How do you build a double bed in a caravan? (DIY project)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do you build a double bed in a caravan? We will teach you how to build a double bed or a bunk bed in a caravan. We will also give you a few essential tips before travelling with a caravan.

How do you build a double bed in a caravan?

It is simple to build a double bed in a caravan, you just have to follow some basic steps:

  1. Take the necessary  measurements;
  2. Assemble the materials;
  3. Fix the furniture so that it does not move;
  4. Install the bed;
  5. Make final adjustments. 

Do not worry, we will explain below in more details how to build a double bed in a caravan. But first, here are the tools that you will need for this DIY project:

  • Spade bit Ø 30 mm.
  • Driver drill.
  • PZ1 and PZ2 tips.
  • Orbital sander.
  • Fine-grained sandpaper.
  • Milling machine.
  • Jaws.
  • Foam roller.
  • Poplar plywood 20 mm.
  • Piano hinge.
  • Lag screws 3×30 mm.
  • Wood glue.
  • Lag screws 4×60 mm.
  • Adjustable metal leg.
  • Lag screws 4.5×16 mm.
  • Colourless varnish.

How to build a double bed in a caravan (step-by-step) 

Step 1: After taking the exact measurements of the cabin, we get to work with the boards that we have commissioned with these measurements and that will be the base of the bed.

Step 2: We make several holes throughout the surface with the drill and a spade bit. In this way, the mattress will have ventilation and the weight of the entire structure is lightened a little.

Step 3: We also mark the handles on the boards and cut them.

Step 4:Then with a milling machine we finish off all the holes and the perimeter of the boards. We leave untouched the edges by which we will join these together. We will also sand all the pieces.

Step 5: Then we fix the boards that will act like legs on one of the boards with white glue and lag screws.

Step 6: We apply colourless varnish with a foam roller on all the pieces.

Step 7: Once dry we assemble the structure with book hinges. To fix them we use lag screws.

Step 8: To finish the entire structure, the next step will be to fix the plate of an adjustable metal leg on another board.

Step 9: We put all the furniture in the van and once inside we screw the leg.

Step 10: In this simple and inexpensive way we have managed to camper our vehicle and we will already have a folding bed to use in the van.

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How to build a bunk bed for a caravan (step-by-step)

We decided to teach you how to build a bunk bed in a caravan as well. In this project, the bed will be 1.45 m long and 45 cm wide. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first thing we are going to do is place the bases where the bed rack will be supported, we are going to place one on each side. For this, we are going to use the L-iron profile. We use the same as for the double bed. These are going to be 45 cm long.
  1. We are going to tack one to the back wall of the bedroom at a height of 55 cm from the upright of the large bed and it will go against the back wall of the truck. To tack it we use 3 through bolts.
  1. Then we are going to place the base of the bed at the other end. It will also go 55cm tall from the side of the large bed and against the back wall of the truck. Except now she’s going to be tackled to the sidewall of the bathroom. Again we do it with 3 self through screws.
  1. Now we have to make another grill but now for the small bed. In this case, as it is going to be only 45 cm wide, we are going to use only 5 elastic straps. We are going to cut them at 1.45 m. We are also going to need 4 crossbars that are going to be 45 cm long.
  1. We are going to build the grill in the same way we did with the bed. Leaving the same space between strap and strap.
  1. Once finished we will varnish it and once it is dry we present it by supporting it on the base of the posts that we placed previously. After checking that it looks good, we are going to tack it to the base with self-drilling screws. 3 on each side is more than fine.
  1. Now what we are going to do is put a crossbar on the bed. This will be 10 cm high x 1.45 long. It will be tackled to the 4 crossbars of the grill with 5 cm long self-drilling wood screws. Before placing it, we varnish it.
  1. Finally, we put a small railing along with it so that our son does not fall out of bed. We made this with the same wood that we used for the crossbars, we cut it to the length of the bed (1.45 m), we varnished and tacked it with self-drilling wood screws from the bathroom wall and the back wall of the bedroom.

Note: Depending on the dimensions of the vehicle to be used, the bed must be of one size or another.

More information about travelling and sleeping in a caravan

Maybe not all of you know what “camperization” is, but it means converting a vehicle (car, bus, truck, van, etc.) into space where you can spend the night. In other words, “camperization” would be to turn that vehicle into a small home on wheels.

Some tips before travelling with a caravan

Before travelling, it is advisable to check the car well to make sure it is in perfect condition. This way we will avoid scares once we have started the trip and are far from home.

  • Change the car oil: Changing the car oil is important that the car oil is correct before travelling. We teach you to check it and change it if necessary.
  • Charge the car battery: If we have not used the vehicle for a long time, the battery may have discharged. We teach you to charge it in a very short time.
  • Fix the rearview mirror well:  Fixing the rear-view mirror If we observe that the rear-view mirror is not properly attached, in the following work we will see step by step how to fix it correctly.
  • Check tire pressure: In this tip, we show you step by step how to measure the pressure of the wheels of our tires with a pressure gauge.
  • Repair car headlights: Over time, it is common for the lens of a vehicle’s headlight to become yellow or scratched. We see step by step how to make them like new.

We hope that with all these tips and jobs you will enjoy your free time and holidays in complete safety.

If you have any comments or questions on the content, please let us know.

FAQ on How do you build a double bed in a caravan?

What size is a caravan double bed?

A caravan double bed is a size of 1900 mm wide to 1500 mm long.

How do you turn a single bed into a double bed?

To turn a single bed into a double bed you can bring together two single beds and add a few blankets and pillows for more comfort.

What size is a caravan queen bed?

A caravan queen bed is 15300 mm wide to 1900 mm long.

What is the size of a single caravan bed?

The size of a single caravan bed is usually 1800 mm wide to 610 mm long.


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