How do you decorate a garden room? (9+ inspirational ideas)

In this article, we will answer the following question: How do you decorate a garden room? We will share with you a few simple but creative ways to decorate your garden even if you are on a budget.

How do you decorate a garden room?

There are endless options to decorate a garden room, some requiring an extensive budget, but also unique DIY projects that you can make even from recycled materials. 

Here are just a few ideas to decorate a garden room:

  • Add plant pots, plant a new shrub bed or a tree;
  • Add a lawn to freshen the area;
  • Decorate the pool (if you have one) with plants and rocks;
  • Install a fountain in your garden;
  • Recycle older tires;
  • Add some furniture (chairs, coffee table)
  • Build a porch or a gazebo.

The garden room is an area of ​​the home that is made by and for the enjoyment of the whole family. It must be a comfortable stay to be able to disconnect from the routine, and that is why it is very common to put some furniture, such as sun loungers, or a set of tables and chairs that will be used during good weather.

Getting a place that is also very well decorated does not cost much. Whether you are one of those who prefer to buy new things or if you are a recycling lover, these tips will surely help you discover how to make a beautiful garden room. 

Decorate your garden room with plants

If you have a small garden or in which many things no longer fit, you can put plants on the walls, as the creators of the beautiful place you see in the image above did. Geraniums, carnations, petunias and all kinds of flowers will look great. Also, you can build a vertical garden!

It is very simple to do, since you will only need three planks of wood or another resistant material, a bit of concrete to nail them to the ground, ropes and plastic bottles.

Decorate your garden room by creating a green carpet 

If you live in an area where it usually rains a lot, it is highly recommended to put a lawn. It looks very, very good in any part of the garden, and also around the patio. It is a way to give more greenery to a room where the materials (floor, furniture, pool, etc.) are the main protagonists.

Another option is to put upholstery plants, which can be grown in areas where it does not rain very regularly as they resist drought well, and will also give more life to the home with their beautiful flowers.

Decorate your garden room and the pool area

Many times there is a tendency to leave the pool area free of plants, since it is often thought that they will dirty it, and of course, that does not matter. But the reality is that there are many that can be close, such as palm trees, conifers or flowering shrubs. 

The only thing that should not be put are trees with invasive roots, such as Ficus, Tipuana, Jacaranda, or Ulmus, among others, as they could break both the soil and the pipes.

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Decorate your garden room by adding a fountain 

Garden fountains are a spectacular work of art. They come in many shapes and sizes and installed in the garden room they cannot be better. The water will serve to increase the humidity of the area, which will allow you to have beautiful plants and a very nice patio.

Decorate your garden room with new furniture

Furniture is an essential part of the garden, but if it is too brightly coloured, it will not look good. To prevent this from happening, it is very important that you choose furniture taking into account the colours that predominate in the place where they are to be placed. 

Thus, if you have a garden room decorated in a rustic style in which browns, whites and greens predominate, it is advisable that the tables, chairs, and everything you want to buy (or make ) be of those tones.

DIY project to decorate a garden room: Turn your tires into pots

Old tires that can no longer be used can have a second useful life if they are potted. In addition, being quite spacious you can put many small plants together, ferns, or even use them as horticultural growing containers. 

They are coloured (it is advisable to use spray paint sold in hardware stores), a shading mesh is put inside them so that the soil does not come out, and we proceed to plant.

Transform a garden room by building a porch

The porches are perfect for enjoying the summer outdoors. Being made of concrete, they are very resistant so that they will keep as new for many, many years. Remember that the colours are important: the one you choose for your porch has to be similar to one that has the front of the house and, in turn, should not be “garnish” combined with those in the rest of the place

What plants to use to decorate a garden room? 

Plants are a great ally to decorate exteriors with little money. We have already talked on other occasions about the benefits of terrace plants. And the best of all is that it does not matter how big your patio or garden is, because we can use the typical vertical gardens, ideal for small spaces. 

Another option is to create your own garden at home to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables. And once again, if you don’t have enough space, you can use those grow tables or vertical planters.

If you like flowering plants you can create a beautiful planter with wooden logs. If you come across a log on the street, what better way than to give it a second chance and use it as a planter to decorate a patio or garden. The most difficult thing, in addition to moving it, will be to make a hole in the centre to be able to put dirt and flowers. But the effort will be worth it.

More ideas to decorate a garden room on a budget

  • Using recycled wood is one of the most effective and economical resources to decorate patios with little money. Although different types of wood can be used, one of the classics is outdoor furniture with pallets.
  • Waterers for birds: If you are a bird lover, you can create a nice drinking fountain to give them relief in the hot summer months and, at the same time, enjoy the spectacle of seeing different types of birds in the garden. 

You will need two PVC pots of different sizes, one as a container and one to plant beautiful flowers. For a greater visual impact, you can paint them in colours. You can also do the same but instead of water, put food on them.

  • Wind chimes: We love the idea of ​​creating a beautiful wind chime with shells, the kind you usually bring from beach vacations. You can make beautiful garlands in which stones, shells and anything else you have at hand. Finally, tie them to a wooden branch and add a string to hang them.

The bottom line

What do you think of these ideas to decorate the garden rooms? We hope they have inspired you to make some changes. We would love to hear about your ideas as well! Feel free to share any tips or unique decor ideas!

FAQ on How do you decorate a garden room?

How to decorate a garden on a budget?

There are many ways to decorate a garden on a budget and here are a few ideas:

  • Buy cheaper pots and paint them yourself;
  • Add simple furniture;
  • Reuse old tires and plant colourful flowers and shrubs;
  • Hang fairy lights.

How to make the garden room look bigger?

To make the garden room look bigger you could try using taller pots, choosing smaller furniture, hanging a mirror and adding some outdoor lights. 

How to fix a neglected garden?

Here are the first steps to fix a neglected garden:

  • Thoroughly clean the land, the starting point to recover an abandoned garden. 
  • Sanitize and trim trees or shrubs. 
  • Take stock of the state of the lawn. 
  • Review irrigation systems.
  • Renew closures and furniture.


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