Do you need a generator for a pop-up camper? (the best 5)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Do you need a generator for a pop-up camper? We will then review the best five generators for a pop-up camper that currently exist on the market.

Do you need a generator for a pop-up camper?

It is not mandatory to have a generator for a pop-up camper, but if you will need more power to run the electrical appliances, you may want a reliable generator for your camper. 

When choosing a generator for your camper, there are a few essential things to keep in mind:

  1. Choose a portable model or one with a handle. Not only to be able to easily transport or remove your generator from the place of life but also to be able to fix it to an anti-theft device during the night. All security is good to take in nature.
  1. Think about the volume of the tank. The larger the capacity of the tank, the less you will need to refill it. This reduces the number of operations, the risks when filling, splashing in the middle of the night.
  1. Choose a model from a brand that has proven itself. A good brand will guarantee you good reliability of your generator as well as sufficient after-sales service to replace a defective part.

The 5 best generators for a pop-up camper

You won’t always have the cash to pay for expensive hookups, so the best thing to do is get a reliable generator. As one of our most comprehensive and in-depth buying guides and rigorously hand-picked products, we’ve laid out all the questions you might have about the best generator, right down to more minor maintenance issues. 

Westinghouse WGen3600 Generator for a pop-up camper

Offering superior run capabilities and a generously sized tank, this unit helps you keep everything running smoothly and smoothly throughout your trip. 

Twelve hours of run time on a four-gallon tank is fine, but the gas gauge is painful; it’s a little flawed, so it can register 50%. % When it is in fact 75%. 100, and so on. You’ll want to bring extra gasoline and buy a tester to check the depth of the gas if you can’t see it visually. Ultimately, a tank is going to run out of gas anyway, but that’s still a downside.

12-hour battery lifeMeets EPA, CARB and CSA standards3,600 in operation / 4,650 peakComes with a four-gallon gas tank
Built to last for decades with proper care
Malleable frame construction, which will lead to bumps and dents along the way.
The fuel gauge can be misleading; it is always better to refuel.

DuroStar DS7000Q generator for a pop-up camper

The DuroStar DS7000Q model hits the silver scene, bringing excellent runtime to eight hours of runtime from a four-gallon tank. The tank doesn’t have a fuel gauge, so you won’t know what’s going on inside until it drains.

Eight-hour battery life4000 starting up / 3300 runningFour-gallon gas tankStop function in case of low oil level
Excellent price
Fuel gauge not included
Requires a few start attempts; poor quality ignition

Yamaha EF5500D Generator for a pop-up camper

Yamaha has been one of the most trusted brands in America, constantly increasing their quality to unimaginable levels over the years. You get a 1.1-gallon tank on this device, but it chose to give you 10.5 hours of continuous runtime (which is an insane report). This efficiency is due to their Smart Throttle technology, which helps reduce fuel consumption while maintaining efficiency where you need it.

2000 starting / 1600 running
Complies with CARB and EPA standards
Works quieter than a normal one-to-one conversation
The smart throttle function helps you save fuel over time.
Built-in sturdy Yamaha; one of the best built on this list
Extremely high cost of wattage
Holds only a 1.1-gallon tank

Honda Eu2000i RV Generator for a pop-up camper

In terms of size, it’s extremely portable and light, so there won’t be a need for a team of two to put it in the perfect spot. With this small size, it runs very quietly. You could fall asleep with it like white noise in the background. 

Honda is one of those brands that deliver quality over quantity, making it a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to get ten years of use out of it and use it as an RV generator, as well as in the event of an emergency when you’re not on the road.

8.1 hours of battery life
2000 starting / 1600 running
Lightweight and portable.
Quiet operation
The most reliable backup power used during Hurricane Irma is designed to last all year round.
High cost/power ratio
Gallon gas tank.

Champion Global Power Equipment 3100 Watts Inverter for a pop-up camper

Portable and powerful are a tough cocktail to mix, but Champion has done it right with a stellar unit that features durable, long-lasting off-road wheels to help with handling. 

This dual fuel unit allows you to use gasoline or propane, making it easy to store propane cans in an emergency. 

This electric starter has a three-position ignition switch and an included battery, so you can be sure that you have just one click to get things going. Although they claim it is “ultra-quiet”, this is far from true; it is much louder than what they say. There are two types of noise with generators: mechanical and electrical, and it’s quite loud for both reasons.

3,400 on start-up / 3,100 on
Three-year warranty with free lifetime technical support
7.5 hours of battery life

Uses gasoline or propane, yet is easy to refuel.
Can connect to your pre-existing RV electrical system.
High price tag
59db, but it’s much louder than that.

Final thoughts

The generator in an RV basically consists of an electric winding driven by an internal combustion engine, diesel, gasoline or gas, capable of producing alternating current. The type of fuel will be determined primarily by the fuel used in your vehicle’s main engine. In the case of fifth wheels, a very popular option is those fueled by propane gas.

You may be wondering: Do I really need a generator for my pop-up camper? The answer to this question is quite personal, as it will depend on what your intentions are, but also on how much energy you are going to consume. Our last tip is to sit and try to understand what your needs are and whether you will manage without a generator on the board of your fifth wheel.

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FAQ on Do you need a generator for a pop-up camper?

What is a sound level taken into account for generators?

Most generators will operate between 45 and 70 dB, mimicking the sounds of a moderate suburb or a series of semi-high conversations in a restaurant. 

What is an Inverter generator for a camper?

Inverter generators are an improvement over standard mechanical generators. Your normal generator would use fuel and convert it to the alternating current through an alternator. 

With an inverter generator, you focus on more than just transferring energy. Inverter generators have a greater amount of electronic components, which makes them a little more expensive, but ultimately better equipment.

Can I plug in multiple camper generators at the same time?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you are travelling with a big party, or if you have a big family, you are going to go through a lot of trouble. Buying a few small generators along the way may be more beneficial than buying on a large scale, but can also save you fuel in the long run, depending on circumstances and model types.


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