How do you paint the inside of a pop-up camper?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you paint the inside of a pop-up camper? We will tell you how to paint the inside of a camper step-by-step. We will also discuss whether it is possible to paint the pop-up camper canvas. 

How do you paint the inside of a pop-up camper?

Painting the inside of a pop-up camper is similar to painting the interior of your home, even if it may not look like it. 

After a few years of use, the interior of your camper may need a new coat of paint. Whether you are looking to change the interior design or colour scheme or just want to refresh the interior, painting the interior of your motorhome can restore the lustre your camper had when it was produced in the first place. 

Here’s how to paint the inside of your pop-up camper step-by-step:

  1. Remove curtains, fabrics and other small loose items from inside the camper.  Cover tables, wardrobes, beds, and other devices that you can’t remove with plastic sheeting and duct tape so they don’t move around when you work. Clean the walls with soap and water. 

When they are dry, use fine quality sandpaper to remove the shine layer from the siding. If you don’t, the paint won’t adhere to the wall. Remove any remaining dust. Lay drop sheets on the floor of the camper. Taking the time to prepare your workspace will make the actual task of painting easier.

  1. Start in the corners of the camper and use a small paintbrush to paint the corners and where the wall meets with windows, door frames or around wood furniture. Paint at least two to three inches from the corners or edges to make it easier to coat the wall when using a roller.
  1. Paint the rest of the wall with a roller. Load the roller with paint by rolling it in a paint tray. Have enough paint on the roller so that it will apply to the wall, but not so much that it will drip too much.

Working from one side of the camper to the other, position the roller halfway up the wall and roll toward the ceiling and all the way to the floor. Observe how the paint goes on the wall and use the roller to even out the paint. Roll diagonally, then move up and down.

  1. Repeat the process until the entire interior of the camper is painted. Allow the paint to dry for two to three hours and apply a second coat if necessary.

Is it possible to paint the exterior of a pop-up camper?

Of course, it is possible to also paint the exterior of your pop-up camper! While you can still remember how your pop-up camper looked when you bought it, after years of use and exposure to the elements the camper van exterior might need to be. a new coat of paint. 

Painting the exterior body panels of your trailer will not only make it look new but will also help you retain a higher resale value if you choose to sell.

  1. Prepare the exterior of your pop-up camper for painting. First, remove any stickers or stickers that are on the body. Wash the exterior thoroughly, using warm water with a mild detergent. Allow the campsite to dry, then use linseed oil to remove any adhesive residue from the stickers or decals.
  1.  Remove all external devices such as vents or pipes. Tape or use a newspaper to cover the areas you don’t want to be painted. Taking the time to do this will save you time when it comes time to paint.
  1. Apply a coat of primer to the exterior of the camper pop up. Use a large paintbrush, roller or air supplied sprayer. Allow the primer to dry completely for three to four hours before applying the next coat.
  1. Give the camper a coat of paint that is a mixture of acrylic resin and urethane in the colour of your choice. Use the same method you applied the primer. Choose a colour that closely resembles the original colour, or select a different colour to match current trends and colour patterns. Allow the first coat to dry completely and inspect the motorhome and determine if you need to apply a second coat.
  1. Remove any tape or newspaper from the camper and re-attach any material you removed before you start painting. Once you are done, your pop up trailer will be as good as new.

Can you paint a pop-up camper canvas?

Yes, you can paint a pop-up camper canvas. In fact, with our guide, it will seem so easy to paint your camper that you will be wondering why you haven’t done it before. Still, there are some things to consider and it is our duty to warn you that this may not be the best idea (for everyone).  

It is not normally recommended that you paint a canvas of a pop-up camper because the paint applied can warp and crack, especially if your canvas retracts. However, if you just can’t stand to look at the old canvas colour anymore, you can try painting the pop-up camper with acrylic or fabric paint. Still, consider the fact that you might not end up with a perfect finish on your camper canvas once you have painted it!

How to choose the right paint for your pop-up camper canvas?

For painting pop-up camper canvas, we recommend Sher-cryl, a product specially designed for this type of material. It stands out for its total adherence to canvas and for its 100% flexibility once dry.

The canvas to be painted must be completely free of dirt and grease. Clean thoroughly with solvent or degreaser. Once the surface is clean, we must dilute the product with 40% universal solvent (VERY IMPORTANT) and apply it in very thin layers (30 minutes between coats). 

We recommend the application of Sher-cryl by spray, although it can be applied perfectly with a very short nap roller. We do not recommend applying by brush because it tends to leave more layers than the product requires and could crack the enamel.

Applying more product than necessary would only be detrimental to the final result, detriment to the final finish. Apply a thin coat and repeat the operation after 30 minutes. Once the surface is covered, do not apply any more paint. Once the product is dry, (4-5 hours) you can roll up and unroll the canvas as many times as you want.

The bottom line

Now that you know how to paint the interior, exterior and canvas of a pop-up camper, we wish you good luck and don’t hesitate to contact us with more questions or details about the colour that you choose!

FAQ on How do you paint the inside of a pop-up camper?

How to remove paint stains from a pop-up camper canvas?

To remove paint stains from a pop-up camper canvas apply a cleaning solution to the stain. A mixture of hand soap and dish soap makes an excellent paint cleaner, especially on fresh stains. If you’re working with a dry stain, use hairspray or rubbing alcohol to remove the paint.

What type of paint is used to paint plastic?

To paint on plastic you can use spray or aerosol paints that are the most recommended, however, you can also use oil, oil and acrylic paints. Use good brushes for this, preferably non-drip. Lastly, apply a universal sealer or hairspray for a great finish.

What paint can I use to paint the inside of a camper?

To paint the inside of a camper, we recommend using emulsion paint which is more durable and easier to work with. 

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