How do you get rid of the poop pyramid in the RV black tank?

In this article, we will discuss: How do you get rid of the poop pyramid in the RV black tank? We will discuss the reasons, causes, preventions and solutions for the poop pyramid in the RV black tank. 

How do you get rid of the poop pyramid in the RV black tank?

To get rid of the poop pyramid in the RV black tank you must first understand what it means, what is causing it and how to prevent these unfortunate cases. 

To begin with, a poop pyramid is – like it sounds- a pyramid of poop and toilet paper in the RV black tank. It is, however, very easy to confuse this issue with a clogged toilet or pipe, so let’s see what are the signs that you are dealing with a poop pyramid in the RV black tank: 

  1. Nothing comes out of the black tank if you open its valve;
  2. You can’t add any water to the tank (this may mean that you also have a blocked pipe).;
  3. You know you have kept the black tank valve open (the most common reason for pyramid poops). 

How to prevent a poop pyramid in the RV black tank?

The simplest way to prevent poop pyramid in the RV black tank is to keep the black tank valve closed (when you are not dumping the tank, of course). 

When the valve is open, all the residues and liquids will accumulate on the bottom of a holding tank. You will find yourself with a pile of faeces at the bottom of the black holding tank. Now, who wants to deal with that? 

The second piece of advice is to use the proper toilet paper for an RV toilet tank. Contrary to what you might think, not all toilet paper is created equal. Yes, there are different thicknesses and some are nicer than others. However, keep in mind that not all toilet paper will have the same impact on the proper functioning of your RV’s septic system. So there are other important factors to consider.

We don’t talk much about it, but black water can become a real nightmare. This is, consequently, a delicate but very important subject. 

How to deal with a poop pyramid in an RV black tank?

Although one of the possible solutions would be to call a professional so that the RV toilet can be flushed and fixed, there are some things you can try by yourself.  

  1. Use a plunger fluid: A plunger is a liquid that is used to remove the clog that exists in the toilet. You just have to flush it in the toilet and let them act.

Depending on how stuck it is, you should leave it for more or less time. I recommend that you let them act overnight. The next day, you will simply have to flush the toilet to run water. You have to be very careful because they are very aggressive. Read their instructions very well before using them, as the methodology may vary from one brand to another.

  1. Use a mop. This method of unclogging an RV toilet may seem a bit strange, but it is a homemade solution that works. What we have to do is cover the mop with a plastic bag. Keep in mind that the bag should not have any kind of hole, otherwise it will not work.

Afterwards, we are going to introduce the mop into the proper hole of the toilet so that it covers the duct completely. What we will do is start moving the mop-up and down. The effect that we will achieve is a vacuum effect that will be very similar to using a professional plunger.

Generally, if you do these movements two or three times, the pipe should unclog. But if the jam is very big, it may not work. Protect the floor so that it does not get too dirty if everything gets splashed. I recommend that you use gloves in case you get stained.

  1. Baking soda with vinegar. It is another of the homemade methods to unclog a toilet. First, you will have to pour 1 cup of 250 grams of baking soda. Pour it directly into the toilet bowl. Let it fall into the water and slowly descend.

Once it has gone down, add two cups of vinegar to make about 500 millilitres. It is better to pour the vinegar in a circular way so that it is distributed evenly on all sides. You will notice that when the vinegar mixes with the bicarbonate it will generate an effervescence caused by a chemical reaction.

Finally, you have to let everything rest for at least one hour and then flush the toilet as you normally do. That way, the toilet and any wipes in it will unclog.

  1. Using bleach and washing powder. Another option that I have tried and that has worked for me when unclogging the toilet is the mixture of bleach and detergent. The measure is to have two plugs of bleach which are thrown into the toilet. To this, a little powdered detergent is added that is used for washing machines.

The two products must be allowed to work together for at least ten minutes. Once they have acted, the chain must be pulled so that the water carries them and thus unclogs completely.

If you have a very clogged RV toilet, you may need to let it act a little longer or opt for another of the solutions that I am teaching you.

  1. Use a hanger. Perhaps of all those that I am going to tell you, this is the strongest method of all. It is about making use of a hanger to unclog the toilet.

What you have to do in the first instance is to unwind the wire that is around the hook, but leaving the hook intact. After unrolling it completely, you will have a look at the end and a long wire. It is best to add a cloth to the end of the hanger to be able to handle it properly.

Pour some liquid soap into the toilet. Now with the rag on the tip, go putting it in and pushing it so that it can enter the drainage area. This way you will unblock everything you find along the way. In case you can’t feel anything with the hanger, it might be because the jam is even deeper. When finished, pull the chain to see if it worked or not.

  1. Suction cup plunger. This is the best-known method of all. Of what is to use the suction cup to generate vacuum. It is like the mop method but with a specific tool.

What you will have to do is place the plunger in the area of the toilet hole. And from there make several movements until you see that the unblocking has been completely achieved.

Do not be surprised if you have to repeat it many times, it is normal if you have a poop pyramid in the RV black tank. 


In this article, you have read about several methods to deal with a poop pyramid in the RV black tank.   come to think of it, it is still the solid material that is returned the most towards the septic tank. We must therefore make sure that it does not harm the system.

Additionally, too thick toilet paper can cause plumbing blockage issues. Choose toilet paper that is thin and will break down easily in your septic tank.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know.

FAQ on How do you get rid of the poop pyramid in the RV black tank?

How to maintain RV toilets?

If you maintain your RV toilet properly, it will last longer. This is why it is important that you use the right cleaning products. The maintenance of rubbers is also very important. For this, it is better to use silicone spray. With this, you lubricate, maintain and protect the closures.

Should I leave my black tank open or closed?

Whenever leaving the campground, you should make sure that the black tank is tightly closed. When you flush the toilet, the black water goes into a reservoir. If the drain valves are closed, the black water remains stored in these tanks.

Can you use a normal toilet roll in a caravan?

You can use a normal toilet roll in a caravan, as long as the regular household toilet paper quickly dissolves into fine particles. If, on the contrary, the normal toilet roll becomes a kind of a paste in contact with liquids, do not use it in your caravan or RV.


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