Does the Travato have a bathroom?

Does the Travato have a bathroom?

Yes, the Winnebago Travato B class does have a bathroom, which is called a wet bath

At first glance, the Travato bathroom looks like a unit closet accessory, almost impossible to fit into the interior. The truth of the matter is that class B RV bathrooms have come a long way in functionality, space, and construction. But what is a wet bath?!

Wet baths are considered “bath and shower combos” and are mostly found in smaller RVs, like the Travato. Both features, along with a sink, are encased in a small room that is meant to get completely soaked but can also be quickly cleaned.

A dry bathroom, on the other hand, includes a separate shower room from the toilet and sink.

Due to the compact nature of Class B motorhomes, the bathroom is usually a wet bathroom. However, with the ever-evolving world of RV manufacturing, there are two Class B models in North America with dry toilets. These two models are the Arriva from Coach House and the Era 70M from Winnebago. Both class B RV restrooms are located at the rear of each unit.

How are the Travato bathrooms?

Travato bathrooms are very tight and can feel quite claustrophobic for some RVs.

Rather than submit to the confines of their wet bathroom, some RVers choose to use the campground’s shower facilities. Each class B RV bathroom is created differently, and the arrangements may not allow space for the user to get up and shower. The sink can protrude far enough to sit and rinse.

In addition to not wanting to use the small space, the RVer may be trying to conserve water if a sewer hitch is not an option at camp. Many Class B holding tanks are less than 40 gallons. Taking a shower in this case, regardless of whether conservation measures are taken, could quickly fill the grey tank.

Companies are trying to find innovative ways to make more space in these tight spaces.

Finding creative ways to use a small space is the name of the game with many class B motorhome manufacturers. Hearing what customers want is a quick and easy way to start making modifications and improvements.

Advanced RV did this when one of their RV clients came up with concerns about their class B RV bathroom. The RV couple wanted to use their wet bathroom regularly but were having difficulty manoeuvring inside to shower.

Not only did the advanced caravan increase the width of the bathroom space by two inches, but it also added a Dutch door and an extendable shower curtain rod. When someone uses the shower, the lower part of the Dutch door remains closed while the upper part is left open.

A rod, which acts as an extender for the shower curtain, pushes the curtain out past the top door opening allowing more room for the upper body and elbows. The video that follows illustrates these modifications.

There are other ways that Class B motorhome manufacturers have addressed customer comfort concerns.

The Winnebago Promenade, for example, used a folding lavatory and tambourine door on a rounded track. These modifications allowed for more bathroom square footage and overall manoeuvrability. A few designs like these create a practical and comfortable space to carry out daily routines.

How to clean the Travato bathroom?

Wet bathrooms are meant to get wet, but also to be cleaned in a jiffy. Using products like a squeegee and a microfiber towel makes cleaning the entire room a quick project. It is also advisable to turn on the bathroom fan in the Class B motorhome to help ventilate and dry the space more quickly.

One little thing that many Class B homeowners suggest using in a wet bathroom is a wooden rug. They are placed a few inches off the ground and provide sufficient drainage with the slates separated. Wood rugs are not slippery. Also, using a carpet made of cedar prevents the growth of mould and mildew.

PS: Storing bathroom items in the small space requires a bit of creative thinking!

Are the Winnebago Travato worth it?

Winnebago is known for making motorhomes that are both comfortable and durable. The Winnebago Travato is sure to bring you both.

Although most Class B motorhomes have a small bed for two and a dining area for one person, the Winnebago Travato has a dining table for two, a bench seat and a queen-size bed to enhance your comfort while travelling.

The kitchen inside this motorhome has a small folding sink, a small stove, fridge and freezer, and a small convection microwave.

To store all your food and dishes, the Winnebago Travato also comes with a top cabinet and a small pantry!

And the last thing the Travato needs? A bathroom!

Step into the wet bath toilet and shower combination! If you’ve never used a wet bath before, it’s sure to add a bit more variety to your camping or travel experience.

Winnebago Travato is the best-selling Class B motorhome in the United States and Winnebago improves the interior especially with the 2021 model year. In addition, the roof and wall insulation are improved and the motorhome is equipped with Coleman MACH 10 NDQ silent air conditioning. 

And small updates such as Anything Keepers carry boxes, a mesh storage container for smartphones, tablets or books and glasses above the beds are also new components of the 2021 model’s cabin. Outside there are wider running boards for the Travato with a non-slip rubber profile on Ram aluminium rails and the Winnebago Travato 2021 is expected to cost at least 130,500 US dollars.


The Travato has a real bathroom with a real shower, a real sink and a real toilet. This is good news for most travellers and it will really make their journey easier.

On a final note, we wanted to highlight the importance of properly cleaning and maintaining your RV bathroom. Chemical baths are necessary to break down the sewage and prevent the formation of unpleasant odours in the camping tub. 

When products such as Aqua-Kem or  Enviro-Chem are poured into the toilet along with fresh water, this helps the camping bowl maintain odour control and helps break down waste and toilet paper from the tank, making it easier to empty the tank when it is full.

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 FAQ on Does the Travato have a bathroom?

Do Class B motorhomes have bathrooms?

While not all Class B motorhomes have bathrooms, you can count on many vans that have fitted a small bathroom (sink, toilet, shower), which are usually called wet bath. 

Which Class B RV has the biggest bathroom?

The Galleria Class B RV has the biggest bathroom in the class, with over 68 cubic feet of space. 

How much does a Winnebago Travato cost?

The Winnebago Travato 2021 is expected to cost at least 130,500 US dollars.

What is the smallest RV with a bathroom?

Here is a list of the smallest RVs with a bathroom: 

  • Airstream Bambi and Airstream Basecamp;
  • Forest River R-Pod;
  • Winnebago Micro Mini;
  • 16′ Casita Deluxe Spirit.
  • Scamp 13′ Deluxe.


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