How do I get more space in my pop up camper? (11 tips)

In this article, we will explain: How do I get more space in my pop up camper? We will share a few creative ideas to get more space in your camper, without having to sacrifice much of your things!

How do I get more space in my pop up camper?

It is simple to get more space in your pop-up camper (although it may not seem so in the beginning). It is true that the dimensions of the pop-up camper are a point to take into account when we buy it and we must be very aware of the possibilities it has if there are going to be many on board.

With these tips we want you to be able to increase the perception of size without having to give up who has been your companion on your getaways:

  1. Use contrasting colours;
  2. Use mirrors;
  3. Distribution in L;
  4. Use rails;
  5. Minimize furniture;
  6. Use the inside of your doors
  7. Use the backs of the seats
  8. Think about hooks to hang your things
  9. Brush holders to fix your objects
  10. Reduce the stock of household products
  11. Think about outdoor storage.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Contrasting colors

In most campers, the wood-based decoration is still popular. In most cases this is what causes a decrease in the feeling of space not because of the material but because of its color. We suggest that you play with the color combination in order to increase the space at a glance.

The ideal would be to paint the camper with light tones such as cream or earth tones such as beige. These types of colors invite you to stay in the environment, help to enhance the feeling of spaciousness of the room and also to reflect and enhance the light.

Once you have decided what color to paint the interior of your camper, you only have to decide how the decoration of the environment will be. One option is that you use darker tones but in the same color line and another that you give it a 360º turn using yellow, green and even pink.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Use mirrors

One of the biggest cons in pop-up campers is the lighting because although there are windows it seems that the light does not flow completely inside. Placing mirrors in areas where the lighting is intermediate, at the point where the light can be reflected to where the lighting is lower is the ideal solution. 

Full-length mirrors will spread much more light, although small mirrors are also space enhancers because they take up less. If you choose this last option, it is best for them to be flat and round since the straight shapes seem to occupy more.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Distribution in L

Another option and only if you dare with a comprehensive reform of the environments is to create an L-shape in the entire interior area. This shape will help you to form a room with fluidity since with it you will be able to eliminate everything that is in the middle. 

When there are many of us in a small space, it is more common to hit each other everywhere, so changing the distribution to this way will help you avoid this type of inconvenience.

In addition, it will be much easier for you to move the rest point (the bedrooms) away from the most active area of ​​your house on wheels (such as the kitchen or the living room).

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Use rails

Something that never fails is the use of the rails and those of you who have spent time reforming your caravan or motorhome will know all the advantages they provide. Although now having a fully folding table or removable armchairs may sound strange to you, as time goes by, you will discover why they are so useful.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Minimize furniture

We know that sometimes it is difficult to replace the furniture in your camper, but if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to do so. The more furniture you have inside, the more ornate the space will be and the feeling of overwhelm will be greater. 

Replace as much as possible with folding furniture and give the best possible use to chests and drawers. A good option is the use of rails in cabinets or in areas such as the dining room that will help free up space

That is why we advise you to use rails for the table, the kitchen storage area and even the bathroom. This type of system is much more practical than swing doors and will help you gain meters of space.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Use the inside of your doors

Less bulky than a dressing room or a shelf, you can use the interior walls of your doors to create new storage spaces!

Put away your tap dance, your books, your magazines or let your imagination run wild.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Use the backs of the seats

We don’t use the backs of the seats often enough, and yet they offer a multitude of possibilities for arranging and optimizing your interior.

You will be able to store pens, water bottles, umbrellas as you wish.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Hang up your remote controls

A strip of velcro stuck on a piece of furniture, a closet door or on a wall to store your remote controls. Practical, smart, and inexpensive as we like it.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Think about hooks to hang your things

Both convenient to save space, and make your interior more aesthetic, install hooks on the sides of your shelves and hang your towels, tea towels or kitchen utensils there.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Brush holders to fix your objects

Indeed, every square centimetre must be thought out and optimized to make our life easier on board a motorhome, a van, or a converted van. We suggest you attach brush holders to have your flashlights, brushes and small utensils always at hand!

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Reduce the stock of household products

We first talked about sorting, we also have to address the topic of stock reduction.

Are you taking too much hygiene and/or household products?

When it comes to hygiene, you can combine utility with ecology, by using washable and reusable products, instead of keeping stocks of squares, cotton swabs or other wipes. You can do the same for all of your household products. Reduce them to save space, a few more than enough to clean everything effectively: white vinegar, baking soda and Marseille soap for example.

Get more space in your pop-up camper: Think about outdoor storage

Here is an incomparable trick to save more space: improve the outdoor space. The storage capacity of a motorhome also depends on the presence of bars and roof boxes, for example, in order to store everything you need for your holidays.

Not to mention, of course, the bicycle racks, as well as a trunk that can still hold plenty of items for your entertainment.


We know that changes in the pop-up campers are not easy but with these little tricks, you will not need to make a major reform or spend a lot of money. It is also something that can be done quickly and more on these dates when we can dedicate a little more time thanks to the holidays. 

Applying any of these tips will increase the feeling of space and give that personal and unique touch to your travel companion.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and your own tips on improving the space in a pop-up camper!


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