How do you measure a caravan window?

In today’s blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you measure a caravan window? We will discuss the average dimensions of a caravan window and help you decide which type of window is the best for your motorhome. 

How do you measure a caravan window?

To measure a caravan window properly, follow these simple tips: 

  1. We recommend that you measure the width and height in three different points and take the smallest of the three measurements as the right ones. Add one cm to the width and height measurement.
  1. It is also convenient to measure the diagonals, this will give us an idea of ​​the possible miss-square of the gap. Make sure to always measure from the surface of the jambs or frame, not from the short extensions that hold the window in place.
  1. Take into account the covering around the caravan window. If the gap is already occupied by an old window, you will see a plastic, aluminium, or wood cover attached to the vertical sides. This will be removed before installing the replacement window. 

Thus, measure the width of the canopy and add it to the width of the window opening. If you can’t access the cover to measure it, use a measurement of about 1.25 centimetres.

  1. To measure the depth between the two stops that extend in front of the window frame. Try to measure the shortest point. If you can’t open the window, measure the depth on each side and add up the results (if for any reason you can’t access the outside of the window, you can get an approximate measurement by measuring the depth on the inside side and multiplying it by two).
  1. Confirm that the window opening is rectangular. Measure the window opening from the top left to the bottom right and record the measurement. Measure the distance of the opposite angles (upper right to lower left) and compare the result with the first measurement. 

If the two measurements are not the same, the window opening is neither rectangular nor square. In this case, it is convenient that you inform the manufacturer or installer of the new window.

More tips:

  • If you can, use a metal tape measure. You will gain precision.
  • You must take the measurements of the windows in millimetres. In this way, you will obtain the most exact measurement possible.
  • Take into account the position of the window handles or any other obstacles that may be present.
  • Also, measure the height of the sill (the wall below the window opening). That is the distance between the floor of the room and the windowsill. This measure will allow the manufacturer to position the handle of the new window in relation to the ground so that opening the window is as comfortable as possible.
  • You should also measure the interior hole of the window. When you provide these measurements, add 1 cm to both the height and the width.

What are the average dimensions of caravan windows?

We understand the need for precision and thus measuring your caravan window before replacing them or before choosing the right type of curtains. Because of this, we created the table below with the most popular caravan window types and their dimensions. 

Caravan window modelDescription of the modelSize of the window
BIAN MORFA caravan windowDouble window complete with hinge and accessories for mounting on your caravan.In sizes from 500×520 mm to 1600x720mm
BIANMITA caravan windowThis replacement double window for the caravan is supplied complete with the hinges, closures and compass necessary for its assembly.In sizes from 400×550 mm to 1600x600mm.
BIANMAM caravan windowReplacement double window for caravan accompanied by hinges, closures and compass necessary for its assembly.In sizes from 460×460 mm to 1450x550mm.
VEDOIN caravan windowReplacement for windows Seitz – Dometic. The necessary accessories are included for its assembly in your caravan.In sizes from 350×500 mm to 1450x600mm.
VENMAR caravan windowPlate without frame and without accessories. Available in sizes from 655×245 mm to 1655x595mm.

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How to measure the width and the height of a caravan window

The trickiest part of measuring a caravan window is getting the right width and height. This is why we decided to explain in this section of the article how to measure these values step-by-step. 

To measure the width of a caravan window, lift the bottom sheet from the window and measure the distance between jambs in three points: near the top, in the middle and near the bottom.

Take measurements from the surface of the jambs, not from the weatherstripping or rods the window that goes to change.

To measure the height of a caravan window, measure from the highest point of the windowsill up to the top of the opening.  Take two measurements: one side left and one of the right.

Simple as that!

What are the best windows for a caravan?

To choose the best window for your caravan, you must first know that there are different types of caravan windows:

  • Fixed windows that do not open
  • Projectable caravan windows
  • Sliding caravan windows

The glass of caravan windows can be made of several materials:

  • Securit glass
  • Projected acrylic glazing
  • Plexiglass
  • Polycarbonate
  • Windows can be single or double glazed.

Several brands offer very good quality caravan windows, and we recommend you to check them out!

  • Dometic
  • Dometic Seitz
  • Carbest
  • Trigano
  • Farnier Penin
  • Polyplastic
  • Boidron.

In addition to the price, the main criterion for selecting a caravan window is its weight, which in the event of large openings may require reinforcement of the masonry.  The second criterion is that of the number of windows to replace (in the case of a renovation), which can generate a substantial invoice. 

Finally, when it is desired to have any work carried out, the request for several quotes must be carried out on a common basis, to analyse what is comparable. Thanks to the web, it is possible to obtain sufficient documentation to fully identify your needs and establish “specifications” on which the quotes will be based.

The bottom line

No matter the reason you have to measure a caravan window, remember to do it twice or even three times. It is not that uncommon to get the wrong data in the first instance. Also, if you want to replace your caravan windows, do not hesitate to contact a specialist or read our article on how to remove and repair a caravan window!

If you have any comments, tips or questions about the content, please let us know. 

FAQ on How do you measure a caravan window?

How to take the measurement of a window?

To take the measurements of a window for installation in the renovation, you must take into account the following measurements: height and width inside the existing frame (that is, the end size of the frame at the other), then deduct -2 mm in width and -2 mm in height.

What are the standard dimensions of windows?

The dimensions of a standard single-leaf window are 750 x 600 mm. A standard double-leaf window measures 1150/1250/1350 x 1000 mm or 1250/1350 x 1200 mm.

How to take the measures to replace a window?

To take the measurement to replace a window, follow these tips:

  • For the height: take the measurements as closely as possible to the wooden frame of the existing window, this will be the passage height. 
  • For the width: take the measurements of the narrowest part of the wooden frame of the existing window, this will be the passage width.

How to measure a window for curtains?

When measuring a window for curtains, keep in mind that the rod must exceed the width of the window by 20cm on each side and must be fixed at least 15cm above the window. To measure the width of your curtains you must use the width of the rod and multiply it between 1.5 or 2 to get that off your curtains.


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