Do caravan covers cause dampness?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Do caravan covers cause dampness? We will discuss the pros and cons of using a caravan cover. We will also explain the importance of investing in a good quality caravan cover and advise you on what type of caravan cover is the best. 

Do caravan covers cause dampness?

Cheap, low quality and hard plastic caravan covers can cause dampness. Plastic caravan covers allow water to gather on top of the caravan, making the vehicle “sweat”. This can cause dampness issues inside the vehicle, affecting mainly the roof. 

We recommend you invest in good quality and breathable caravan cover. If you do not use a breathable cover, it may happen that your camping equipment absorbs moisture causing mould and/or corrosion, which is detrimental to the quality of your caravan. 

There are many brands that offer very good quality motorhome covers and tarps. Here are a few:

  • Fiamma motorhome covers
  • HB Collection motorhome covers
  • Hindermann motorhome tarpaulins
  • Tyvek covers
  • HTD motorhome covers.

Why invest in a good quality caravan cover?

Rain, snow, dust and sun rays, in addition to acting directly on the body paint, also damage the lights, the rubber of the windows and the doors of the caravan. Not to mention that the stickers on the vehicle fade, leaving behind the memories they represent. Therefore, buying a special cover that protects our caravan seems like a good idea.

Campers have some controversy regarding this item. Some claim that it is not necessary and others claim that instead of protecting, it only helps deterioration to take place faster, by retaining moisture.

To control the inconvenience of humidity, it is necessary that the cover is breathable. In this way the water that condenses inside the caravan can escape to the outside. In turn, the covers must be waterproof so that they do not allow water to enter.

Caravan covers are a good idea even if the vehicle is not outside in the elements. In the garage, dust and moisture can also get in and wreak havoc.

What caravan cover to buy?

If you decide to buy a caravan cover, you should know that although size is very important, it is not really everything. In addition to the size of the cover, you have to pay attention to other aspects.

Size: First you have to measure the length of the caravan, including the gas tank and any protruding elements. You must bear in mind that a cover that is too large will be a problem if the caravan is located outdoors, as it will be difficult to adjust it and the wind could end up tearing the fabric and breaking the straps.

In addition, if the canvas is not properly adjusted to the caravan, moisture will easily penetrate and can damage the exterior elements of the vehicle. Another important aspect is that when the canvas is loose, the wind will cause it to rub against the surface over and over again, which could end up damaging the exterior coating of the caravan.

UV resistance and impermeability: In these aspects, special emphasis must be placed, since water and sun rapidly deteriorate the materials of caravans that spend a long time outdoors.

The covers for caravans must guarantee protection, even in winter times when the rains or snow are constant. If they are not waterproof, the water will reach the surface of the caravan and cause damage sooner or later.

Also, when the material of the cover is not resistant to UV rays, not only will the caravan be damaged by the direct action of the sun, but also because the cover itself will deteriorate rapidly.

Breathability: When the material of the cover does not allow accumulated moisture to evaporate, it can cause unforeseen damage such as oxidation of the exterior coatings of the caravan. This results in mould stains that can even get inside the caravan and settle on the upholstery. Window and door rubbers may also deteriorate.

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The pros and cons of using a caravan cover

Covering your caravan or motorhome with a protective cover can dramatically extend the life of your camping equipment. If you choose not to wrap it in a cover, and especially when your caravan or motorhome is outside, your camping gear could be damaged by inclement weather and other environmental factors. It would be a shame! 

A cover, therefore, guarantees that your camping equipment is kept in optimal condition. A protective cover keeps your caravan or motorhome dry and protects your camping gear from dirt, dust and UV rays.

If your caravan or motorhome is stored in a dry place in a garage or shed, it is also recommended to wrap it in a cover. In fact, anything that is not used gradually covers itself with dust. To convince yourself of this, just look at your showcase cabinet in your living room. 

The same applies to your caravan or motorhome when it is immobilized for too long. So let’s be quick: Use a cover if you don’t feel like cleaning your camping gear from top to bottom when the weather is nice when you can get back on the road.

The bottom line

Good quality caravan covers are essential, especially during winter. Besides protecting your caravan from dirt, dust, winds, rain, snow – it also is a great ally against dampness, mould and burglaries. 

By covering the vehicle, you will have the satisfaction of finding it clean in the spring and you will only have to carry out small annual maintenance work before setting off again on the roads.

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FAQ on Do caravan covers cause dampness?

How to instal a caravan cover?

It is easy to install a caravan cover. Follow these steps: 

  1. Fold the antennas, mirrors, bike rack 
  2. Protect the protruding parts with cardboard or bubble wrap to avoid puncturing the cover. 
  3. Optional, reinforce the cover on the protruding parts by sticking our adhesive patches on the back of the cover (sold separately).

How to measure a caravan cover?

To measure a caravan cover you have to know the dimensions of the caravan. The size is determined based on the width and length of the caravan. To get the exact size, it is important to measure the width and length.

How to protect the roof of a caravan?

To protect the roof of a caravan use a protective cover. It covers a motorhome that usually sleeps outside. It is never advisable to leave a motorhome outdoors for a long period, it is damaged and degrades more quickly (bodywork, gaskets, batteries, tires, etc.)

How do I prepare my caravan for wintering?

Here are a few tips to prepare your caravan for wintering:

  1. Empty the water heater. 
  2. Empty and clean the toilet tanks. 
  3. Remove the gas cylinder (s). 
  4. Put the windows in the ventilation position. 
  5. Open the bathroom door. 
  6. Do not unscrew the feet. 
  7. Do not put plastic sheeting on the caravan. 
  8. Put the clean trailer in the garage.


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