Do Freedom Caravans have toilets?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: ​​Do Freedom Caravans have toilets? We will review each model of the Freedom Caravans and also explain how to properly maintain and clean your caravan’s toilet. 

Do Freedom Caravans have toilets?

Not all Freedom Caravans have toilets as a standard option, but all models give you the option of installing a chemical toilet as an extra amenity. Please see the table below for more information. 

Freedom Caravan modelPrice starting fromToilet & Bathroom facilities
Freedom Jetstream Twin Sport£16,495Bathroom with the toilet located at the rear of the vehicle;
Showe, cassette toilet and tip-up sink with a tap;
Shower curtain track, sealed shower trailer, mirror and bathroom light included in the standard version. 
Freedom Jetstream First Class£16,495Wet bathroom located at the rear of the caravan;
Showe, shower tray and tip-up sink with drainage, mirror;
Thetford cassette toilet with external waste tank. 
The bathroom window can be opened to let condensation out. 
Freedom Microlite Discovery£13,495Enclosed washroom;
Plumbed in cassette toilet;
Tip-up sink with a tap. 
Freedom Microlite Sport£12,695Doesn’t have a bathroom or toilet facilities;
Offers the possibility of installing a Dometic chemical toilet fitted with bunk adaptation for £159.00.
Freedom Sunseeker£13,995Doesn’t have a bathroom or toilet facilities;
Offers the possibility of installing a Dometic chemical toilet fitted with bunk adaptation for £159.00.

How to clean maintain Freedom Caravan toilets

Freedom Caravans are equipped with chemical toilets. The chemical cassette toilet is the most commonly used system in the motorhome industry. Indeed, for those who have space, you can set up your toilet area with an external gate dedicated to extracting your waste bin. 

The purchase of this model, therefore, includes several items of equipment: a fixed toilet with or without a water tank, a waste container and a gate. This type of installation requires an electrical connection for the flushing operation as well as a water connection for its filling. The cassettes that you find in the middle of the motorhome are of the THETFORD or DOMETIC brand.

The toilets installed inside your motorhome or campervan are connected by a kind of guillotine valve to your cassette located just below. The external gate built into the wall of your vehicle will give you access to this cassette for extraction and thus emptying from the outside.

Some campers only use chemical toilets in extreme emergency cases or for small needs and otherwise prefer the sanitary installation of the campsite. This is an option, but not a necessity.

As we have already mentioned, bad smells can be easily avoided. There remains the problem of emptying, which is loath to many. In fact, emptying is child’s play and there is nothing dirty or messy about it.

Emptying a chemical toilet – how to do it properly:

  1. Position the toilet vertically.
  2. Take out the drain tap (tilt it slightly)
  3.  Open the drain valve cover 
  4. Tilt the tank, orient the drain cock towards the side edge of the drain tank. Do not aim directly into the water to avoid splashing. Aim carefully for the edge and you should be fine.
  5. As soon as the water flows out, press the button, removing the vacuum effect during the flow.

If the toilet paper and/or faeces are not yet fully dissolved, it is advisable to stir the tank slightly when emptying, in order to stir the water and avoid the formation of clogs.

Once the tank is empty, add a little more water, stir and empty again. Repeat this operation 2 to 3 times, until the drained water is clear.

Fill the tank with a little water, add the chemicals and put on the lid. The camping toilet is operational again.

Note: There is toilet paper specially adapted for chemical toilets. It breaks down more quickly in contact with chemicals. However, this is not magic paper, but simple single-ply cellulose. Similar results can therefore be obtained with ordinary toilet paper, which costs significantly less.

Can you install a toilet in a Freedom Caravan?

As we already told you, Freedom Caravans offer the possibility of installing a portable chemical toilet in the models that do not come equipped with a toilet in the first place. 

The only option for installing a toilet in a caravan is to use a chemical bath itself, which does not require wheel plumbing or wheel waste connections. They are available in various size and decor configurations and have been redesigned to be very sophisticated and pleasant to use, with options even including electric flush models. 

