105 Funny RV names (you will love)

In this blog post, we chose the funniest 105 RV names that we could think about. Please have a read and let us know in the comments which one is your favourite!

Finding Funny RV names

Finding funny RV names is a quest that we took very seriously.  You may ask “why should I name my RV, in the first place?” Well, I am glad you asked, because, naming your RV has the following benefits:

  • It creates a special connection between yourself and your new (motor)home;
  • Your RV becomes like a family member or closer friend;
  • It is easier to show gratitude towards the whole experience.

Why shouldn’t we name our RV? It is a fun and common practice!

15 Funny RV names

  1. Waltzing Matilda 
  2. Empty nest
  3. Movin ‘and Groovin’
  4. The rolling palace
  5. No-lookin-back
  6. Keepin’-the-dream-alive
  7. Caravan of Courage
  8. Rest for a while
  9. Sleepy Doo
  10. Groovin ‘Along
  11. Cheering it on
  12. Caravan fever
  13. Adventure before dementia
  14. Doin’ it-our-way
  15. Jean-Claude-Van-Dam

20 Original RV names to inspire you

  1. United States of a Caravan
  2. Goodbye
  3. Taking the slow way
  4. I will see you there
  5. Sea-breeze
  6. Mansion on the road
  7. Home Sweet Home
  8. The last resort
  9. Rarely Inn
  10. It’s our dream
  11. Following our dreams
  12. Follow your dreams
  13. Spend our children’s inheritance
  14. Vicky VIscount
  15. Evie Evertude
  16. Did-ya-bring-a-beer-along
  17. Surf Sol Arena
  18. Fun in the sun
  19. Pack-up-your-troubles
  20. Born free.

30 Excellent RV names

  1. Enjoy the moment
  2. Coming off the sidewalk
  3. Flying the blow
  4. Blackmail
  5. This is living
  6. I got the ball rolling
  7. Roughing
  8. Dynamite
  9. Adventure-van
  10. We-love-our-van
  11. Luvin-our-holiday
  12. Homemade happiness
  13. The Jolly Tom
  14. See you later
  15. The big one
  16. Happy-campers
  17. Get out there
  18. The long haul
  19. Home away from home
  20. Far from home
  21. Looking-for-Aventura
  22. We’ve-been-everywhere
  23. On tour
  24. Travellers
  25. Dream-travellers
  26. Tin-haven
  27. Flower Power 
  28. I love the 70s
  29. Gertridge
  30. Harvey RV

40 Clever RV names

  1. Sweet ride
  2. Bucket list
  3. Myrtle the Turtle
  4. Gypsy Girl
  5. Miss Minooka
  6. We-sleep-around
  7. Trash truck
  8. Big nasty
  9. College fund
  10. Mrs. Bee Haven
  11. Connie the Condominium on wheels
  12. ‘RV Maria’
  13. Jolene
  14. Midnight Rattlesnake
  15. RV there still
  16. Happy-days-new-night
  17. The rolling Stone
  18. Shake the rattle and roll
  19. Magic Bus
  20. Thrill-seekers
  21. CousinEddie 
  22. Itinerant home
  23. Go nowhere slowly
  24. KarenVan
  25. Robin van Persie
  26. Van Morrison
  27. Dick Van Dyke
  28. The long and windy road
  29. Camper-can
  30. Nanny Retreat
  31. Miss B Haven
  32. Hoof hearted
  33. Rusty D!
  34. Life
  35. The flying nomad 
  36. The city is gone
  37. The Bionic Van
  38. The Rider of Peace”
  39. Taj Mahaul
  40.  Plan “B”.

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RVs, there is something for all tastes and all budgets. As a result, you can easily find a shoe that fits … But you still have to start off on the right foot! The budget should not be the first criterion, in fact, the RV is not the most economical solution for travelling. 

Beyond its purchase price and the significant depreciation that will affect it (even more than for a car), it is necessary to take into account the camping pitches, which are sometimes expensive, insurance as well as the costs of maintenance, repairs and storage. 

When choosing an RV, it is best to consider its interests and the intended use of it first and foremost.

There is no such thing as the ideal leisure vehicle: the disadvantages of one become the advantages of the other and vice versa. While some find what they are looking for for a few thousand dollars with a second-hand tent-trailer, others invest up to $ 2.5 million in a Prévost, the equivalent of the private jet among motorhomes! 

Did you give a name to your RV? Don’t hesitate to share your ideas for funny RV names with us and the other readers!