How do you make an old caravan look new? (5 steps)

In this article, we will discuss: How do you make an old caravan look new? We will discuss how to relook a caravan in just five steps. If you are here it is because you have bought or are planning to buy a second-hand caravan and want to reform it to make it like new. Don’t miss any detail!

How do you make an old caravan look new?

You can make an old caravan look new in just five simple steps, which we will explain below.  Travelling in a caravan is one of the great pleasures, but doing it with a caravan renovated by you is much better!

Buying a second-hand caravan is a very interesting option to have the caravan of your dreams at an affordable price and, in addition, to be able to simplify the process of finding it. As you are going to be the one to adapt the interior according to your needs, you do not have to look for one that fits what you are looking for perfectly.

So, now you know the benefits of remodelling a caravan, but do you know where to start? First of all, there is a basic question you have to answer:

What are you going to use your new caravan for?

Before starting to reform a caravan, you must be very clear about what you are going to use it for. In order to clarify your doubts, we explain three types of caravans so that you can identify which of them is going to be yours:

  • Travelling caravan: This is the most complex restoration since its level of autonomy must be high because it changes camping every few days and not all of them have the facilities you need.
  • Seasonal caravan: The restoration of this type of caravan is based, above all, on improving comfort, since it is used for long trips and its main function is as a bedroom, kitchen and living room.
  • Static caravan: It is a restoration to give the caravan another utility but taking advantage of aspects such as habitability, such as a study. In this kind of renovation, you can let your imagination run wild to give it a special touch.

Let’s get to work: making an old caravan look new

Now, being clear about what use we give it, let’s see step by step how to reform it.

  1. Windows, walls and floor, what to do with them? The first step to reform a caravan is to think about the modifications that are needed to the windows, walls and the floor, essential for your safety! We know what the most work is going to involve you, but once it’s done, everything will be easier!

The material you choose for the window depends on the climate of your area, uses and budget. There are aluminium and glass or more economical methacrylates. In this step we recommend that you ask people around you who are also involved in the world of caravans, seek opinions about what type of material has worked best for them and, even, which of them would be a cheaper price.

But yes, remember that in some cases cheap is expensive, make sure and get to work! If you want a simple reform, we recommend adhesive vinyl for both the walls and the floor, although for the latter there are all kinds of options, including floating floors.

  1. Increase the feeling of space in your caravan. Increasing the feeling of space is a point to take into account so that your escape companion is perfect, do you know how to achieve it? Keep reading!

We suggest you paint the caravan playing with a combination of contrasting colours. The ideal thing would be to paint the caravan with light tones such as cream or beige. These colours invite you to linger, help to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and also to reflect and enhance the light.

Have you thought about using mirrors? Placing mirrors where light can reflect those with intermediate lighting is the ideal solution, we are sure you will love the idea!

  1. We have talked about the inside, but what about the outside of the caravan? It’s time to change the exterior of your caravan. The best option is to sand the entire exterior and paint it the colour that you like the most, and why 


Do not stop at a single colour, draw the figures that most represent you. We recommend covering with masking tape what you do not want to cover and to paint! Let your imagination fly and turn it into a unique caravan.

  1. Trust professionals to make changes. You must realize that not all people have the same skills, it is necessary to know what you can and cannot do yourself, but there is nothing to worry about! 

There are many blogs and forums that are fully involved in this topic so that, together, you can solve your doubts. Also, do not hesitate to ask people who are dedicated to reforming vehicles and they can give you their best advice so that nothing can go wrong. What are you waiting for?

  1. Remember: all changes must follow some parameters. The most important fact that you must keep in mind during the entire time that the reform of your caravan lasts, is that all changes must be made in accordance with the law and respecting the ITV rules so that all your work is worthwhile, we are sure that you will get the caravan of your dreams!

Final advice

Beyond the interior design, don’t overlook the enormous potential of the exterior of your caravan. Add a few colourful and eclectic chairs and a shade sail for a romantic touch. Hanging lanterns and diverted buckets will serve as lamps. Plants will complete the decor. 

As you can see, there are many small but significant changes that you can make, so that your old caravan becomes more chic and valuable on the market if you do decide to sell it.

What would you do with your old caravan? Please feel free to share your ideas, comments, tips or questions about the content.

FAQ on How do you make an old caravan look new?

How do you modernize an old caravan?

You can modernize an old caravan by repainting it, changing some of the furniture, changing the interior lighting, adding a few chairs and an awning, adding some abstract art pieces or changing the wallpaper.

Can you paint the interior of a caravan?

Yes, you can paint the interior of a caravan, just like you would paint its exterior. Just make sure you clean it first, sand, apply a primer then the first layer of paint. 

How do you paint fake wood cabinets?

You can easily paint fake wood cabinets. First, make sure you clean the cabinets well to remove any kitchen grease and dust. We recommend using a roller and Chalky Finish paint, as well as a paintbrush for the missing spots. 

How do I get rid of an old caravan?

There are many options to get rid of an old caravan, it all depends on your goal, whether to dump it or repurpose it.


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