How do you clean pleated RV blinds? (5 easy steps)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you clean pleated RV blinds? We will explain how to clean pleated RV blinds, why wooden pleated blinds need extra care and give you a few essential tips to always clean your RV blinds quickly. 

How do you clean pleated RV blinds?

To clean pleated RV blinds you can use a little neutral soap and clean water. You can polish your pleated RV blinds regardless of their material. However, when the dirt is very stuck, you can use more specific products (that are not abrasive) or use a steam cleaner.

  1. First, partially lower the blind so that the slats are open and you have access to the typical grooves, where dirt accumulates.
  1. Next, take a soft bristle brush and clean well from top to bottom to get rid of dirt. After brushing the blind, you must vacuum it both inside and out.
  1. Now, free of dust, wipe a cloth with water and neutral soap, from left to right and from top to bottom. When it is well cleaned, it is important to dry it using a cotton cloth and you have to leave it unrolled and then clean the interior.
  1. If you do not have access to the outside of the blinds, the traditional solution is to open the upper drawer where the blind is rolled up.
  1. With a bucket full of soap and water, clean the visible part of the pleated blind. Next, unroll the blind a little until you no longer see the part that you have cleaned and remove the dirt from the next round. Repeat the procedure until you have completely cleaned the blind.

How often should you clean pleated RV blinds?

Cleaning your pleated RV blinds should be a priority in the great general cleaning of your RV that you carry out at least one time a month. Yes, it is difficult to clean it especially on the outside and reach each of its corners but you should, at least, try to clean it as much as possible so that it can also be kept in perfect condition for much longer. 

How do you clean wooden pleated RV blinds?

Here are two simple methods to clean wooden pleated RV blinds.

Method 1

  1. Use a feather duster or microfiber cloth: Avoid using rough materials to clean your blinds because you can accidentally scratch them. Instead, a microfiber cloth or a soft feather duster is the best tool to quickly remove dirt and dust. The microfiber cloth does adhere to the small fibres of earth located in your blinds and traps particles that a normal cloth will let through.
  1. Close the blinds so that you can place them upright against the window: Your blinds come with an adjustment bar that allows you to open and close them. Rotate it all the way closed so you can take care of one side first. Keeping them open will make it much more difficult to clean both sides of the sheets.
  1. Dust each of the sheets from left to right: Using a duster or cloth, start by wiping each sheet from left to right. Make sure to time each sheet individually for the best cleaning. If you have vertical wood blinds, dust from top to bottom.
  1.  Rotate the blinds to the other side: Rotate the adjustment cord to the opposite position that you would open your blinds, so the other slats are in front of you. Repeat the process and remove all the accumulated dust. This quick step should take a maximum of 10 minutes. Wood blinds should be cleaned once a month to maintain a clean, neat and shiny appearance.

Method 2:

  1. Fill a bucket with 2 inches of warm water: If your blinds have too much dust accumulated, using a cloth or duster will not be enough. A more thorough cleaning will require the use of water. Do not mix any cleaning products with the water. The chemicals in more traditional cleaning products can create stains and streaks that will ruin your blinds.
  1. Use a dry cloth or cotton cloth and soak it in water”: Wood blinds that have prolonged contact with water can end up warping. To avoid this, slightly dip the cloth and wring it out before use. You will only need a little water to wet the rag or cloth, you do not need to submerge it completely.
  1. Place your wooden blinds in a position that allows you to close them as much as possible. Placing them in this way will help make individual cleaning of each strip much easier.
  1. Starting at the top, clean each of the sheets individually. Using your cloth, wipe each sheet from left to right. Once you are done with one side, be sure to do the same with the other side. Make sure to spend more time on the areas that are stained, using a circular motion.
  1. Dry each sheet separately with a clean cloth. Water can warp, discolour or stain wooden blinds. To prevent this from happening, be sure to remove any water that may have accumulated on the sheets with a dry cloth. You can dry each sheet with a microfiber cloth or a cotton cloth.
  1.  Locate the sheets on the other side and repeat the previous steps.

7 essential tips for cleaning pleated RV blinds quick and easy

If you have avoided cleaning the pleated blinds of your RV because you didn’t know how to do it properly, follow the next seven steps for a quick and easy solution. 

  1. Vacuum the blinds: Something as extremely easy as taking your home vacuum cleaner or if you have a smaller handheld vacuum cleaner and vacuuming them. You will be able to eliminate dust, its greatest enemy. To do this, use the brush attachment and vacuum through the slats.
  1. Dust the blinds: The duster can be another good trick to clean the blind easily, especially in the outdoor area since it will prevent dirt from remaining in your RV. At least it will help you keep it a little more clean and not so dark.
  1.  Use a damp cloth and window cleaner: Surely you have the typical window cleaner somewhere handy. Dampen a damp cloth or a piece of old fabric with it, put on a glove to protect your hands and wipe the blind as if you were cleaning a horizontal base.
  1. Clean parquet for wooden blinds: If your blinds are made of wood, you do not need to look for products to be able to clean your blind in an extraordinary way. You will only need a special product for the parquet and proceed to wipe a little of it with a slightly damp cloth.
  1. Take the blinds to the shower! If you have removable blinds, remove them and take them to the bathtub, it’s time to clean them as they deserve! For PVC blinds, the most common, warm water and a jet of detergent are enough. Let them dry and put them back.
  1.  Two ways of cleaning the blinds. A trick to clean the blind easily is to clean the blind in two ways. On the one hand, first, pass a sponge with water and detergent with the blind closed, and later with the blind open for deep cleaning of its different slats.
  1. Cleaning the roller shutters: If you have this type of blinds in your RV, an easy trick for cleaning them is to wash them with a well-wrung sponge and a cleaner. Rinse each side with a sponge soaked in clean water and pat dry with an old towel. Hang them up again when they are still a little damp. And if these are not washable, just use the vacuum cleaner’s brush.

To implement some of these tips and, above all, so that your RV is always sparkling, you will need the best products, so choose carefully!

Final advice

Pleated blinds are a great addition to any window and can create a much more sophisticated look than the typical plastic, vinyl, or fabrics that are available in many department stores. 

However, unlike other blinds, wooden ones require special care when it comes to cleaning. Luckily, using the correct techniques can save time cleaning them and ensure they last much longer.

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FAQ on How do you clean pleated RV blinds?

How can I clean pleated RV blinds?

To clean pleated RV blinds, use a little neutral soap and clean water, you can polish your blinds regardless of their material. However, when the dirt is very stuck, you can use more specific products (that are not abrasive) or use a steam cleaner. 

How to clean blinds from the outside without disassembling them?

To clean blinds from the outside without disassembling them pull the tape that raises the blind until it is all the way up, then open the lid of the drawer where it is housed. Take a bucket and mix soap and water (dishwasher detergent is fine) and unroll the blind a little until the part that you have cleaned disappears and clean the next round.

How to clean white PVC windows?

Cleaning white PVC windows is quite simple. Many experts recommend using a good quality soft cloth or cloth and then moistening it with hot water and a little soap. This removes, well, both dirt and dust and stains left by the rain on this material.


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