How do I get rid of an old caravan? (11+ creative ideas)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do I get rid of an old caravan? We will give you a few tips and ideas on what to do with an old caravan and how to repurpose it.

How do I get rid of an old caravan?

There are many options to get rid of an old caravan, it all depends on your goal, whether to dump it or repurpose it. Here are a few ideas:

  • You can donate or sell it online (try eBay, RVshare, Freecycle, Gumtree, or Craigslist);
  • Ask your friends or family if they would want in as a spare accommodation (this is if they have a garden, lot or other space to store it);
  • If you have land, you could park it and use the caravan as holiday accommodation or meet-up place when you want to get out of the city or meet with your friends;
  • You can repurpose an old caravan by transforming it into a food truck, or you can donate it to charities that will make a shower/laundry room/accommodation for homeless people;
  • Convert an old touring caravan into a stationary caravan by removing its wheels and repurposing it in a home office/gym/kid’s cubby house/home library.
  • Ultimately, if the caravan is beyond restoration, you could take it apart and sell the pieces separately. You could get good money by selling some parts, such as the A-frame, the wheels, even some of the furniture.

How to restore an old caravan and repurpose it

You may have an old caravan on your property that looks a bit of a disaster and you think you want to get rid of it. You can, of course, use the options we gave you above, but you could also restore and repurpose it. Besides, if you decide to sell it afterwards, you could get even more money than you would before!

On the decor side, an old caravan can be a bit sinful, especially if it’s a retro caravan from the 60s or 70s, but the potential of these small houses on wheels remains enormous. 

It is entirely possible to reflect your tastes and style in the well-appointed 15 m². Here are some simple decorating ideas to put into practice to make your caravan cosy and more valuable on the market.

  1. Change the flooring: Does the lino of your old caravan crack and peel off? Correct it by adopting a new soil. There are very contemporary vinyl coverings, inexpensive and perfectly suited to this type of habitat. You can also opt for a glued parquet. Always choose an easy-going material for that unique room where you cook and live.
  1. Use tinsel garlands: To add a bohemian touch, light up your mobile home or caravan with a very trendy garland. Coloured funfair-style or white balls, soberer, you will choose the one that will create the most appropriate lighting atmosphere for your summer mood. These garlands are also available in a solar version. Convenient for nomadic vacationers.
  1. Multiply wall suspensions:: Add small hooks to support plants or small zinc buckets that will hold your accessories. Decorate the walls with small frames. Install mini-shelves to dress the walls and arrange your small decorative items. In short, add on the walls what the lack of space prevents you from accumulating on the furniture. Your caravan or mobile home will gain in personality without compromising on space.
  1. Cover the benches with pretty fabrics: Oust, outside the old shabby khaki-brown benches! Line your seats with contemporary fabrics that will add chic to your dining area. 

Alternate different patterns for a gipsy effect. You can also add colourful cushions that will bring light and comfort. Your benches, which are the first thing you see when you come home, will invite your guests to curl up, enhancing the cocoon effect of this small area.

  1. Dress the wooden walls: Are the walls of your caravan or mobile home frankly old-fashioned? Create a warm and bohemian setting with wood. Choose special wallboards or thin cladding so as not to further reduce the surface area of ​​this confined space. Also, prefer light wood so as not to overwhelm the space. Your caravan will become a real cosy chalet.
  1. Say yes to art: Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to neglect your interior. If you love art, show off your passion by hanging a poster or several small frames with the works of your favourite artist on the walls of your caravan. A miniature gallery wall that is sure to make an impact in such an unexpected place.
  1. Hang wallpapers: Retighten one of the walls with cheerful and colourful wallpaper. The sleeping area is particularly suitable for this dressing, especially if it is located at the end of a niche. Cushions in shimmering colours and plaid will enhance the effect.
  1.  Change the colour of the cupboards: Because they are in poor condition or you no longer like the colour, you can repaint the closets, which are numerous and visible in caravans and mobile homes. 

Choose a vitamin-toned shade that will immediately infuse your interior with a holiday feel. If the cupboards are made of wood, they will be easy to repaint, but it is also possible to ask a professional to do it. You will first need to degrease the surfaces, sand them down, then apply an undercoat.

  1. Change the curtains: If caravans and mobile homes have many windows, necessary for the light to come in, they are often dressed in old-fashioned curtains. Change that up by switching to trendy fabrics and modern colours, in line with the colours of your new decor.
  1. Play the rustic chic card: Shelves in raw wood, accessories in aged metal or vintage radio, multiply the small touches of retro decor to give your holiday interior a chic country air. Go for a neutral to pastel colour palette for a natural effect.
  1. Make the chrome shine: To give your caravan a more rocky fifties look, why not dress the ceiling in shiny chrome-like metal? The operation is, moreover, very simple. Buy aluminium sheets that you will cut with a jigsaw and then secure them with special strong-fixing metal glue. Aluminium is a soft material that it is easy to work with.

Final advice

Beyond the interior design, don’t overlook the enormous potential of the exterior of your caravan. Add a few colourful and eclectic chairs and a shade sail for a romantic touch. Hanging lanterns and diverted buckets will serve as lamps. Plants will complete the decor. 

As you can see, there are many small but significant changes that you can make, so that your old caravan becomes more chic and valuable on the market if you do decide to sell it.

What would you do with your old caravan? Please feel free to share your ideas, comments, tips or questions about the content.

FAQ on How do I get rid of an old caravan?

Do scrap yards take caravans?

Most scrap yards do not take caravans. You can search for a company that specialises in caravan removal or you can donate/sell it online. You could also take the caravan apart and sell it bit by bit. 

How do I get rid of my touring caravan?

To get rid of your touring caravan you could try reselling it, donating to a local charity or renovate and repurpose it. 

How do you modernize an old caravan?

You can modernize an old caravan by repainting it, changing some of the furniture, change the interior lighting, add a few chairs and an awning, add some abstract art pieces or change the wallpaper.


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