How do you secure a bed with a pop-up camper support pole?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How do you secure a bed with a pop-up camper support pole?” We will discuss getting the right camper bed and making your pop-up camper bed support pole. We will also describe a few tips on making a pop-up camper more comfortable and touch upon the cons of living in a pop-up camper.

How do you secure a bed with a pop-up camper support pole?

To secure a bed with a pop-up camper support pole, there are a few steps that must be followed. Everyone loves a pop-up camper, especially if you are frequently traveling every week. A pop-up camper is small, compact, and cozy, and it’s easy to get moving on the road at the same time. 

Most campers are excellent for short-distance and off-road camping. Yet, the most important component for these pop-up campers is the camper bed support pole. Without this pole, it is close to impossible to sleep or camp in a pop-up camper. Pop-up camper beds are different according to each model and all of these models need a bed support pole. 

There are various bed sizes according to each camper and many people prefer having their pop-up camper beds customized for a good night’s sleep. Selecting the right bed is crucial for a pop-up camper and matching the pop-up camper bed support pole is equally important. Here is what you need to do to get started. 

Getting the right camper bed 

Getting the right camper bed for a pop-up camper is not a difficult task. There are several easy ways to find the right bed based on the measurements of the camper. When purchasing a bed, it is important to consider the weight that the bed can hold. You can modify your camper’s bed to hold extra weight if necessary. This can be done by using the extra support for the camper bed.

Pop up camper extra support requirements 

  • This is where the pop-up camper bed support pole comes in place. The stronger the support, the heavier the load the bed can take. 
  • Be sure to purchase a thick bed support pole for your pop-up camper bed. 
  • A slim support pole is going to be hard to take the extra weight and the easiest solution is to get a pole that has enough thickness.
  • The other option is to add extra support by various methods. 
  • Some people use their electrical conduits to help support their pop-up camper bed, but these methods are not recommended. This can be dangerous and it’s always better to depend on a pop-up camper bed support pole. 
  • You can also use pieces of wood to support the camper bed as an alternative.

Making your pop-up camper bed supports

It is not too hard to make your pop-up camper bed supports. All you need is a few materials and some tools to complete this task. You can use a conduit and bend it to match the length of the bed by fixing it to the bottom. This is a pretty simple process that can be done on your own. Just make sure that the conduit is long enough to support the bed.

Using rebar for support 

Another option is to use some rebar that is thing enough in terms of diameter. This can be fitted inside the tubing. Rebar is a strong component that can hold the bud up and provide the required amount of support. This will also lessen the weight on the bars. If nothing works well, you can always purchase a pop-up camper bed support pole.

Using wood for support

  • You can also use wood for support. One method is by cutting the wood to the right lengths and they make them into a T shape. 
  • This wood can go through the tongue and be adjusted accordingly. 
  • When it comes to the rear bunk, you will need to adjust it like an H. 
  • This will provide you with the best support and all you need to do is drill some homes in some of the pieces. 
  • Each camper has its bed supports. For example, the Viking campers and the Jayco campers are different. These campers have their company design. 
  • You can also purchase a bed support pole based on the model of your pop-up camper. 
  • Remember, the bed is the most important part of a pop-up camper. A proper bed is required for a comfortable camping experience.

Pop-up camper king size bed supports

Most pop-up campers come with a compact bed and some of them have a king-size bed. For a king-size bed, you will need extra support. Despite having a conventional weight limit, these campers can collapse if there is no proper support provided. If you are planning on installing a king-size bed, be sure to have a proper plan ahead.

  • Extra support is the only way for you to install a king-size bed successfully. 
  • Be sure to have an adjustable cargo bar. This can provide additional support for the bed.
  • You can also screw the cargo bar to the ground just to strengthen the structure. There are plenty of cargo bars that can be purchased to suit your camper’s needs.
  • One important thing to remember is that the front part of the bed should have a T shape support and the back part of the bed should have an H shape support. 
  • You can construct this using 2x4s. Be sure to use a drill if required and use screws that are strong and long enough to bear the weight of the support that is installed.

Making a pop-up camper more comfortable 

  • Comfort is the key when it comes to pop-up campers. Having a comfortable bed is the only way for you to get a good night’s sleep. 
  • The most basic requirement is having a comfortable mattress. A good mattress will give you proper comfort and better sleep. 
  • Before purchasing a mattress, be sure to get the measurements right and purchase a mattress that is soft and thick.
  • An eight-inch thick mattress or a deluxe memory foam should be good enough for a pop-up camper. 
  • Having a fabric cover is perfect for campers that are medium-sized. 
  • Apart from the matters, the bed sheets also play a crucial role. Make sure that you have bed sheets that can be used for both climatic conditions. A thin one for hot summers and a thick one for cold winters.

Cons of living in a pop-up campers 

We all know the pros or benefits of living in a pop-up camper, but there are a few cons as well. Though they are small, compact, and cozy, these campers do have their flipside as well. It is a known fact that pop-up campers are not very spacious. Due to the minimal space, only a small list of things can fit into a pop-up camper.

Lack of air conditioner and heating units 

One of the biggest drawbacks is the lack of air conditioners and heating units. Once again the size has made it difficult for pop-up campers to have air conditioners and heating units. While you might be able to carry a portable heater or air conditioner, it is still going to be hard while camping in extreme weather conditions.

Lack of toilets and less immune to the weather 

Most pop-up campers lack insulation and this makes them less immune to the weather conditions. They will surely keep you dry and protected from the weather, but there are chances of dampness on the inside. Pop-up campers are also equipped with cassette toilets and that might be an issue for some people who are not used to them.

Overall, pop-up campers are small and they are not usually recommended for long-term camping. These campers are just good enough for weekend getaways and are an excellent low-cost option even for dry camping. For those who cannot have an RV or a trailer, these pop-up campers are the best solution for camping.


In this blog post, we will answer the question: “How do you secure a bed with a pop-up camper support pole?” We have discussed getting the right camper bed and making your pop-up camper bed support pole. We have also described a few tips on making a pop-up camper more comfortable and touched upon the cons of living in a pop-up camper.


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