Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms? We will review what models of Scamp trailers have bathrooms, see whether you can add one after purchase, and discuss some important aspects to consider if buying a trailer with a bathroom. 

Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

All Scamp trailers have wet bathrooms as an option included on certain layouts. It is important to understand that not all Scamp trailers have bathrooms as standard and that the company often refuses to add them after purchase. 

Their reasoning is simple: a trailer is designed with a certain layout in mind. Installing a bathroom means adding water lines, different wiring and construction materials. Without a shower and a toilet in mind, the Scamp trailer is just differently built!

This being said, in the table below you can see which Scamp trailer have bathrooms:

Scamp Trailer ModelTrailer LayoutBathroom available
Scamp 13 StandardLayout 1No
Scamp 13 StandardLayout 2Yes
Scamp 13 DeluxeFront DinetteNo
Scamp 13 DeluxeFront BathroomYes
Scamp 16 StandardLayout 3No
Scamp 16 StandardLayout 4Yes
Scamp 16 StandardLayout 5Yes
Scamp 16 StandardLayout 6Yes
Scamp 16 StandardLayout 7No
Scamp 16 DeluxeLayout AYes
Scamp 16 DeluxeLayout BYes
Scamp 19 StandardLayout 8Optional
Scamp 19 DeluxeLayout AYes
Scamp 19 DeluxeLayout BYes

What is the best Scamp trailer with a bathroom?

Our top pick for small en-suite trailers would be the Scamp 13 trailer. It is short, light (1400 lbs), has an excellent floor plan, is well built, and has a full shower and toilet. The downside is that it is in the higher price bracket than Jayco or iCamp.

Scamp is widely known as the premier manufacturer of fibreglass travel trailers. Building a Scamp is more like a boat. The top and bottom halves are each cast as one piece and then glued together for a tight seal. Although somewhat spartan, the interior of Scamps is extremely functional and durable.

The 13 is the smallest model manufactured by Scamp. Despite its compact dimensions, it still presents a functional wet bath. Scamp realized that many people only used the bathroom occasionally. Thus, this space is designed to serve as storage when not in use.

While Scamp 13s are somewhat more expensive than the competition, durability and resale value may justify the somewhat steep initial price of $ 28,000.

Why buy a Scamp trailer with a shower and toilet?

For many, the allure of owning a small trailer revolves around simplicity and getting back to nature. In practice, many RV owners choose to use the campsite facilities, even if their accommodation has a toilet and a shower. 

However, the main reason for owning a small motorhome with a full bathroom is simple: flexibility. Owning a small motorhome greatly increases the places you can explore. And yet, without the proper facilities, you can still be chained to the nearest RV park. With a fully-equipped Scamp trailer, you greatly increase the possibilities of camping or staying in unimproved campsites.

In addition, having your own toilet and shower at your disposal makes it easier to get around. Even if your final destination is a traditional RV park, having your own facilities provides great peace of mind. Whether it’s a quick break after a long day of driving or an impromptu overnight stay in a big box parking lot, having a bathroom on board can make your life on the road easier.

What to consider before buying a Scamp trailer with a bathroom?

Before buying a Scamp trailer with a bathroom, it is important to ask yourself how you plan to use the motorhome. If you plan on camping off the grid, finding a unit with larger facilities may be a priority. However, if you are just using the toilet as a last resort, less emphasis should be placed on the practicality of the bathroom.

There are two varieties of RV bathrooms. A “wet bath” is a common solution for small campers. Wet baths do not have a separate shower and toilet area. Instead, they use a waterproof case for both functions. It may be slightly less convenient but allows a smaller RV to still have full functionality.

A “dry bath” has the traditional shower and toilet. It will feel more like home, but you’ll also need much more space for this type of bathroom.

  • The bathroom size: Beyond the choice between a wet bath and a dry bath, it is important to find the right bathroom. In a Scamp trailer, the size of the bathroom will be considerably reduced, which may or may not be an issue for you. 
  • How many people are on board: A comfortable Scamp trailer for one person or a couple can be cramped when the number of occupants increases. So a Scamp 13 may not be an ideal choice for a growing family. 

Not having to worry about questionable sanitary facilities greatly reduces the stress of being on the road. If you have a family that will be travelling with you, there are even more reasons to make sure your motorhome has the necessary facilities. 

However, be careful if you have very young children who may need help with bathing or using the toilet. If so, make sure you buy an RV with enough space for multiple people in the bathroom.

  • The travel destination: Choosing the right Scamp trailer is almost impossible if you don’t think about how you plan to use it. There are a multitude of variables that can change which RV is best for you. If you are a traveller who likes to travel great distances, a smaller unit might be the best solution. However, a larger unit may be the better choice. 

Additionally, some RVs are better suited for boondocking. Nothing can ruin a trip faster than running out of water or wasting capacity. In addition, future dockers should look for units with solar panels or provisions for their installation.

  • Places to empty the tank: Of course, having a toilet in the Scamp trailer means having to empty the tanks. Fortunately, dump stations are easy to find. Almost all RV parks will have dump stations, either at each site or near the park entrance. Additionally, many state parks have dump stations to cater for RV visitors. 

Still, this is not such a big issue since many truck stops have dump stations for RVs to use. There may be a little extra, but it’s rarely more than a few dollars!

The bottom line

On a final note, we wanted to highlight the importance of properly cleaning and maintaining your Scamp trailer bathroom. Chemical baths are necessary to break down the sewage and prevent the formation of unpleasant odours in the camping tub. 

When products such as Aqua-Kem or  Enviro-Chem are poured into the toilet along with fresh water, this helps the camping bowl maintain odour control and helps break down waste and toilet paper from the tank, making it easier to empty the tank when it is full.

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FAQ on Do Scamp trailers have bathrooms?

What is the smallest RV with a bathroom?

Here is a list of the smallest RVs with a bathroom: 

  • Airstream Bambi and Airstream Basecamp;
  • Forest River R-Pod;
  • Winnebago Micro Mini;
  • 16′ Casita Deluxe Spirit.
  • Scamp 13′ Deluxe.

Can you put a regular toilet in an RV?

We do not recommend putting a regular toilet in an RV unless you plan to transform your RV into a stationary home for a longer period. The main reason why you shouldn’t install a regular toilet in your RV is that a regular toilet, being made of porcelain, is harder to pin to the wall of an RV. 

How does a chemical toilet work?

Here’s how a chemical toilet works: With the chemical product, like a water treatment plant, faeces are broken down in the toilet with the help of bacteria. The tank also contains perfume substances to prevent bad odours.

How to dismantle an RV toilet?

To dismantle an RV toilet, you will need 10 pan-head screws to unscrew to release the toilet block, then screws in the floor will have to be found and unscrewed. Disconnect by locating all the wires and pipes that supply the toilet.