How do you keep a static caravan cool in summer?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you keep a static caravan cool in summer? We will discuss some basic rules for surviving hot summer days in a static caravan. 

How do you keep a static caravan cool in summer?

To keep a static caravan cool during hot summer days there are a few basic rules to follow:

  1. Close the windows and lower the blinds: On very hot days the heat seeps straight through the windows and makes it look like there is nothing at all, the windows are unable to control the heat. Awnings are especially a good investment for your static caravan because they give you shade in the summer and sun in the winter. 

You might also consider adding reflective sheeting that bounces the sun’s rays off the static caravan. This works well in the summer but means that you will have less sun in the winter.

  1.  Establish an open and close strategy: Close windows and curtains on hot days and open them at night when it’s cooler. If you have part of the static caravan that is especially difficult to keep cool, we recommend that you close the door to that room so that the rest of the static caravan does not heat up.
  1. Use a fan: Instead of turning on the air conditioner as soon as it’s hot, wait and use a fan. Later, when it’s too hot to ventilate, try both the air conditioner and the fan together to help move the cool air around the room.
  1.  Set the thermostat to 78º Fahrenheit (26 ºC): Excess heat can make you want to reach a lower temperature, but it is about keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, not about having to put on more clothes because you are cold due to the air conditioning. Do not forget that the more the air conditioning works, the higher your electricity bill will be.
  1. Cool only the room where you are: This will save a great deal of energy. Close the doors to that room and seal any leaks, especially the underbody and door frames. This will keep the room fresh for longer.
  1.  Insulate your static caravan as much as possible: Not only will this help you stay cool in the summer, but it will also keep the static caravan warm in the winter months. In addition, your electricity bill will be considerably reduced.
  1. Hang out outside the static caravan: Obviously not in the midday hours, when the heat in the street is unbearable, but in the afternoon or when it is getting dark. If you have a terrace, take advantage of it to cook on the barbecue, it will always be better to do it outdoors than in the kitchen.
  1. Change the sheets: Winter bedding no longer works for us. Say goodbye to flannel sheets and wool quilts. Now is the time for cotton sheets, which breathe better and stay fresh.
  1.  Use plants to decorate your static caravan: In addition to being a decorative element, they help create air flows inside the static caravan and generate oxygen. Remember that in summer they need to be watered more frequently.
  1. Take care of your air conditioning: If you have an air conditioning system, take good care of it. Make sure the indoor unit is in the shade and clean the filters regularly. If necessary, hire an air conditioning maintenance service.

Static caravan cooling methods that work

Besides the above-mentioned rules, there are several cooling methods that you can use in your static caravan. We review them below!

  • 12V Fans: The simplest, cheapest and least consuming, of course, if you know how to choose it. We have tried various types of fans and while some barely work, others work really well. Obviously, if it is extremely hot, with the fan you will only be able to blow that dry air directly on your face.

After trying several fans and in case you fit (for tall vans), we recommend one of these two (the second is a new model):

  • Insulation and skylights:  Insulation, as we already talked about in the article on how to insulate a static caravan, is very important, but … it doesn’t work miracles.  The skylights are essential to avoid cooking inside the caravan especially if you learn to face the caravan so that the wind enters the skylight. 

There are many prices and types but we recommend a Fianma Turbo-vent

  • Awnings: These are essential in the caravan; they will prevent the magnifying glass effect of the sun through the windows and will make the interior take much longer to warm up. Did you know that you can even buy a kit and make them yourself? These kits are quite expensive and the suction cups that come are bad at greed but the truth is that they work wonderfully.
  • Airlocks: The airlock is a super useful device, which allows us to leave the static caravan doors open allowing the passage of air while preventing them from being opened from the outside. They are simply two hooks joined by a straight section that fit on both parts of the door lock.

The advantage of this device is that you can get it completely free and it will not cost you more than $3 in any Chinese bazaar or hardware store. Here are some examples of airlocks for static caravans to serve as inspiration.

What is the best AC for static caravans?

When choosing an AC for your static caravan, regardless of the type of air conditioner, consider the following three technical aspects as a priority: power, energy consumption and operating noise.

  1. Rule number one: A small appliance that runs longer will be more efficient than an overpowered air conditioner that often stops and restarts. A longer operating cycle will result in lower humidity levels in the home, a key factor in comfort and air quality. An air conditioner of the right size will therefore maintain a relative humidity rate of 30 to 50%.
  1. Another important criteria: energy-efficient performance. In this regard, the EnerGuide label provides information on the performance of each device. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating measures this rate of return. The higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption. This data is very useful in deciding between two products with very similar characteristics.

In addition, a product marked with the ENERGY STAR symbol guarantees that it meets the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency. Currently, ENERGY STAR qualified products must have a SEER of at least 14.

  1.  Finally, we must ensure that the type of device and the noise level generated by its operation comply with municipal regulations. A benchmark: your peace of mind (and that of your neighbours!) Will suffer if it emits more than 80 decibels. The technical data sheet for air conditioners describes their performance in this area.

Final thoughts

We hope that these easy and accessible tips will help you not to spend so much heat in your static caravan this summer, although it must be recognized that sometimes it is impossible to lower the temperature, especially if you travel as a couple!

Do you have any tips or interesting solutions to keep a static caravan cool during hot summer days? Feel free to share them!

FAQ on How do you keep a static caravan cool in summer?

How to keep cool in a static caravan?

To keep cool in a static caravan, close windows and shutters during the day, and open them during the cooler hours. Whenever possible, drive at the coolest times. Turn on the air conditioning and fan before going to bed. For cooler air: Place a damp towel in front of your fan.

How to avoid the heat in a static caravan?

Most static caravans are equipped with blackout blinds or roller shutters, so remember to leave them closed when you are out. If you are indoors, use a fan, air cooler, or air conditioning

Is it hot in a static caravan?

It can get quite hot in a static caravan, depending on the area where you live. The temperatures drop and it is therefore very easy to ventilate the accommodation. Many accommodations are in the shade of trees.

How to air-condition a van?

The cooler, less expensive and less efficient, remains a good solution to air-condition a van. It works by misting and reducing the interior temperature of the caravan or van. Cold and hot: the air conditioner can lower the temperature by ten degrees

How not to be hot in a motorhome?

The basic rules not to be hot in a motorhome:

  • Shadow is your best friend
  • Hydrate regularly.
  • Watch out for electrical appliances.
  • Do not ride during the hottest hours. 
  • Block the sources of light. 
  • Have the AC on.


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