 510 x 505 mm. The approximate weight of this heater is around 17.5 kilograms.

Truma S 2200

  • This particular heater from Truma can be operated without a fan and it can function independently of a power grid. One of the major advantages is the low gas consumption.
  • This is ultimate for small caravans due to the compact size. This heater is available with a flue gas connection on the left or the right according to your request.
  • This is one of the smallest heaters that are manufactured by Truma but they are extremely powerful despite the size. This is perfect for small caravans and it is also reliable and economical at the same time. It also arrives with a 1.5v auto ignitor.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “How does Truma Ultraheat work?” We have talked about the electric and gas operation of the Truma Ultraheat. We have also discussed the features of the Truma Ultraheat. Furthermore, we have discussed the various types of Truma heaters that are available.


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