Do caravans need servicing? (15 tips)

In this short guide, we will answer the following question: Do caravans need servicing? We will explain the importance of servicing your caravan and give you 15 essential tips to make sure that the vehicle is ready for a long trip. 

Do caravans need servicing?

Caravans, like any other, need servicing and a little basic maintenance from time to time. Caravans tend to travel longer distances than a usual car. For this reason, they deserve special attention. 

In addition, caravans are not just another means of transport, they are almost a house! For this reason, both before and after setting off, basic caravan maintenance is essential. 

Make sure you regularly service your caravan: 

  1. Braking device (service brake, emergency brake, parking brake)
  2. Lights (clearance lights, rear position lights, signal lights, ..)
  3. Axles, wheels, tires and suspension
  4. The chassis and the body
  5. Water, gas and electrical systems. 

Each part to be inspected is evaluated against different parameters. The wear of parts important for road safety is also checked. This makes it possible to detect possible dangers.

15 Tips for the servicing of your caravan 

There are some elements that are much more delicate and therefore need more maintenance than others. It does not matter if you use your motorhome once every several months or every 15 days. That is indifferent since the vehicle must be cared for at all times.

# 1 Doors and windows

Although it may seem logical, one of the first things you have to check is how the doors and windows are. They have to close properly, otherwise, it would affect the indoor climate. But beyond that, you could have an accident.

Doors and windows are a security feature. Note that some motorhomes have windows on the top. Sometimes, if they are not closed properly, they could cause the vehicle to lose some dynamism and therefore have a higher fuel consumption.

# 2 Caravan Tires

Within the caravan maintenance that you must do, one of the elements that you must always observe is the tires. Checking how your pressure is is essential. You must follow the instructions given by the manufacturer about the pressure level that the front and rear tires must have.

As a result of not managing the tire pressure well, you can lose grip. There may also be greater wear or there may be an increase in polluting gases that are generated.

# 3 Electrical system

Regardless of how often you use the motorhome, this review is recommended to be done at least once a month. It is also advisable to check the switchboard and see if it works correctly. It is one of the tips for the maintenance of your caravan that you cannot forget.

# 4 Gas reserve

It is essential that you be able to carry a gas reserve, since it may happen that if you go outside of the US, you will find that the cylinder there has another type of connection. 

That is why it is good that you take an extra bottle from home or, on the contrary, an adapter in case you run into this problem. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

# 5 Lighting

Each motorhome in this aspect is different. It is different if you go on organized trips in motorhomes than in yours. If it is your own, you have to check before you go out that the lights work. It is also good that you take a spare.

# 6 Hitch head

In the maintenance cost of a motorhome, you must have a special cover or a canvas to cover the hitch head. This will greatly reduce the chance of it rusting.

# 7 Grease the caravan

It is recommended to perform this action at least 1 time a year. It consists of greasing all the mobile parts of the vehicle. Some of the recommended parts for greasing are, for example, the stabilizer cylinder, handbrake, hub bearings, among others.

# 8 Maintenance of the caravan joints

When it is winter, the temperature condensation that exists between what you feel during the day and at night means that if the vehicle is closed for a long time, the joints can open. All this happens due to excess humidity. That is why it is advisable to leave a skylight open.

If we store the caravan indoors, we can use a product such as a dehumidifier. What it does is collect the condensation that is produced.

# 9 Maintenance of the caravan tires

As in the previous case, not only the joints suffer but also the rubbers. In this case, it is good to use products such as petroleum jelly, cocoa cream or others.

It is preferable to do this type of maintenance before the high temperatures arrive. You could also remove the rubber, clean it with a chemical and once everything is clean, put it back in the same place.

# 10 Underbody

Every year, check the underbody. In case you see any type of deterioration, do not hesitate to repair them or send them to a professional to do the repair.

Never travel with a broken or problem underbody.

# 11 Safety during the trip

Safety features such as seat belts and seats should be checked before going on a trip. It is something fundamental and that can save the life of both you and the passengers in the event of a steering wheel or an accident.

# 12 Interior cleaning of a caravan

When you have finished with all the previous points of the tips for the maintenance of your caravan, it is good to give the vehicle a good cleaning, both inside and outside.

You have to be very careful with insects that stay in the compartments. It is best to clean them immediately so that they do not obstruct or obstruct your vision there.

# 13 Furniture and WC

One of the maintenance tips for a motorhome that you will find more frequently is the care of the furniture and the toilet, perhaps the most used in the interior.

It is also recommended that the toilet valve be left open so it is not damaged. Loosen the drain plug to ventilate everything very well and this will prevent the valve gasket from drying out.

# 14 Chocks or wedges

If what you want is to immobilize the vehicle completely because it will take a while to get out with it again, it is best to use chocks or wedges.

That way, you will avoid using the handbrake. Well, with the passage of time, what is going to cause is that the shoes stick to the drum and that it generates inconveniences.

# 15 Battery

No less important than any other tips for the maintenance of your caravan, but it must be taken into account when the caravan stops being used for a while. There it is advisable to apply grease in the area of ​​the terminals. Another option is to remove the battery connections.

Always charge the battery at least once a month to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, you risk it becoming unusable over time.

Last tips for the servicing of your caravan

Beyond these tips on how to improve my motorhome, it is always recommended that you have a general inspection by a professional mechanic. He is the one who will come to detect if there are any general problems such as the engine.

Keep in mind that if you suffer from some type of accident or loss due to not maintaining your caravan well, you run the risk that your insurance coverage may not cover you. Generally, the clauses of the policy indicate that if there are problems due to deterioration, coverage cannot be offered.

Please feel free to get in contact should you have any comments or questions about the servicing of a caravan.

FAQ on Do caravans need servicing?

Do caravans have to have an MOT?

Caravans do not need to have an MOT, still as owner, you must ensure that your vehicle is safe to travel and live in. Annual inspections of the caravan’s gas, water and electrical systems are more than recommended.

Which vehicles do not need to pass a technical check?

Vehicles exempted from technical control are in particular motorcycles, 2 wheels and 3 wheels but also cars without a license, caravans, trailers, tractors or even cars registered in the diplomatic services or similar.

What maintenance for a caravan?

Maintenance tips for your caravan or motorhome:

  • After a long period of rest, the batteries should be charged. 
  • Clean the water and waste tank and check for leaks from the pump or filter.
  • Also, check for leaks in the gas line. 
  • Tires: Check tension and check for wear.


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