How do box trucks make money? (9 ideas)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How do box trucks make money? We will share with you our best nine ideas on how you can make money with your box truck. 

How do box trucks make money?

There are countless ways to make money with a box truck. Some are more common (such as renting or advertising) while others need a more creative mind to make it work!

Here are our ideas on how to make money with a box truck quick and easy: 

  • Advertising: Companies are always in search of attractive means to promote their products or services. If you don’t have time, a simple alternative to generate extra income is to offer the advertising space on the rear glass of your box truck. 

Usually, this space is rented by the month or by the quarter with a cost of about US $ 20 and the US $ 50 respectively plus the printing of the art and its placement. What you should do is promote it among your acquaintances or companies in your area who may be interested in placing your advertising.

  • Private courier services: If you have a box truck, you can offer private courier services. You offer this exclusively to certain companies that may call you occasionally for the process of sending-delivery of documents or packages. This service is charged per order and in some cases when it requires more time than usual, a surcharge may be added for an extended time. The approximate cost of such an errand is US $ 3. See also urgent errand business.
  • Freight services. Everyone needs at some point to move a piece of furniture or furniture from one point to another. If you have a box truck, you can offer this service. You will need to get some helpers to load and unload the furniture. It is charged for the distance travelled between about $ 30 to $ 100.
  • Moving service. Similar to the previous one but with the difference that your vehicle must be of greater capacity, be it a large box truck. Additionally, it is mandatory that you accompany yourself with one or more assistants for loading and unloading depending on the volume of the applicant’s belongings. The cost of a more professional moving service ranges from $ 50 to $ 500 depending on distances and conditions.

Other creative ways to make money with your box truck

  • Deliver groceries: In today’s world, most people like to go for food deliveries instead of sitting in restaurants. The food delivery trend has become famous and many apps like Uber Eats are designed solely for that purpose. You can ask famous restaurants to see if they hire outside drivers. Since you have good storage space in a box truck, making grocery deliveries is a good option.
  • Rent your box truck: If you are busy with another job, you can still earn money from your box truck by renting it. But first of all, you need to feel comfortable enough to bring your vehicle to other people. There is a need for van services at times when people move household items or want to use them for a family trip. 
  • Retail deliveries: There are many retail stores and online businesses that require delivery services. They mostly keep in touch with some delivery services if a last-minute delivery is necessary. Large companies already have their trucking system. You can search for small businesses such as appliance stores, hardware stores, furniture stores, thrift stores, etc., that require van services to deliver the items to the customer’s home.
  • Amazon delivery program: Being one of the most famous trusted online platforms, millions of people prefer Amazon for online shopping. You can enter the Amazon delivery program which requires you to have a vehicle and a smartphone. This program is still in process and is expanding to all states. 

You can spend your free time earning some cash delivering packages from Amazon. Most drivers can earn up to $ 25 per hour, which is an incredible opportunity.

  • Home renovation business: If you are an expert in renovation projects and don’t know how to implement them without many resources, you can start one in your van. Keep all your tools and equipment in your vehicle and travel to people’s homes when hired. You can easily turn a profit by performing tasks like installing floors, tiles, and cabinets. 

Offer painting services that don’t require a lot of effort. Starting a business in your truck would save you from paying rental fees and other costs of running a business. You can make your work profile on a website that recommends you to users. This way, you can win more customers in a short time!

​​Do box trucks need authority?

Yes, box trucks need operating authority from the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to be able to cross boundaries or to carry goods for delivery purposes. 

Operating authority is a mandatory requirement for any transportation in excess of 10,000 GVW that will be or expecting to cross state lines. To do this, you will need to obtain official clearance from the USDOT. 

Thinking of running your own trucking business? If you are already a driver-owner who is working through a trucking company, you may have been thinking about applying for your own authority for a while now. 

Although there may be more risks when you are working through a company, having your own transportation authority can have many financial benefits, and it can work in your own time. In the long run, it is extremely beneficial to ask for their authority.

The 5 types of trucking authority are:

  1. Motor Carrier Authority: Businesses that transport passengers and goods for a fee require a motor carrier authority. It takes 5-7 weeks to complete a Motor Carrier (MC) authorization.
  2. Private Transportation Authority: A private transportation company gets a private transportation authority that transports its own goods, especially if the company produces or uses the goods or cargo that it transports.
  3.  Rental carrier: This authority is obtained by a company that provides transportation for the goods of other companies. That is, the cargo of the ship of the company that belongs to another company or individual and they are paid to do so. 
  4. Freight forwarder: A trucking company that is responsible for transporting goods from the point of receipt to the point of delivery by rail, motor, or water.
  5. Broker Authority: A broker is an entity that handles the transportation of goods for compensation. A broker does not transport goods but organizes a rental service to transport goods on behalf of its clients.

Obtaining your transportation authority certification is a long process. Generally, it takes between 5-7 weeks, depending on the administrative processing times. Also, note that there are many upfront costs to obtain trucking authority. There are also a substantial number of regulations and requirements for a trucking authority.

The bottom line

As you can see, there are many ways to get the most out of your box truck and get a good extra $$ that can well turn into a formal and lucrative business. The important thing is to make contacts, to know the regulations that can regulate the activity and as we have always said, a lot, a lot of creativity. Any other ideas that you can contribute to transforming your vehicle into a business?

FAQ on How do box trucks make money?

What is good mileage for a used box truck?

Good mileage for a used box truck would be under 100,000 miles for gas engines, and under 200,000 miles for diesel engines. There is no need to retire the box truck after you hit this mark, but you will, however, need to pay more attention to its maintenance and you’ll definitely take it to service more often.

​​Do box trucks need authority?

Yes, box trucks need operating authority from the Federal Motor Car Safety Administration (FMCSA) in order to be able to cross boundaries or to carry goods for delivery purposes. 

What is the most reliable box truck?

The following are the most reliable box trucks:

  • Scania
  • DAF 
  • MAN
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Iveco
  • Volvo
  • Renault
  • Isuzu
  • Nissan
  • Fuso.

How to choose a box truck?

To choose a box truck make sure you respect the following criteria:

  • Fast delivery. 
  • Reasonable costs.
  • Efficiency.
  • Security. 
  • Precision. 


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