How do I keep my caravan smelling fresh?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do I keep my caravan smelling fresh? We will give you a few essential tips to prevent bad odours and keep your caravan fresh and clean. 

How do I keep my caravan smelling fresh?

To keep your caravan smelling fresh, the best thing is to prevent unpleasant odours from forming. There are simple things you can do to keep the air in the caravan fresh and healthy:

  1. The first recommendation is not to smoke in the caravan. This is because the smell of tobacco easily penetrates the textile.
  1. For those who live with their pets in the caravan, it is advisable to take regular breaks and take the necessary measures to prevent them from defecating on the seats. In addition, regularly checking the cleanliness of the passenger compartment is necessary to avoid deposits of dirt.
  1. To keep your caravan fresh, try essential oils. In addition to bringing freshness to the interior, some of them have relaxing properties, ideal for driving with peace of mind. In addition, essential oils are renowned for their cleansing, analgesic and anti-stress properties. Many also use them to scare away certain insects. To benefit from all these benefits, here’s how:
  • Just put a few drops of the essential oil between the seats, near the air conditioning system and under the carpets.
  • It is also possible to pour 3 or 4 drops on a soft toy or on any decoration hanging on the mirror.
  • The wooden clothespin technique is also effective. Place a few drops of essential oil on the tweezers and place them on the ventilation grill.
  1. Many motorists hang an air freshener under their mirrors. They are easy to find in stores, especially caravan accessories dealers. In addition to being affordable, air fresheners come in various forms with varying scents. However, it is possible to make one yourself. To do this, you must get:

Follow these steps:

  • Pour two or three drops of essential oil on the wooden figure. To prevent the smell from being too strong, limit yourself to a few drops;
  • Hang the silhouette with a string or a small elastic under the interior mirror;
  • After a few days, the scent will start to wear off and eventually wear off. In this case, the operation should be repeated.
  1. To diffuse a pleasant scent in the caravan, nothing is easier than using tea bags. Just choose your favourite scent among the different flavours like lemon, mint, black pepper, cloves, black vanilla and many more. The bag can be hung in place of the classic air freshener, namely under the central mirror. Under the heat of the light, the tea bags will spread a sweet smell in the caravan. 

How to get rid of caravan bad odours 

Below we share more tips to help you get rid of bad odours from your caravan once and for all. Read them carefully and take notes!

  1. Let the fresh air in. If the musty smell has permeated the whole caravan, even in winter, do not hesitate to ventilate it by opening the windows wide and making drafts! If even doing these drafts, this is probably not enough; it is a humidity problem. And the humidity that causes this smell is very unhealthy.
  1. Use a mix of water, baking soda, lemon juice and essential oil. Spray rooms with a mixture of hot water mixed with a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of lemon juice and 3 drops of lemon essential oil. This solution will also have the advantage of acting as a disinfectant.
  1. Try a mix of hot water, vinegar and alcohol. Spray then let dry a mixture consisting of a teaspoon of hot water, another cup of white vinegar and a tablespoon of 70 ° alcohol.
  1. Vinegar is your ally. Mask the musty smell of a house or apartment by spraying pure white vinegar on the carpet or rugs and curtains. Close the windows for at least an hour and then ventilate.
  1. Try bicarbonate. If the stale problem is minor, sprinkle baking soda on the rugs or rugs widely. Leave the baking soda to act overnight. Vacuum in the morning.
  1. Use an odour absorber in a pot. Place the odour absorber jar near the source of the bad odour, remove the cover and let it act and the odour will dissipate. The odour absorber, an ecological product, works by evaporation and is effective for 4 to 6 weeks.

If the problem persists, it will be necessary either to equip the house with an atmosphere purifier or a dehumidifier. It could also be a moisture problem.

Final tips

To keep a caravan smelling fresh you must prevent any bad smell in the caravan. It may seem obvious but the first thing you should do is adopt a series of basic measures so that your vehicle is not impregnated with bad odours.

The good news is that there are a few tips that you can try for quick results: 

  • Open windows every few minutes to days to let in the fresh air – unless you have asthma caused by outdoor air pollution or pollen or are concerned about safety.
  • Install and use exhaust fans whenever possible.
  • Keep the temperature and humidity inside your camper at the lowest possible comfort level.
  • Make your camper smoke-free. Do not allow anyone to smoke in your camper.
  • Choose low-formaldehyde or formaldehyde-free products for your future purchases. Such as furniture, wood cabinets or floor coverings made without urea-formaldehyde (UF) glues and choose insulation without UF foam.
  • Wash clothes and curtains with permanent ironing before using them.
  • Allow new products to release formaldehyde outside your living space before installing or using them indoors. If possible, keep them out of your living space until you can no longer smell a chemical odour.
  • Install depolluting or purifying plants such as gerbera or ivy which neutralize emissions and indoor pollution.

What are your solutions for keeping a caravan smelling fresh? Don’t hesitate to share your tips with us!

FAQ on How do I keep my caravan smelling fresh?

How to remove the musty smell in a caravan?

To remove the musty smell in a caravan, use a saucer filled with lemon juice and baking soda.

How to perfume your caravan for a long time?

To perfume your caravan for a long time, use a  natural sanitizing spray. In a spray bottle, mix 500 millilitres of water, the juice of one lemon and a tablespoon of baking soda. Shake and spray around the house. This natural product cleans the air, rids it of bad odours and perfumes your interior at the same time

How to clean a trailer air conditioning?

To clean a trailer air conditioning, remove the air conditioning cover and remove any debris that may have accumulated: insects, dead leaves, dust, etc. To facilitate cleaning, you can use a workshop vacuum cleaner or a compressed air cleaning system.

How to remove formaldehyde odour?

To remove the formaldehyde odour from new products, keep them out of your living space until you can no longer smell a chemical odour. If it is not possible, then install depolluting or purifying plants such as gerbera or ivy that neutralize emissions and indoor pollution.


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