If you feel courageous enough, here are the steps for installing a chemical toilet in a Freedom Caravan:

  1. Create a place where the self-contained chemical toilet can be mounted. The primary requirement should be user privacy, and caravans rarely have an unused closet large enough to accommodate both the freestanding chemical toilet and one user. 

If necessary, remove an existing and frequently used frame structure such as a closet or bench from the bookshelf, then install a curtain rod and curtain to enclose the area. It is convenient to have unobstructed access to the Self-Contained Chemical Toilet location when the caravan roof is open, so it can be emptied without having to raise the roof.

  1. Make sure the self-contained chemical toilet cannot move or splash its contents when the pop-up caravan is towed. The clamping devices must be removable and replaceable so that the self-contained chemical bath can be easily removed from the pop-up caravan for emptying and washing, yet robust enough to withstand the inherent dominance of being fit. 

Depending on your flooring, heavy-duty hook and eye fastening material may be sufficient or you may need to use brackets that are bolted to the floor and attached to a latch, such as a padlock hinge.

  1. Follow the instructions that come with the freestanding chemical toilet for initial setup, use, and service procedures.

Can you install a shower in a Freedom Caravan?

Installing a shower in your Freedom Caravan does not require very laborious work. All you have to do is have the right elements and a bit of DIY skills.

The first thing to look for is the location for the installation. If the caravan is not large or we are not interested in taking up space inside, there are solutions to make an external installation.

  • Camper outdoor shower: In the case of outdoor showers, the usual thing is to enable it through the extension of shower curtains that are held with the rear doors open so that they do not see us from the outside and we avoid wetting the interior. There are two types.
  • Solar showers: They consist of a simple water tank, designed to heat up fairly quickly when it receives direct sunlight. Once it is verified that it has a comfortable temperature, it is enough to open the artichoke for use through its natural fall due to its own gravity.

This requires it to be installed in height for it to work. This system is not recommended for cold or cloudy areas. Also, the water pressure is quite low.

  • Electric Showers: These showers can be more practical than solar ones. A pump is introduced into the water tank to give the shower outlet pressure. Both devices must be connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the caravan.

As for the installation of an outdoor shower, this is relatively simple, in fact, the method is quite homemade. You simply have to open the rear doors parallel to the walls of the caravan. The doors will hold the curtains, being able to be hooked with clamps and putting a folding bathtub avoiding the spillage of the shower water to the street.

  • Caravan interior shower: If space allows it and we are interested in having the shower indoors, the essential thing is to properly insulate the shower curtains and walls and waterproof the area avoiding leaks and humidity.

Of all the options that we are mentioning, this is the one that requires the most carpentry and plumbing since we create our own bathroom as a fixed element inside our caravan. We will also have to carry out a homologation!

Therefore, the walls will be attached, installing the shower tray, the pipes and the electrical outlets necessary to heat the water and drive the water pump.

The bottom line

To travel in total autonomy, the toilets are essential onboard your caravan, your campervan or your RV. Whether wearable, dry or chemical, you have many options for choosing the model that best suits your lifestyle. 

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FAQ on Do Freedom Caravans have toilets?

Can you put a regular toilet in an RV?

We do not recommend putting a regular toilet in an RV unless you plan to transform your RV into a stationary home for a longer period. The main reason why you shouldn’t install a regular toilet in your RV is that a regular toilet, being made of porcelain, is harder to pin to the wall of an RV. 

How does a chemical toilet work?

Here’s how a chemical toilet works: With the chemical product, like a water treatment plant, faeces are broken down in the toilet with the help of bacteria. The tank also contains perfume substances to prevent bad odours.

How to dismantle an RV toilet?

To dismantle an RV toilet, you will need 10 pan-head screws to unscrew to release the toilet block, then screws in the floor will have to be found and unscrewed. Disconnect by locating all the wires and pipes that supply the toilet.


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