Do Tesco petrol stations sell Adblue?

In this blog post, we will answer the question: “Do Tesco petrol stations sell Adblue?” We will discuss the benefits of using Adblue and talk about a few tips to store Adblue safely. Additionally, we will talk about the steps to refill Adblue and list out a few extra tips to consider when it comes to using Adblue.

Do Tesco petrol stations sell Adblue?

Yes, Tesco petrol stations sell Adblue. Most of the petrol stations in the UK sell Adblue and they are available in portable containers. You can also refill the Adblue tank with canisters or bottles. Finding Adblue is pretty easy and you can also stock up with the portable bottles that are sold at petrol stations.

Finding Adblue is easy and there are many ways to purchase them. One of the easiest ways to find Adblue is by visiting the website This will help you to find the nearest petrol station that offers Adblue. If you are in the middle of a trip, the best way is to check online for Adblue stations on the route.

Benefits of using Adblue

Adblue is synthetic urea and it helps by turning nitrogen oxide into harmless steam and nitrogen. Adblue is stored in a separate tank just like fuel and can be used only for vehicles that run on diesel. Most vehicles that have larger engines prefer to use Adblue. Here are some of the benefits of using Adblue.

Helps reduce harmful emissions

  • One of the biggest advantages of Adblue is that it helps to reduce harmful emissions. Adblue gets transferred from the tank to the exhaust gas flow and it reacts with nitrogen oxide.
  • The purpose of Adblue is to break down the harmless oxygen and nitrogen that enters the air.
  • Adblue reduces the large number of NOx particles that are usually emitted from exhaust emissions.
  • Adblue is also helpful in contributing to global warming by preventing harmful emissions that enter the atmosphere.

It is good for the environment

  • Adblue is perfect for the environment as it has a minimum risk for transportable fluids.
  • It prevents diesel vehicles from causing further damage.
  • Adblue is environmentally friendly and it is highly recommended for diesel vehicles in the UK.
  • NOx is present in diesel vehicles and is one of the major issues for atmospheric pollution. Adblue helps to reduce NOx and is environmentally safe.

Adblue uses SCR technology

  • Adblue is combined with the SCR technology and it transforms nearly 85 percent of NOx.
  • SCR technology is known as “Selective Catalytic Reduction.” This is a post-combustion treatment technology that is specific for diesel vehicles.
  • Adblue decomposes into ammonia and then into carbon dioxide. At present, most diesel cars are equipped with SCR technology and they arrive with separate Adblue tanks for this purpose.
  • It is easy to find out if your vehicle is equipped with SCR technology. Your vehicle has Adblue written on the tank of your car near the diesel tank filler neck.
  • You can also refer to the vehicle’s owner manual or contact the place where you purchased your vehicle.

It can be purchased in bulk

  • Large diesel vehicles require a decent amount of Adblue. The good news is that you can purchase Adblue in bulk and keep it stored since it is a regular requirement.
  • Adblue is sold in a variety of containers and they come in different sizes. There are large and small containers that can be purchased according to your needs.
  • From huge drums for large vehicles and small cans for cars, you can easily purchase Adblue in bulk and stock them up.

Tips to store Adblue

Storing Adblue safely and securely is important. Adblue is non-toxic and non-flammable, but it is still required to keep this solution in a safe place. Here are a few tips to store Adblue safely.

  • To prevent Adblue from leakages, you must always store them in a double-skinned container.
  • Be sure to store Adblue in tanks that are specifically designed for Adblue storage. These tanks are built to protect the solution from any accidental damages.
  • Ensure to store Adblue at the right temperate. You cannot store Adblue in extreme heat or extreme cold. The normal temperature to store Adblue must be between 0 to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Never store Adblue in direct sunlight since it can cause damage. It is also good to avoid storing Adblue at freezing temperatures below 11 degrees Celsius.
  • Adblue can also leave stains and make the floor slippery.

It is essential to store Adblue safely since it protects the environment. On the other hand, extreme temperatures will only decontaminate the solution. Hence, it is required to keep the Adblue high quality to perform better. You can easily stock up on Adblue and keep it for months together before using it for your vehicle.

Steps to refill Adblue

There will be a time that you need to refill Adblue for your vehicle. Usually, you will get a light flashing and it blinks once you have crossed 2,400 km. Once you get the Adblue light warning, ensure to refill the Adblue immediately. Here are the steps that need to be followed to refill Adblue in your vehicle.

Find the Adblue tank

  • The first step is to find the Adblue tank. This tank will be beneath the bonnet or near the diesel filler cap. If you are still unable the find the Adblue tank, be sure to refer to the owner’s manual to locate the tank.

Fix an anti-spill nozzle

  • Once you have located the Adblue tank, you will need to fix an anti-spill nozzle to the Adbllue container. You can also use a funnel by placing it on the Adblue tank opening to avoid the liquid from spilling. This is important because refilling Adblue to the tank can be tricky and you don’t want to waste any liquid.

Refill the tank

  • The next step is the pour the liquid into the tank with the help of an anti-spill nozzle or a funnel. Ensure to refill the tank until it is full.

Reset the dashboard

  • You might need to reseat the dashboard in some vehicles to stop the Adblue warning light from blinking. The easy way to find out is to refer to the owner’s manual. In most vehicles, there will be no need to reset the dashboard light.

Do not start the vehicle immediately

  • It is advised not to start the vehicle immediately right after refilling the Adblue. You will need to wait for unit the onboard computer has validated the refill. You might need to wait for a couple of minutes for this process.

A few extra tips to consider

  • You will get a warning from your vehicle’s dashboard when the Adblue is running low. Be sure to act immediately for your vehicle to perform in the right manner. 
  • If the Adblue falls below a particular level, your vehicle will continue to reduce power and your vehicle can easily stop. You will then need to restart your vehicle after refilling the Adblue.
  • Note that you should never add Adblue to fuel. Make sure to remember this since it can spoil your vehicle and lead to unnecessary expenses.
  • Do not start your vehicle if Adblue is added to the fuel. Be sure to call an expert in this situation since it can turn into an emergency. It is also good to remember this while filling Adblue on your own at petrol stations.

Purchasing Adblue is not a difficult task as they are found in the majority of petrol stations across the UK. You can easily find Adblue at Tesco Petrol stations and other stations as well. Use the website to find more places that have Adblue. The most important part is to store and properly refill your Adblue. Do not drive your vehicle if there is no Adblue.


In this blog post, we have answered the question: “Do Tesco petrol stations sell Adblue?” We have discussed the benefits of using Adblue and talked about a few tips to store Adblue safely. Additionally, we have talked about the steps to refill Adblue and listed out a few extra tips to consider while using Adblue.


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