Costco RV tires (a review)

In this blog, we will write a short review about the Costco RV tires. We try to understand why they are so popular among RV owners and explain a few basic rules for choosing the best tires for your RV or motorhome. 

Costco RV tires: our top three choices

The top three choices when it comes to Costco RV tires are:

  • The Greenball Towmaster Special Trailer Bias Tires starting at $34.99
  • The Greenball Towmaster ST Special Trailer Radial Tire staring at $51.99
  • The Michelin LT235/85 R16 XPS Rib RV tires for $210.99 plus instal and lifetime service. 

These Costco RV tires have unique characteristics that differ from other types of tires. They are designed to provide flexibility on the road and especially in curves and tight bends.

Each tire has its own characteristics and must be fitted to the correct vehicle to ensure passenger safety and to provide them with adequate driving. It is therefore not advisable to install light truck tires on an RV or vice versa, otherwise, you will lose the handling and the comforts you are looking for.

Why buy tires at Costco?

The main reason to buy tires at Costco is that they offer installation and lifetime service. Thus, you have: installation, puncture repair, nitrogen inflation, rotation and balancing for the life of your tires – at a very good price. 

At Costco, you will find a wide variety of brands that guarantee your safety behind the wheel. It does not matter if you have a compact car or an RV, there is an option for any type of vehicle.

When you buy your tires at Costco Wholesale, either online or at one of our Warehouses, you get great benefits.

The sale price includes all shipping and handling charges associated with your tires. The installation package also includes maintenance services throughout the life of the tires you buy (there may be certain limitations).

These lifetime services include nitrogen inflation pressure check, tire balancing, tire rotation, as well as flat tire repairs. When servicing your tires, they also install new valves. 

Additionally, they inflate the tires with nitrogen, not with compressed air. Nitrogen maintains tire pressure for longer than compressed air, which will have a positive effect on the life of the tires, as well as savings on vehicle fuel.

What are the best tires for an RV?

For many people, there is nothing better than tires that give a motorhome or recreational transport adventure. In every motor vehicle, safety comes first. For this reason, it is important to have excellent tires on your motorhome, so as not to miss anything on your trip.

With these transports, you have the peace of mind of a small house and everyone’s outdoor place. You can go anywhere you want, but keeping all the comforts and conveniences of your home. Many people also think that owning a motorhome is cheap, mostly because you don’t have to pay rent.

On the other hand, these people are mostly wrong. Recreational transportation (RV) runs on fuel, and also requires regular service intervals, much like a car. Now, let’s review the types of tires that are more suitable for these off-road cars.

If you want more precise information on the size of the tire, please check the plate with the measurement and inflation information of your tires; same as the original equipment specifications for your vehicle in the owner’s manual. Consult a tire specialist before mounting any on your vehicle.

Tires are a fundamental element of the cost of owning a motorhome. Even if you don’t use your motorhome continuously, the tires will wear out over time and you will have to replace them with new ones.

Also, they are not accessible in all tire stores. To do this, you will have to assist experts in motorhome tires or buy them online.

Fortunately, several tire manufacturers have started producing motorhome tires. This is a great first for anyone who wants a safe driving experience and long-lasting performance.

Do RV tires have a “use before” date?

Yes, RV tires do have a “use before” date. We understand that tires are made of various types of materials, whose characteristics vary over time.

Obviously, the degradation of materials is greatly affected by the conditions of use, in which causes such as load, agility, or even the pressure of use intervene. However, in addition, the temperature, humidity or the position of the wheels have the possibility of influencing the ageing of the tire.

We are talking about causes that are difficult to consider and for this reason, as a complement to the regular inspection of tires, manufacturers suggest their validity within 10 years from the date of their construction, whatever their state of wear.

What types of tires can you use for a camper or an RV?

In the current market there are different brands and models of tires for RVs:

  • Vredestein Comtrac 2
  • Goodyear Cargo Ultragrip 2
  • Falken Eurowinter Van01
  • Yokohama WY01
  • Uniroyal Snow Max 2.

These types of tires tend to be cheaper, although this should not be a key choice aspect when selecting tires, but rather their safety properties.

Find the best tires for your RV

Not all drivers use their recreational transportation in the same way, so it is essential to choose tires that suit your intentions and not the other way around.

We must take into account that if the transport is second-hand, the tires must be checked well. That is if they are the correct tires for this one. Another aspect to take into account is that caravans of less than 750 kilos do not require passing the ITV until after 6 years. 

Therefore, we must ensure that the wheels are properly mounted. If you have concerns, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a professional, check the technical sheet of the transport.

Before travelling, check that everything is correct, especially the tires. The rubbers belong to the most fundamental elements for our safety. 

Therefore, we must make the correct selection. If the tire is in the deplorable condition we would have the possibility of having a scare. For this reason, they are much heavier transports, and it is very important that everything is well in terms of tires.

Please let us know if you have any questions or recommendations for the best tires for an RV or camper.

FAQ about the Costco RV tires

What are the best tires for a Class A motorhome?

The best tires for a Class A motorhome are the Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude and Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Tires. On our list, there is also the Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire, Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire and the Sailun S637 Trailer Radial Tire.

Are tires cheaper at Costco?

Tires aren’t necessarily cheaper at Costco, but they do offer lifetime service and a good installation fee. Overall you can get installation, puncture repair, nitrogen inflation, rotation and balancing for the life of your tires – at a very good price. 

Why do you cover RV tires?

You should cover your RV tires to protect them against harsh weather or UV exposure, as both can damage the tires in the long run.

Is there an advantage to buying tires at Costco?

The main advantage when buying tires at Costco is the package you receive with purchasing your tires: inflation pressure checks, tire balancing, tire rotations, as well as flat repairs.


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