Does R&R make good trailers?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Does R&R make good trailers?’ We will discuss the types of R&R trailers along with their features and specifications. We will also talk about the advantages of R&R trailers. At the end of this post, you will get to know all about R&R trailers and their unique features.

Does R&R make good trailers?

Yes, R&R makes good trailers. R&R makes quality aluminum trailers that are built to last long. These trailers have a high reputation due to their long-lasting structure and hard frame. R&R trailers are also highly recommended by most customers. R&R has various trailer models and they arrive in different sizes.

Types of R&R trailers

There are different types of R&R trailers and these trailers are built for various needs. All trailers are built with aluminum for a rust-free experience. The frame of these trailers is built with strong and sturdy material. Below are the types of R&R trailers described below.

Snowmobile trailers

The aluminum snowmobile trailers are one of the elite trailers manufactured by R&R. These hybrid aluminum trailers have incredible features and specifications. They are perfect for hauling and are perfect for snowmobiles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and quads. These trailers have extra width and are lightweight. Here are some of the specs listed below.

  • Aluminum box tube frame
  • 20 ARC electric brakes
  • Side vents
  • 12-inch radial tires
  • Screw-less side metal
  • 3/4-inch rain black floor
  • 3/8 – inch rain block kickplate
  • Spring assists rear ramp door
  • LED marker lights and tail lights
  • Aluminum cambars
  • ATP stone guard

These trailers also arrive with a 10-year frame warranty and there are various sizes available. R&R also has various Snowmobile trailer models that are available. Some of the notable snowmobile trailers from R&R are the ARC series, Power Sport Deluxe series, Slasher & elite series, and the Snow Fire series.

Motorcycle trailers

R&R trailers have some of the best motorcycle trailers and there are mainly two series. The ARC series and the OMC series. These trailers have a lightweight design and they are easy to haul. The ARC series arrive in three different sizes to choose from. The OMC series is built for transporting motorcycles with a chariot-style front stone guard.

  • 15-inch aluminum wheels with radial tires
  • Nitrogen-filled tires
  • Dexter torsion axle
  • ATP aluminum fenders
  • Aluminum plank floor
  • LED tail lights
  • HD D-rings
  • Front locking access door
  • ATP stone guard
  • Side vents
  • Interior lights
  • Fuel door and more.

R&R trailers always stick to quality and they ensure to have some of their unique features included in most of their trailers. Both R&R’s motorcycle trailers have a ramp that is spacious enough to get your bike on top. These trailers are easy to maneuver and there are various add-ons like the RV side door and more.

Car haulers

The car haulers are manufactured by R&R and are one of the top-selling trailers. They arrive with an all-aluminum frame and an affordable price. R&R has two types of car haulers, the CHA series, which is an open car hauler, and the VECH series, which is an enclosed hauler. Here are some of the features of these trailers listed below.

  • All-aluminum tube construction
  • HD D-rings
  • 6-inch ramps for stone guard protection
  • 16-inch cross members
  • 2 5/16-inch coupler
  • Chrome hubcaps
  • Dexter torsion axles
  • HD ramp door
  • LED interior lights
  • ATP stone guard
  • Nitrogen filled tires
  • Aluminum camp bars
  • Forced air side vents
  • 16-inch wall centers
  • Rear loading light

The CHA car hauler series is available in five sizes and several add-ons are available. You can opt for an A-frame toolbox, stabilizer jacks, LED marker lights, 12V powered tongue jack, triple axel, and more. These are premium car haulers that are built to withstand the weight and excessive wear and tear.

Cargo trailers

R&R has some of the best cargo trailers that are available on the market. These trailers have been a class apart from their competitors, especially with their incredibly strong body and aluminum frame. They have unique features and arrive in four different series. Below are some of the key specifications of the R&R cargo trailers.

  • Full V-nose flat front
  • RV side door with piano hinges
  • White luan ceiling backer
  • 24-inch cross members
  • 16-inch sidewall cross members
  • Two-tone with bright anodized stripe
  • Smooth aluminum fender
  • Galvalume roof options
  • Nitrogen filled tires
  • Dexter torsion axels
  • 15-inch radial tires
  • ATP front stone guard

These cargo trailers have some of the best key features and there are various add-ons that can be purchased. There are roof AC and awning options and you can also get additional height and air vents. There are four R&R cargo trailers, the force elite series, the force series, the VDC platinum series, and the VDC series.

Utility trailers

The Utility trailers from R&R are one of those fast-moving trailers. These aluminum trailers are built for everyday needs and they are durable and rugged. They come with marine-grade plywood decking that can be removed when necessary. These trailers are perfect for those who want to load and carry their stuff around like wood, stones, metal, etc.

  • All aluminum tube construction
  • Dexter adjustable electric brakes (Tandem axle models only)
  • EZ lube hubs
  • 3/4-inch treated plywood floor
  • Removable 3 board wood sides
  • Stake pockets
  • LED taillights
  • 3/4-inch LED marker lights
  • 4 D-rings
  • Tongue jack
  • 15-inch radial tires with powder-coated steel rims
  • Chrome hubcaps
  • Removable wood tailgate

Those were some of the standard features that arrive with all the R&R utility trailer models. They also have a tilt bed with a full ramp, bi-fold ramp, and slide-out ramps. Different sizes are available and these sizes can be purchased according to your requirements. With add-on options, these utility trailers are the best from R&R.

Quad / ATV trailers

R&R also has hybrid quad trailer models that are available. There are mainly two models, the ARC series and the QT series.  The ARC series arrives in three different sizes. Both models are lightweight and durable. Below are some of the key specs for R&R’s quad / ATV trailers.

  • EZ lube hubs
  • Electric brakes
  • Nitrogen-filled tires
  • Hold down bars
  • Tongue jacks
  • ATP stone guard
  • Front locking access door
  • Electric brakes options
  • RV side door, and more.

Advantages of R&R trailers

There are various advantages of R&R trailers but one of their biggest advantages is the strong aluminum frame and structure. Here are some of the advantages of purchasing R&R trailers.

Various sizes

  • One of the other major advantages of R&R trailers is that they have various sizes. You get to choose from the smallest to the biggest based on your requirements.

Plenty of options

  • R&R trailers are not just normal trailers, they arrive with plenty of options to choose from. These trailers have been successful for decades together.

Spare parts

  • There other good news is that R&R trailers have spare parts. You can easily submit an inquiry and have the particular part shipped to you if needed.

Custom trailer options

  • If you are looking for a particular size and shape, R&R is sure to have you covered. With their custom trailer options, you get to design and build your trailer according to your preference.

Direct purchase

When you purchase a trailer from R&R, you will be purchasing it directly from the manufacturer itself. R&R trailers have no middleman. Hence, you can get a high price on a top-selling trailer brand.

R&R trailers have been manufactured since 1994 and they have built a strong reputation over the years. These trailers are strong, versatile, low-maintenance, and rust-free. There is no need to worry about leaving your trailer in the rain. R&R trailers also arrive in a reasonable price range as they are not too expensive.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Does R&R make good trailers?’ We have discussed the types of R&R trailers along with their features and specifications. We have also talked about the advantages of R&R trailers. Leave us a comment below and let us know if you own an R&R trailer.


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