DIY RV steps (in 5 easy moves)

In this blog post, we will teach you how to DIY RV steps, in only five easy moves.  We will also talk about the best RV steps that are worth investing in to help you decide which one is a great fit for your needs.  

DIY RV steps 

DIY RV steps is quite a possible task, but it requires a little preparation, planning and preliminary calculations. Here’s a summary of the measures you must follow:

  1. Take the necessary measurements;
  2. Use a calculation tool or ask in a DIY store for guidance on all the materials you need for building the steps;
  3. Apply the dimensions to the material, cut and assembly. 
  4. Install the skeleton of the steps in front of the entrance, then add the steps and risers. 
  5. Faster the planks with screws and paint them with wood-friendly paint. 

How to DIY RV steps – explanation  

Making RV steps is an activity that can never be completed without some preliminary calculations. Below, we reveal the details of the steps to follow for this preliminary step.

To properly calculate the dimensions of your future RV staircase, we divide the work into a few steps. To begin with, we make a list of points to be taken into account. 

  •  the height of the stairs
  •  the slope of the stairs
  •  the number of steps
  •  the dimensions of the steps.

To facilitate one’s work, we write down its elements on a piece of paper to record the results of its calculation in front of each point. We take the measurements of the space where the stairs will be placed. 

The information obtained at the end of the step of calculating the stairs will help you get an idea of ​​the number of steps to build; they will help you determine what materials will be needed for your project. Once this information is ready, you can think of ways to personalize the project.

We start by determining the essential elements relating to the dimensions (height, slope, number and dimensions of the steps). Then we go through the step of applying the dimensions to the wood material and cutting it out.

We install the skeleton of its exterior wooden staircase on its terrace; then we take care of the steps and risers.

Good to know: unlike indoor stairs, outdoor stairs do not always have a riser. We can therefore skip the steps relating to their cutting and installation.

As we have seen above, the steps can be made of one or two wooden planks. Everyone is free to decide which is the best option for their outdoor space.

The fastening of the wooden planks is to be done with screws rather than nails. The first option is preferable because it is more durable over time and safer.

It will be understood that the manufacture of a wooden staircase is not very difficult; on the other hand, it requires a careful and serious approach. If you love DIY and need RV steps, don’t hesitate to get started with this kind of project!

The best RV steps on the market

Below we have a list of six RV steps that are considered the best on the market. Of course, we encourage you to do your own set of stairs, but it is good to know that there are other options as well. 

  1. Telescopic ladder for caravans – Xtend & Climb

The first pick on our list is an amazing extendable ladder from Xtend and Climb. This incredible pick locks by the foot and can extend from 32 inches to 12 and a half feet. It’s the perfect fit for any RV as it can easily fit in small storage areas and won’t get in your way. 

  • Extendable ladder up to 12.5 feet
  • Locks on foot
  • Super safe and easy to operate
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Created with durable materials for long-lasting use. 
  1. Little Giant Alta One Type Caravan Ladder

An epic ladder that is perfect for your RV, ergonomically designed by Little Giant. And this is exactly what this model is. Small enough to fit in your RV, yet big enough to tackle any DIY job. This model has been constructed from aerospace aluminium and is therefore super light and easy to transport and move as needed. 

  • Wide flared legs
  • High quality construction
  • Super lightweight and constructed with aerospace aluminium.
  • Can hold up to 250 pounds
  • Perfectly suited for medium-sized jobs.
  1. Stromberg Carlson – Black Caravan Bunk Ladder

When it comes to quality, this brand knows what it is talking about. This bunk ladder comes with specialized padded rubber treads for added safety and two attachment options (hooks and extrusions). This 60-inch long ladder is black in colour and is truly stylish and oversized for any RV. 

  • Hooks for hanging
  • 60 inch
  • Black
  • Light
  • Spacious between steps
  • Padded and wide steps.
  1. Cosco multi-position caravan ladder system

This super convenient model features 5 ladders in 1 and can function as a stepladder, extension ladder, ladder, scaffold, and wall ladder. So, you really get a bargain when you buy this fantastic product. It is also super durable and has been constructed from aircraft-grade aluminium. 

  • 5-in-one ladder (step ladder, extension ladder, wall ladder, climbing  ladder and scaffold)
  • Non-slip steps and feet
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and therefore durable.
  • Folds up easily
  • Can be adjusted without tools.
  1. Compact ladder for RV GP Logistics

This GP Logistics model is lightweight (weighs only 22 pounds) and folds up easily when not in use. Therefore, it will not take up excess space in your RV and can be easily moved when needed. The non-slip rubber feet make this a safe model that won’t slip while you work hard. 

  • Assembled and easy to use
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • Rubber non-slip feet
  • Weighs 22 pounds
  1. Aluminium telescopic ladder for Ollieroo caravans

This telescopic extension ladder comes with a spring-loaded locking mechanism for added security It is super strong and can support up to 330 pounds of weight. 

Whatever job you need to do, be it window washing, RV home maintenance, painting, or decorating, this ladder is a great choice for your RV home.It can reach a height of 12.5 feet and is therefore perfectly suited to all your motorhome needs.

  • Telescopic extendable ladder
  • Up to 12.5 feet
  • Can support up to 330 pounds of weight
  • Non-slip feet for added safety
  • Perfect for home maintenance.

The bottom line

RV steps are easy to make and customize. If you are handy with the tools, go ahead and embrace this DIY project. Click here for some interesting ideas on how to customize your RV steps.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the content. 

FAQ on DIY RV steps 

Which aluminium motorhome ladder to buy?

Costco sells some great aluminium motorhome ladders. You will be able to find a variety of aluminium ladders for motorhomes with different values and classes.

What are the best aluminium stairs for motorhomes?

Among the best aluminium stairs for motorhomes is the Nestling® 2.9M Portable Aluminum Multipurpose Telescopic Ladder. Foldable and Extendable Extension EN131, Maximum Load 150 kg.

What are the best RV steps?

Some of the best RV steps are Camco Aluminum Platform Step, Home On Wheels Stable RV Steps, Lippert RV Double Entry Step and MOR/Ryde International Inc.