How do you secure a pop-up camper? (top 7 safety tips)

In this article, we will answer the following question: How do you secure a pop-up camper? We will give you the ultimate tips to keep safe in a pop-up camper no matter the weather or the location. 

How do you secure a pop-up camper?

You can be secure in a pop-up camper and enjoy your trip without having to think too much of your safety. Here are our top tips to secure a pop-up camper:

  1. Leave all the valuables at home. Probably obvious, but the most important tip: leave valuables at home. Consider whether it is really necessary to take your new watch or expensive gadgets to the campsite. The fewer valuables you have with you, the less you should fear theft.
  1. Use a camping site safe box. It may not always be possible to leave all valuables at home. For example, do you have an iPad or a cell phone that you don’t use when you spend the day at the pool? See if you can hire a safe from the campsite reception. In most campsites, you can hire a safe for a few dollars per day. Enjoy the pool all day long, without worrying about your things.
  1. Put the valuables in the car. Is there no safe at the campsite? Put your valuables in the car, possibly in a small safe with a lock and store them under the driver’s seat, for example. For added security, you can also secure the safe in the car with a steel cable. If your car is broken into, they can’t take the safe.
  1.  Don’t lock your pop-up camper with a lock. Of course, it’s important to think about safety, but don’t make it too big of a deal. On the contrary, a lock on your camper can attract thieves. After all, it looks like you have something to hide. Especially at night, do not put a lock on the zipper. If something happens, you can’t get out quickly.
  1.  Alarm at the entrance to the camper. With that, we don’t mean a real alarm system, but a small personal or pocket alarm for a few dollars. This produces a loud sound signal when you pull on the cord, in order to scare off a possible thief.

In addition, people around are warned. It is also important to attach the alarm inside the camper and connect the cord to the zipper so that the alarm is not visible outside and cannot be detached. Make it so that you can reach the alarm yourself without it going off.

  1. Social control. And finally, there is also social control. Establish good contact with your neighbours so that you ask them to keep an eye on your belongings when you are away. Do the same for them.
  1. Get camper insurance. If you want to travel on the road, you are required by law to insure your camper. However, many campers take to the road by opting for “minimum insurance”, that is to say, simple civil liability, in order to save money.

There are therefore many possibilities in order not to give thieves a chance. If you don’t have any valuables in your camper you can zip up and enjoy your day with the family. You can leave your valuables in a camping safe or in the car. Even better: leave your valuables at home.

More tips on how to secure a pop-up camper

  • Before hitting the road. Protecting your pop-up camper starts with checking the vehicle, especially before long journeys, and good loading technique.

Check the condition of your camper, and in particular:

  • the proper functioning of the equipment and accessories, the coupling socket and the lights,
  • the condition of the tires: wear and pressure – spare wheel included,
  • the correct positioning of the mirrors.
  • Also, have the brake system checked by a professional.

For loading the vehicle:

  • make sure that the maximum authorized loads of the “vehicle-camper” assembly are compatible with each other and that you are the holder of the correct category of driving license,
  • when loading, make sure that the masses are well distributed, that the equipment is effectively secured and the interior and exterior doors are closed.
  • A test drive will allow you to test the overall good behaviour of the coupling.
  • If your pop-up camper is parked at home or at your vacation spot. It is still important to secure your camper:
  • use a system to immobilize the camper: towing headlock or wheel shoe. This precaution is imperative in order to be able, if necessary, to benefit from the theft guarantee of your contract,
  • secure or remove the jockey wheel,
  • if possible, park your camper so that the tiller is opposite the driveway,
  • use a wedge to block it.

Hide your valuables:

  • do not leave your personal belongings in plain sight, or under the awning; in your absence close the windows and lock the door.


  • take pictures of your camper including its distinctive signs and your documents; they will have to be handed over to the police in the event of theft.

During winter:

It’s the end of the holidays, it’s time to house your camper in a locked room or in a place where it cannot be seen, by equipping it with an anti-theft system or a wheel shoe.

To avoid tire deformation, and therefore the risk of it bursting in traffic, place it on its stands.

Do you prefer to entrust your camper to a professional during the wintering period? The contract for value concluded in writing with the professional gives rise to a presumption of responsibility in the event of theft or damage.


There are therefore many possibilities in order not to give thieves a chance. If you don’t have any valuables in your camper you can zip up and enjoy your day with the family. You can leave your valuables in a camping safe or in the car. Even better: leave your valuables at home.

It’s always good to be on your guard, but don’t overthink it. Camping in a pop-up should be fun. How do you secure your camper?

FAQ on How do you secure a pop-up camper?

How to defend yourself in a camper?

To protect yourself in a camper, take all the necessary precautions. Perimeter protection, carried out by magnetic sensors, concerns the exterior protection of the motorhome, it is effective day and night. The alarm is triggered when an attempt is made to force the doors of the driving position and the front door, but also bays or gates.

What alarm for a camper?

Here is a list of the best alarms for campers

  • Tiiwee A2 – A motorhome alarm with a motion detector. 
  • Kerui – An inexpensive motorhome alarm.
  • Tiiwee Alarm Kit – A good alarm for motorhome.
  • Beeper – Good alarm for wireless motorhome.
  • Beeper TSX99 – A volumetric and perimetric alarm for motorhomes.

How to sleep safely in your camper?

Some tips to make the night go well in a camper:

  • Stay discreet!
  • Before going to bed, remember to put all your belongings inside the van. 
  • Opt for curtains: in addition to making your interior opaque, this will isolate you from outside view.
  • You can opt for additional locks.

Where to spend the night in a motorhome?

There are many solutions for spending the night in a motorhome and sleeping outside of public spaces without renouncing pleasant and friendly surroundings: Municipal service areas or campsites. 


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