How big of a fifth wheel can a RAM 2500 pull? (explained)

In this article, we will answer the following question: How big of a fifth wheel can a RAM 2500 pull? We will discuss RAM 2500 towing capacity and whether it is possible to tow a 5th wheel trailer with a truck. 

How big of a fifth wheel can a RAM 2500 pull?

A RAM 2500 truck can tow up to 20,000 lbs (depending on the model and technical specifications). RAM 2500 trucks are ideal for small to medium-sized fifth wheels. 

Besides, this model has a factory-installed rear-axle that is ideal for fifth-wheels and/or gooseneck trailers. 

RAM 2500 Towing Capacity

ModelTechnical Specifications
Max Payload

Max Towing Capacity
RAM 2500LONE STAR6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSREG8 AUTO 4X2 Premium4,380LBS17,350LBS
RAM 2500LONE STAR6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo DieselREG8 AUTO 4X2 Standard3,060LBS20,000LBS
RAM 2500BIG HORN6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSREG8 AUTO 4X2 Premium4,380LBS17,350LBS
RAM 2500BIG HORN6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo DieselREG8 AUTO 4X2 Standard3,060LBS20,000LBS
RAM 2500LONE STAR6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSCREW6’4″AUTO 4X2 Premium3,330LBS16,960LBS
RAM 2500TRADESMAN6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSREG8 AUTO 4X2 PremiumAXLE RATIO4.103.734,380LBS17,350LBS
6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo DieselREG8 AUTO 4X2 StandardAXLE RATIO3.73
RAM 2500TRADESMAN6.7L I6 Cummins Turbo DieselCREW 8 AUTO 4X2 Standard2,530LBS20,000LBS
RAM 2500LIMITED6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSCREW6’4″ AUTO 4X2 Premium3,010LBS16,640LBS
RAM 2500LARAMIE6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSCREW6’4″ AUTO 4X2 Premium3,300LBS16,930LBS
RAM 2500LARAMIE LONGHORN6.4L V8 Heavy Duty HEMI MDSCREW6’4″ AUTO 4X2 Premium3,120LBS16,750LBS

How much does a fifth-wheel trailer weigh?

  • Unloaded, a fifth-wheel trailer weighs around 12,700 LBS.
  • The smallest fifth-wheel trailer can weigh 5,000 LBS;
  • The largest fifth-wheel trailer can weigh up to 16,000 LBS. 

Please consider that with additional equipment and luggage, a fifth-wheel trailer can weigh an additional 6,000 to 8,000 LBS. 

​​Can you pull a fifth wheel with a RAM 2500?

Fifth wheel motorhomes can only be towed by trucks, and RAM 2500 is an ideal option.  There is a special tool that technically allows a van or SUV to pull a gooseneck trailer, called an automated safety hitch. However, since fifth wheels are very heavy, they will most likely be more than a load of a van or SUV trailer.

The basics of towing a fifth wheel with a RAM 2500

Before connecting your trailer or fifth wheel to your RAM 2500, there are too many things to consider.

  1. First, you need to know the trailer load. The towing capacity of your vehicle is determined by a few factors.
  • The GVWR is the gross weight of the RAM 2500 The gross car weight rating is a measure of the weight of your tow car when you add all the cargo and people in the tow car, as well as the starting weight of your tow car.
  • GAWR is the gross axle weight. The gross axle weight rating is a measure of how much weight you can put on the front and rear axles. There are different gross axle weights for each axle. You must consider the weight of everything you are going to put in the vehicle, thus the weight of everything you are going to tow.
  • GTW is the gross trailer weight. Gross trailer weight is a measure of what your trailer can safely carry along with its original weight.
  • TW is the weight of the tongue. Tongue weight is a measure of the downward power it can exert on the rear of the tow vehicle with the load it is towing like a fifth-wheel trailer.

This measurement is overly dependent on how you place the load or load on the trailer or fifth wheel, and you must pay close attention to the weight of the tongue to maintain control of the tow truck.

Ideally, the tongue weight should be around 10% to 15% of the gross trailer weight.

If you know the Gross Truck Weight Rating (GVWR), Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), Gross Trailer Weight (GTW), and Tongue Weight (TW), you can safely and accurately understand whether your El Tractor truck may or may not be successful. 

Final thoughts

Most people ask if they can pull a fifth wheel with a RAM 2500 because they have a large family with extra cargo and it is difficult to put everything in a truck. Here are out final tips on how to gain even more space and to make the best of your trip:

  • You can purchase a wagon with bench seating for up to seven people (four in the rear area and three in the front area, one between the driver and passenger seats). You’ll be in a bit of a rush and there’s not much room for extra luggage like suitcases or removable coolers.
  • You can place a sleeping cabin inside the rear area of ​​the truck. This will reduce the area occupied by the truck (other than that you won’t have to worry as much about the gooseneck when using the automatic slip clutch), but it will increase the number of seats you can have.
  • A sleeping cabin is just an accessory that slides into the end of your truck’s cab, which can accommodate three or four extra seats. Access to the sleeping cabin is limited, but there is more space for backpacks, coolers and children. Also, the front space is given away.
  • A cabin to sleep the most possible is that it will cost around $ 2,500 and you will have to make payments for a professional installation.
  • You can also buy a six-door RAM truck. Six-door trucks are more expensive, but they are usable in the market, so no adjustments are necessary. They are also bigger, so you need more freedom of action.
  • If your family is very large, you can consider two cars, the RAM 2500 (only four seats) can pull the load and another car (most likely a wagon or SUV) can go with the remaining family and the extra load.

Regardless of what you decide, be sure to determine your RAM’s towing capacity, such as its gross weight rating (GVWR), gross axle weight rating (GAWR), gross trailer weight (GTW), and vehicle tongue weight (TW). 

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FAQ on How big of a fifth wheel can a Ram 2500 pull?

How much can a truck tow? 

A half-ton pickup (or midsize AWD SUV) can haul around 5,000 pounds. Uneven trucks have unequal weight classes and unequal tow bars have unequal weight classes. Therefore, check your vehicle’s towing limitations. 

Does my RAM 2500 use more gas when towing a fifth wheel? 

A vehicle that tows or carries a heavy load consumes more fuel. Pulling the fifth wheel of an SUV or pickup instead of a truck consumes more fuel just because pulling the heavier weight it wasn’t necessarily built for is more difficult. Trucks are designed to handle heavier weights.

Can a 1/2 ton truck pull a 5th wheel camper?

Yes, a ½ ton truck could pull a 5th wheel camper, but for this type of motorhome, we would suggest going higher. 


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