Do truck toppers affect gas mileage?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Do truck toppers affect gas mileage?” We will also discuss the benefits of truck toppers. Furthermore, we will talk about the top-five truck toppers that are available in the market, along with their unique features and key specifications.

Do truck toppers affect gas mileage?

No, truck toppers do not affect gas mileage. Truck toppers are believed to improve gas mileage or retain the same mileage. Yet, this depends on the weight of the truck topper. If the truck topper is too heavy without proper aerodynamics, there can be a slight dip in the mileage, but it does not create an impact since it will not be on a large scale.

Based on research, lightweight truck toppers can save around 0.04 gallons of fuel every day if driven at 65 miles per hour every 20 minutes. Lightweight truck toppers are common and are built to suit the size of each truck. The weight of the truck topper is also based on the capacity of the payload and the truck’s size.

Benefits of truck toppers

Truck toppers have several benefits apart from just the increased fuel efficiency. Truck toppers reduce wind drag which helps to maintain speed when driving against the wind. Thus, leading to increased fuel efficiency. Here are some of the other benefits of truck toppers described below.

Extra securing and more storage space

  • One of the significant benefits of a truck topper is that they provide extra security. Trucks are always used to transport loads from one place to another. With the help of a truck topper, you can store all your cargo and keep them safe since it is covered. You can always lock your cargo safely with a truck topper.
  • Truck toppers also provide more storage options. It is impossible to store cargo in the open and not worry about it getting stolen. A truck topper will surely benefit you from storing extra cargo since it acts as a roof with extra protection.

Extra protection

  • A truck topper also provides extra protection for the truck bed. This will help in preventing damage to the truck bed and also help in preventing discolouration and rust. There is no need to worry about dust and other elements that can damage the pickup truck bed.
  • There is no need to worry about carrying electronics or transporting only items that are only suitable for outdoors. It will also protect you from thieves by keeping all your gear safe. 

Creates an enclosed space

  • Truck toppers help create an enclosed space, which can be used for various benefits. You can easily convert this into a sleeping space or transport your pets from one place to another. It provides a safe place to stay while camping outdoors.

It helps to convert your truck into a camper

  • This is one of the biggest benefits for those who are unable to afford a campervan. A truck topper can help you quickly convert a truck into a small camper. With a few alterations, you can easily use your truck to camp in various locations. All you need to do is add a sleeping bag or build a small bed to sleep comfortably.
  • Truck toppers have upholstery and are built for tough climatic conditions. You can also purchase an air mattress and add a few other items to help you go on an off-grid camping experience.

It gives your truck a better appearance

  • Another huge benefit is that truck toppers can transform your truck’s appearance by providing a better look. You can easily get a customized truck topper to match your vehicle. 
  • You can add racks and windows and develop the interior design to suit your requirements. Overall, truck campers look decent and instantly improve your truck’s look.
  • Those were some of the benefits of truck toppers. The latest truck toppers arrive with the best technology to give you the best. They are one of the best options, primarily if you transport cargo often. Truck toppers are also not too expensive, and they arrive at a reasonably decent price with several benefits.

5 best truck toppers

The market is saturated with multiple truck toppers everywhere. However, these are some of the best truck toppers that are known to last long. These truck toppers do not compromise on quality and are reasonable in price. They are also versatile and provide enough protection and storage options. Here are The top five truck toppers described below.

Leer truck toppers

  • Leer truck toppers are no doubt one of the best, and they are known to deliver top-quality products. Leer has manufactured top-quality fibreglass truck toppers for ultimate protection. Leer is also known for their retractable tonneau covers.
  • These truck toppers arrive in various sizes, including cab-high, mid, and high-rise variants. They provide 15 percent more space than the usual truck toppers. There are customizable options, including XL-sized truck toppers.

Line X truck toppers

  • Line X truck toppers are high-quality truck toppers with premium features. These exclusive toppers come with some of the best features and specifications. Line X has a wide range of truck toppers like the elite topper, sports topper, scout topper, and high sports topper. Each of these toppers arrives with unique features.
  • Line X truck toppers have interior lighting, integrated T-Tracks, rack systems, skirted sides, and insulated roofs. You can also get personalized options and custom-fit designs. One of the major benefits is that they offer a lifetime end-to-end warranty.
  • You can design your truck topper to match your truck bed. There are options for skirted sides, curved rear glass, and frameless rear doors. The commercial toppers have fortified aluminium base rails for mounting.

Outlander truck toppers

  • Just as the name describes, Outlander manufactures some of the best versatile truck toppers. These are soft truck toppers, and they have distinct features. One of the best parts of these truck toppers is their weatherproof design with vinyl-coated canvas. These are UV-protected and come with a built-in tailgate flap to prevent elements.
  • Outlander truck toppers are equipped with quick-release bows and they allow the frame to move forward. These bows and storage straps help to keep the topper in place even when traveling at high speed. The installation is simple, and it arrives with extruded clamps. There is no need to drill the truck box.

Flated truck toppers

  • Flated truck toppers are also one of those recognized brands that offer mid and full-size truck toppers. These are air toppers that are built to match the full-size short bed, full-size standard beds, and full-size long bed trucks. These truck toppers can fit most of the latest 5.5 feet short beds and 6.5 feet beds.
  • These truck toppers’ key features are the privacy-tinted rear and side windows. These windows can be rolled up or even removed if necessary. Flated truck toppers can be folded up and stored with ease. 
  • They have a convenient backpack with maximum space-saving options. The best part is that they weigh only 60 pounds.

Radco truck toppers

  • If you are looking for something affordable, these truck toppers are one of the best. Radco truck toppers are not affordable, but they are also strong. The company also manufactures truck topper lifters and various accessories. There are fiberglass toppers that arrive with a custom-fit design on most models.
  • These toppers have insulated roofs with interior dome lights and recessed LED third brake lighting. It also has fiberglass base rails for structural integrity.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Do truck toppers affect gas mileage?” We have also discussed the benefits of truck toppers. Furthermore, we have talked about the top-five truck toppers that are available in the market, along with their unique features and key specifications.


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