How do you make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable? We will share with you our top five tips to have a good night and the best sleep in a pop-up camper bed. 

How do you make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable?

Here are some tips for getting the perfect bed and to make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable: 

  • Choose the mattress that’s right for you
  • Match your mattress to a suitable box spring
  • Add a mattress topper
  • Head on the right pillow
  • Turn your bed into an oasis of peace.

Let’s review each of the tips down below. 

Make your pop-up bed more comfortable: Choose the mattress that’s right for you

What position do you sleep in? Do you share your bed or do you spend your nights alone? Different types of mattresses, firm, semi-firm or soft, and several sizes are available for pop-up campers. Getting the right advice for your situation, and making sure the salesperson is familiar with their product, is essential. 

Don’t be fooled by deals or sky-high prices – they don’t necessarily mean quality. Most retailers offer a 30 to 90-day comfort guarantee. Take advantage of this time to try out your mattress in the camper, and turn it over if it doesn’t get you a great night’s sleep!

Make your pop-up bed more comfortable: Match your mattress to a suitable box spring

For a mattress to retain its attributes, it must be paired with a box spring that suits it. The latter acts as a shock absorber and absorbs your movements during the night. The box spring-mattress combination ensures maximum support for your spine while you sleep, and helps prevent stiffness and back pain when you wake up. 

In addition, the box spring allows air circulation between the mattress and the camper floor, which maintains good hygiene.

Make your pop-up bed more comfortable: Add a mattress topper

For a real cosy nest, add a mattress topper to your camper bed. It offers plush support while retaining the necessary back support. It decreases the pressure points that the body can undergo during the night, and guarantees immediate well-being.

The mattress topper also plays a protective role for your mattress and prolongs its life. It also wicks away nighttime perspiration, which prevents mould and bacteria (the main enemies in a pop-up camper). Easy to wash and ventilate, it offers you a comfortable and clean bed every night.

Make your pop-up bed more comfortable: Head on the right pillow

The pillow is just as important as the mattress for sleeping peacefully and waking up without stiffness. It should support the natural curve of the top of the spine, and provide good support to the head, neck and shoulders. 

The position you sleep in will influence your choice of pillow. Also, pay attention to the main components. Is it synthetic fill, microgel fibre, down, memory foam? Getting informed is essential, especially for people with respiratory problems or allergies.

Make your pop-up bed more comfortable: Turn your bed into an oasis of peace

Sheets, duvets and headboards come in a variety of colours, styles and materials. The aesthetic side is essential since your bed should be inviting, but just as much focus on comfort.

  • Sheets: You will find sheets made from different textiles with various weaves to suit all tastes and budgets. Depending on your pre-established criteria: durability, crease resistance, heat, freshness in summer or others, you can opt for natural or synthetic fibres or a mixture of both. 
  • The duvet: The choice of duvet should be made according to its thickness and the warmth it provides. Some prefer a heavy comforter while others barely want to feel it on them. The desired heat level also varies depending on each individual. Inform yourself and question yourself in relation to your real needs.
  • The headboard:  Yes, you can have a headboard in a pop-up camper. Why not?! At first glance, the headboard may seem secondary. Yet it turns out to be of great importance. 

First, it undeniably adds to the aestheticism of the room. Then, it plays an important role in framing the environment of the sleeper. It insulates the bed from the wall which can be damp and cold in winter and keeps the pillows in place overnight. 

An upholstered headboard will give you the comfort you need if you are used to reading a bit before you fall asleep, and will keep you safe all night long. So don’t skimp on your choice of the headboard.

Make smart choices, stretch out in your bed, and indulge in a wonderful night’s sleep in your pop-up camper!

What type of bed to choose for a pop-up camper?

Whether you have a king-size bed, a drop-down bed, twin beds, a French bed, this will not have a direct impact on the quality of your sleep. 

Watch out for nocturnal awakenings caused by your significant other trying to make their way to the bathroom, sudden awakenings under the alcove, having to get up at the same time. 

Apart from that, the type of bedding will rather have an impact on the layout of the camper and on its size.

The mattress: If there is one thing that influences the quality of our sleep, our fatigue, our possible pain and our mood, at home or in your leisure vehicle, it is the quality of the mattress! You may have noticed it, but in a motorhome, their quality is not always optimal 

Two main reasons for this. First, the manufacturers of vans and camper vans are not bedding specialists, each in their own field. Second, they usually have one obsession: to release as much payload as possible.

This is why depending on the brands, ranges, models, the bedding, its structure, bedding, mattresses, their thickness, will be a more or less successful question.

Campers mattress toppers: In the pop-up campers, this problem is all the more present when it comes to dealing with a small space, compatible with the need for space-saving storage. It can therefore be a simple foldable foam or a mattress topper, providing relative support.

Pay attention to the price: By the way, it is in these kinds of details – as well as in the quality of materials, insulation, finishes – that will lie the value for money of a vehicle. It’s not the first thing you look at in a pop-up camper, is it? So this is logically where the choices are made to reduce costs.

Improve the comfort of your bed: Experience has also shown us that the mattress is not the only one that influences the quality of the bed. To sleep soundly on both ears, it is also important to have a good pillow (or bolster, it depends) to properly position your head, neck and shoulders. 

The bottom line

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to choose a good-quality mattress and pillow in order to make your camper bed more comfortable, and thus your sleep quality much, much better. 

And even though we haven’t discussed it, there are many other options to make a camper more comfortable when it comes to sleep: you can light a nice candle (but be careful with the fire hazard), add more pillows, comfy blankets or anything else that makes you feel comfortable and safe!

What does your pop-up camper bed look like right now? Let us know in the comments section!

FAQ on How do you make a pop-up camper bed more comfortable?

How thick of a mattress fits in a pop-up camper?

The thickness of a mattress that fits in a pop-up camper should not be larger than 4 inches. You need to make sure that your bed fits in the camper, as pop-ups are not known to be the most spacious campers out there!

How many beds does a pop-up camper have?

A pop-up camper can have up to two queen size beds, beside a small kitchen, a dining table and a storage closet. 

How can I make my camper sofa more comfortable?

There are several ways to make your camper sofa more comfortable:

  1. Consider investing in a new mattress;
  2. Add more pillows;
  3. Choose high-quality sheets;
  4. Add a mattress topper;
  5. Add blankets and spray them with lavender oil or other soothing smell. 

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