How can I sell my caravan?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: How can I sell my caravan? We will give you the ultimate tips for selling your caravan, whether you decide to do it privately or through a dealership. 

How can I sell my caravan?

Obviously, it is easier to go through a professional to sell your caravan as plenty of dealers offer a caravan buy-back and consignment service. It is the assurance of reselling your leisure vehicle quickly, serenely and at the best price. 

Discover our complete guide to selling your caravan in the best conditions in the next sections.

Selling a caravan: the art of writing an ad

Like any item that you want to sell, you will need to create a successful ad for selling your caravan. Think about the right way to interest people looking for your travel trailer.

This starts with choosing the right price. How to get a good estimate of your caravan? By looking at the price of identical caravans. To do this, there is no secret: you have to go through the classifieds sites and compare your caravan model with other models offered by other dealers. 

It’s up to you to see if you want to line up or, in the event of strong competition, if you prefer to be a little below. You can also if you wish and if you are in no hurry, put a price slightly higher than the cost of your caravan. It will always be possible to lower it afterwards if you do not get a response.

Once you’ve chosen the price, take a few photos of the interior and exterior of your trailer. We recommend at least one photo for the front, back and each side. But also a photo of the interior as well as a photo to see the condition of the seats, bunks, equipment and galley.

Then comes the time to write the ad. Indeed, pretty pictures are not enough and it is necessary to make buyers want to come and see you. This is the purpose of the description. Do not hesitate to indicate the most important elements (model, year of purchase, condition of the body, date of repairs and of the last technical inspection, list of equipment, etc.). Obviously, it will be necessary to treat it as much as possible by avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes.

Selling a caravan: Prepare your caravan to impress buyers

We talked about taking snapshots in our first paragraph. It goes without saying that this is one of the most important elements of an effective advertisement. As long as you put the odds on your side. We still see too many hasty ads with photos that don’t showcase the vehicle.

The first thing to do is to clean your trailer from top to bottom. Both for the photoshoot and when showing your caravan. Statistics have shown that a clean vehicle sells 3 times faster than an uncleaned vehicle. Don’t forget the windows, fabrics and bodywork.

Take the opportunity to depersonalize it as much as possible. A caravan is a mobile living space. As such, it should be treated as an apartment. The advice of real estate agencies is therefore also valid for a caravan. The goal is to remove all your personal belongings to help your future buyers imagine themselves already in them.

Once this preliminary work is done, find a nice place near you to take great shots. If you have a beautiful garden with a forest or a mountain in the background, that’s great. If not, try standing by the water or near a park. Obviously, also favour a blue and cloudless sky (if possible).

Selling a caravan: Documents to provide

Does anyone show interest in your travel trailer? In this case, you will have to offer him various important documents.

Starting with the registration document for your leisure vehicle. It will also be necessary to provide proof of the technical control of fewer than 6 months if your caravan is more than 4 years old and an administrative situation certificate (also called a certificate of non-pledge) of less than 15 days.

Also, remember to keep all the repair invoices for your machine. The buyer may ask you for them if you advertise that you have changed, for example, the wheels or the body.

You will also need the certificate of transfer of a used vehicle. When selling, you will keep the first copy and give the second to the buyer.

Go through a professional to resell your caravan

Want to save time? Or are you having trouble reselling your caravan? Then trust a dealer to do it for you.

On this page we offer you various tips to maximize your chances, in order to sell your caravan at the best price and as quickly as possible. Take the following steps and follow our advice.

  1. Cleaning the vehicle: According to online statistics, a clean vehicle sells 3x faster, plus you get unique photos that will make you stand out in the ads. Wash your bodywork, do not hesitate to polish your bodywork after drying, vacuum the interior fabrics, wash the windows, the plastics of the passenger compartment etc …
  1. Choose the best location for the photos: Choose a neutral location to take a photo of your caravan, such as nature, a clean street, only your vehicle should appear in the photos. Never take your caravan in front of your home. You have to make it look like it has been used very little and doesn’t belong to anyone. Take the photos in daylight and in good weather if possible.

If, moreover, the weather is with you today, the sun can only do good for your photos because it will bring out the shine of your caravan if you have respected step 1.

  1. The different sides: Take at least 6 different photos (the free ad allows you 10): the front of the vehicle, the sidewall, the rear, the interior of the cockpit, the seats, the bunks, the galley, the equipment, etc.

How to sell ​​your caravan at the best price

The best price will be neither too high nor too low, if you are not pressed for time we recommend that you set a price slightly higher than the cost of your caravan.

Take the time to analyze your ad:

  • Number of visits to your page (a visit counter is visible on your ad)
  • Number of contacts potentially interested in your caravan

Wait at least 1 month before lowering the price of your ad if your vehicle does not sell, modifying your ad information is free, you can modify it at any time from your account.

Remember, to sell your caravan as quickly as possible, it is essential to remain as clear as possible, leave nothing to chance, if a large scratch is visible on the bodywork report it, if you have carried out repairs, specify them and indicate the date of your last technical control.

Reassure the buyer, he will naturally go to the most complete and precise announcements. Take care of the presentation and grammar of your description. Word processing tools are available from the submission page.

Final tips

The start of the calendar year is a great time to post your ad. During this period, individuals sometimes received year-end bonuses which can sometimes turn out to be quite high. In addition to vacation planning, a large investment such as a used caravan for them is often made early in the year! 

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FAQ on How can I sell my caravan?

Is now a good time to sell a caravan?

It is difficult to say if now is a good time to sell a caravan because, during the year, demand in the used market fluctuates a lot. Buyers will indeed tend to favour certain periods, in particular, to invest in a caravan, depending on their financial resources at a specific time in particular, or their plans for the year, for example.

When is it best to sell a caravan?

The start of the calendar year is a great time to post your ad. During this period, individuals sometimes received year-end bonuses which can sometimes turn out to be quite high. In addition to vacation planning, a large investment such as a used caravan for them is often made early in the year! 

How much does a caravan cost?

The costs of a caravan depend on whether they are pre-owned, new, large, luxurious, simple, etc. However, an estimate (from a used one to a new luxury one) is between $ 15,000 USD to $ 100,000 USD.

How to sell an RV for the most money?

To sell an RV for the most money you need to research the current RV market and determine what your model is worth. Once you have determined the fair market value for your RV, you will be in a better position to get the most money for it.


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