How do you decorate a static caravan wall? (9+ creative ideas)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you decorate a static caravan wall? We will discuss some original ways of transforming your static caravan walls, pics included! 

How do you decorate a static caravan wall?

Here are a few creative tips for decorating a static caravan wall:

  • Dress up a static caravan wall with picture frames
  • Decorate a static caravan wall with a mood board
  • Decorate a large static caravan wall with mirrors
  • Add  chalkboard or pegboard on a static caravan wall
  • Dress the walls of a static caravan with shelves
  • Add a carpet as decoration on a static caravan wall
  • Add wallpaper or change the paint colour
  • Wall decoration idea: Weaving
  • Wall decoration made from hats
  • Use a composition of baskets on a large static caravan wall.

Below we will discuss some of the above tips and attach cute pictures that hopefully will inspire you!

Dress up a static caravan wall with picture frames

The frames are great assets in interior decoration, to protect and stage photos or decorative posters but also to dress the walls. Thus, multiplying them to dress a wall is an excellent alternative to enhance its cachet.

Like this example of layouts using a plethora of frames, for a truly unique rendering.

The procedure is simple for this type of caravan wall decoration, let yourself be guided by your inspiration and do not try to align your frames!

Decorate a static caravan wall with a mood board

The mood board is still a trend! For the uninitiated, this is an inspiration board that can bring together images, objects or texts according to the mood and tastes of its creator.

So if you have space on a static caravan wall, a mood board will be ideal for dressing the wall. To do this, all you need is wall support to accommodate all your inspiring ideas and make your white wall space in your image.

Decorate a static caravan wall using a mirror

Mirrors have the ability to accentuate the depth of a room. They can also be the allies of choice for dressing up a white wall decoration, as these few images can attest. Whatever models are chosen, many combinations and arrangements are possible in all rooms of the house.

Mirrors are still a great inspiring idea to dress up a white wall decoration with brio and elegance.

Decorate a static caravan wall with shelves

Wall shelves are obviously one of the existing solutions for decorating a static caravan wall.  Practical and decorative, there are a multitude of styles, which can meet all decorative requirements.

A wall shelf is an element of furniture in its own right to accommodate books, decorative objects, or green plants. All this while guaranteeing a minimum footprint.

For even more inspiring ideas on the subject, I invite you to consult this buying guide.

Decorate a static caravan wall with a carpet

A rug on the wall? What a funny idea! However, a rug can turn out to be an excellent decorative solution for a white wall, which will benefit greatly. As on the ground, a carpet on a wall immediately conveys a warm and exotic note as possible.

Once again, all styles and sizes are possible, according to the tastes and expectations of each in terms of rendering.

Decorate a static caravan wall with wall weaving

If you want to bring a poetic and deliciously retro note to your white wall, wall weaving will be obvious to you. Macrame weaving is one of the most trendy in interior decoration, as evidenced by the many models available on the market and the abundant tutorials on the subject.

Whether white or coloured, wall weaving dresses the walls in the blink of an eye and can be seen in a living room, a dining room, a bedroom or an entrance.

This wall decoration now has many followers, eager to bring a vintage touch to their interiors.

Are you one of them?

Decorate a static caravan wall with hats

Not sure what to do with your hat collection? Instead of limiting them to the traditional but no less elegant round boxes, you should consider hanging them on your caravan wall to create an original decoration!

Hats don’t just dress our heads and can be an added bonus that will exceed your rendering expectations. Simple, efficient and economical, this ephemeral and modular solution goes hand in hand with a wooden bench to better accentuate its light and friendly spirit.

Decorate a static caravan wall with a composition of baskets

This tip is about woven baskets, to associate to create compositions with ethnic charm, irreparably inviting to travel. So this is a good way to divert all the pieces brought back from your travels, by offering them a special place.

And if you were to miss a few, know that it is possible to get baskets in many stores, to enrich your melting pot!

More ideas to change the interior of your static caravan

It is entirely possible to reflect your tastes and style in the well-appointed 15 m². Here are some simple decorating ideas to put into practice to make your caravan cosy and more valuable on the market.

  1. Change the flooring:  There are very contemporary vinyl coverings, inexpensive and perfectly suited to this type of habitat. You can also opt for a glued parquet.
  1. Use tinsel garlands: To add a bohemian touch, light up your mobile home or caravan with a very trendy garland. Coloured funfair-style or white balls, soberer, you will choose the one that will create the most appropriate lighting atmosphere for your summer mood. 
  1. Multiply wall suspensions:: Add small hooks to support plants or small zinc buckets that will hold your accessories. Decorate the walls with small frames. 
  1. Cover the benches with pretty fabrics: Oust, outside the old shabby khaki-brown benches! Line your seats with contemporary fabrics that will add chic to your dining area. 
  1. Dress the wooden walls: Are the walls of your caravan or mobile home frankly old-fashioned? Create a warm and bohemian setting with wood. 
  2. Say yes to art: Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to neglect your interior. If you love art, show off your passion by hanging a poster or several small frames with the works of your favourite artist on the walls of your caravan. 
  1. Hang wallpapers: Retighten one of the walls with cheerful and colourful wallpaper. The sleeping area is particularly suitable for this dressing, especially if it is located at the end of a niche. Cushions in shimmering colours and plaid will enhance the effect.
  1.  Change the colour of the cupboards: Because they are in poor condition or you no longer like the colour, you can repaint the closets, which are numerous and visible in caravans and mobile homes. 
  1. Change the curtains: If caravans and mobile homes have many windows, necessary for the light to come in, they are often dressed in old-fashioned curtains. Change that up by switching to trendy fabrics and modern colours, in line with the colours of your new decor.
  1. Play the rustic chic card: Shelves in raw wood, accessories in aged metal or vintage radio, multiply the small touches of retro decor to give your holiday interior a chic country air. Go for a neutral to pastel colour palette for a natural effect.
  1. Make the chrome shine: To give your caravan a more rocky fifties look, why not dress the ceiling in shiny chrome-like metal?

The bottom line

This concludes this article dedicated to decorating a static caravan wall.  Hope all of these tips have given you the inspiration you need to help you decorate your white wall.

If you had recently started dressing a static caravan wall, I’d love to hear your tips in the comments!

FAQ on How do you decorate a static caravan wall?

How do you modernize an old caravan?

You can modernize an old caravan by repainting it, changing some of the furniture, changing the interior lighting, adding a few chairs and an awning, adding some abstract art pieces or changing the wallpaper.

Can you paint the interior of a caravan?

Yes, you can paint the interior of a caravan, just like you would paint its exterior. Just make sure you clean it first, sand, apply a primer then the first layer of paint. 

How do you paint fake wood cabinets?

You can easily paint fake wood cabinets. First, make sure you clean the cabinets well to remove any kitchen grease and dust. We recommend using a roller and Chalky Finish paint, as well as a paintbrush for the missing spots. 


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