How do you get scratches out of caravan windows? (9 quick solutions)

In this article, we will explain: How do you get scratches out of caravan windows? We will present nice simple products that can quickly help you get rid of the unwanted scratches on your caravan windows

How do you get scratches out of caravan windows?

It is possible to get scratches out of caravan windows as long as they are not too deep. Removing these imperfections, however, remains a tedious task that requires a lot of patience. Here are a few products that you can use to get scratches out of caravan windows:

Below we will discuss how to get scratches out of caravan windows using the above products. 

Use calcium carbonate to get scratches out of caravan windows

The appearance of scratches on a window alters its aesthetics. Before replacing it, it is possible to resort to certain tricks to restore it to its full shine. One of these tips is the use of calcium carbonate. This substance is an important ally for the maintenance of the caravan. To remove scratches on a window with calcium carbonate, you can either:

  1. Pour calcium carbonate powder on the glass surface to be repaired, then rub carefully with a clean cloth in circular movements.
  2. Or soak a cloth with this product and rub the damaged part of the glass.

Use toothpaste to get scratches out of caravan windows 

Toothpaste is also another effective alternative for removing light scratches from a glass surface, whether on a window, on a table, on a watch or even on glasses. To do this, you have to follow certain steps:

  1. Clean the glass surface: this should be done with a microfiber cloth to prevent the condition of the surface from getting worse.
  2. Impregnate the cloth with toothpaste: preferably, you should use white toothpaste and especially not take the gel one.
  3. Rub the scratches: once soaked in toothpaste, the cloth should be placed on the scratched part of the glass, then carefully rub this area in a circular fashion.
  4. Remove toothpaste residue: with a clean, moistened cloth, clean the glass surface while taking care not to create other scratches. Delicacy and patience are therefore essential.
  5. Repeat the operation: it is preferable to repeat the operation to effectively get rid of the scratches. Each time, you will have to rub the damaged surface for at least 30 seconds and add a little toothpaste to the cloth.

For best results, you can add a little baking soda to the toothpaste. In this case, it is necessary to let the glass dry for ten minutes after rubbing it with a cloth soaked in the toothpaste-baking soda mixture. To complete the operation, you simply need to clean the surface with a dry cloth.

Use baking soda to get scratches out of caravan windows

With baking soda, scratches on the glass can be smoothed out. After thoroughly cleaning the surface to be treated, prepare the paste by mixing equal amounts of baking soda and water. 

The preparation should be smooth and not too runny. Then, you will have to spread the paste on a clean microfiber cloth and gently rub the glass in circular movements. Finally, it is necessary to remove the excess bicarbonate by wiping a damp cloth over the treated surface.

Use cigarette ash to get scratches out of caravan windows 

One of the products that can help remove blemishes from a glass surface is cigarette ash. Although it sounds incredible, this substance is a great ally for cleaning a glass surface. To do this, simply put it on a damp cloth and gently rub the scratched surface. In this method, it is best to use a fairly soft cloth such as felt.

Use scratch remover paste to get scratches out of caravan windows 

This product is normally intended for repairing the body of a car. However, it is also particularly effective on a glass surface, especially in reducing scratches on the latter. The method involves coating a cotton or microfiber cloth with scratch-erase paste and rubbing the surface. This product is generally available from garage owners.

Use claystone to get scratches out of caravan windows 

To make a glass surface shine, claystone, also called white stone or silver stone, is a natural and very effective solution. It can be used on different surfaces, whether on wood, metal, plastic or even glass. To remove scratches from a glass surface, this tip can be very useful. Just dampen a clean sponge with claystone and rub the scratches in a gentle figure of eight.

To make claystone, mix white clay, baking soda, liquid soap, and a few drops of essential oils for scenting, then leave to harden for a day or more.

Use metal polish to get scratches out of caravan windows 

If the scratches are found on a large glass area, the best way to reduce them is to use a metal polish, especially the one with cerium oxide. 

Thanks to its ability to make a surface shiny, the glass pane to be treated will be like new. To do this, you have to use a microfiber cloth, wrap it on a finger, then apply the metal polish. Then rub the glass gently. The amount used should be reasonable to avoid further damaging the glass.

Use glass wool to get scratches out of caravan windows 

Particularly useful for a caravan, extra-fine glass wool allows for impeccable cleaning on certain surfaces. Besides stainless steel, this product is also used to clean glass surfaces and reduce scratches. Just take it on and rub the scratches in circular motions. These gestures are to be carried out with delicacy.

Use nail polish to get scratches out of caravan windows

Another trick to removing scratches from glass is to use nail polish, as long as it is transparent. For this method:

  1. The surface to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned with a damp microfiber cloth and allowed to dry.
  2. Once the surface is dry, apply the varnish with the brush. Only apply a thin layer. A certain precision is required for this operation by making sure to apply the varnish only on the scratches. Once this step is completed, a pause of one hour is necessary to allow time for the varnish to penetrate the scratches.
  3. Finally, remove the layer of varnish with a cloth impregnated with solvent, gently rubbing the surface and clean everything well.
  4. Call a professional to repair deeper scratches.


It is good to know that all the solutions proposed above are intended to remove light and superficial scratches. If these are obvious and particularly deep, it is better to call a professional. Thanks to specific processes and products, the damaged glass surface is restored to its original state. Usually, this concerns car windows. On the market, many professionals offer their repair services.

Have you tried any of these tricks or know of any others for removing scratches from windows? Share your experience in the comments.

FAQ on How do you get scratches out of caravan windows?

How to remove scratches from the windows?

To remove scratches from the windows, simply drop a large knob of toothpaste on a dry cloth and rub the scratch with circular motions. If the scratch is shallow, you can even drop the toothpaste on your fingertip to rub the scratch without a cloth, before rinsing the glass

How to remove scratches from plexiglass?

To remove scratches from plexiglass you will need water-resistant sandpaper. This is fine-grit sandpaper, the surface of which will need to be moistened during sanding. Start with a grain of 1000 and gently sand the scratches of the plexiglass.

How to remove scratches from the plastic of a car speedometer?

To remove scratches from the plastic of a car speedometer use toothpaste. Remove the traces with an optical cleaning wipe. In the future, it is better to use a brush and the vacuum cleaner to remove dust, then clean with an optical cleaning wipe. 

How do I remove scratches from polycarbonate?

To remove scratches from polycarbonate machine polishing is the best solution. You can tackle scratches with standard sandpaper, sanding wool, or a coarse polishing agent like Zvizzer Heavy Cut.


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