Can you watch TV in a motorhome while driving?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you watch TV in a motorhome while driving? We will explain what you can and can’t do in a motorhome while driving, and how to choose the best TV for an RV.

Can you watch TV in a motorhome while driving?

You cannot watch TV in a motorhome while driving if the TV is anywhere in the view of the driver. If you are in the back of the RV, for example, and the images and the noise of the TV do not disturb the driver, you can watch it. 

Here is what it is allowed to do while the motorhome is on the move:

  • You can use an RV bathroom (toilet facilities);
  • You can sleep, read, play on your phone, take pictures – as long as you are seated and have your seatbelt on. 
  • You can watch TV if it is not in the view of the driver.

While the RV is in motion, you cannot:

  • Move freely around the cabin;
  • Take a shower;
  • Cook, drink alcohol or eat at the table (unless you are seated with a seatbelt on!);
  • Sleep in a bed.

How can you watch TV in a motorhome?

If you want to kill time out in the RV with a TV, it’s entirely possible. We explain how. The first thing you need to watch TV in an RV is a television.

The first option is to put a 220V television, like the ones we have at home. You only need an inverter to convert the current from 12V to 220V. Of course, try that the television is not more than 32 inches and that if possible it is low consumption (A + or A ++) since otherwise, it will leave you empty the battery in a matter of a few hours …

The second option, and the one that uses the least battery, is to install a television that works at 12V. They consume less and you don’t need an investor. In this Amazon link (this TV is the best) or in this eBay link you can find some alternatives at a good price.

Once you have the TV, it is necessary to buy a portable antenna to receive the DTT channels. You can get some of the ones sold at this link. You do not need to install a fixed antenna, you can put it on and off it every time you go to use the TV. Of course, try to make the antenna omnidirectional, since you will not always know in which direction the closest antenna is.

Choosing the best TV for a motorhome

Finding a TV for a motorhome or caravan is not the same as finding a TV for your home. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the presence of sockets or external devices. In this article, Les Gueules Cassées offers some tips to help you choose a TV like this.

  • STRONG TV for motorhomes: A small TV that keeps all of its promises, the Strong C402 Series is small in size and big in ambition. It has a lot of great features for a small TV designed for small spaces and mobility. All connections are made on the side, which makes it very easy to attach to the wall.
  • HKC Motorhome TV: Still an ideal TV for small rooms in the house and in caravans, the HKC offers several means of connection, including USB, SCART, HDMI, as well as a built-in triple tuner – digital, analogue and satellite.

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It is light and compact, perfect even for a small motorhome or a large car. The picture quality is very good considering its low price, although this TV looks a bit fragile. In summary, while it’s unlikely to live as long as your trailer, the HKC TV is a great way to have your entertainment close at hand and without breaking the bank.

  • UNISPECTRA Motorhome TV: If space is a real issue in your trailer, but you still want to enjoy a complete and functional TV – this from Unispectra is for you. A very nice portable TV, it has nothing to envy the more massive models. The sound is good and the picture is pretty. In addition, it offers the possibility of connecting small speakers. A pocket TV, it weighs less than a kg, take it everywhere!
  • AVTEX Motorhome TV: Avtex televisions are very reliable and easy to use. This one is ideal for small spaces like caravans and motorhomes. It offers good picture quality, exceptional sound, unmatched installation speed and many other great features. Perfectly adapted to mobility, it will make you enjoy your favourite programs wherever you are!

How to choose the Best Motorhome TV?

Many people wonder whether they should install a TV in their caravan or motorhome. Indeed, the installation of motorhome televisions can be a controversial subject. Some strongly oppose this idea, while others see no harm.

Personally, I think your trailer is your personal space, so you do what you want with it. Just be aware of the power consumption, as well as the extra weight of a TV, especially antennas. In addition, you have to be sure that you can find a place to hang it or put it down.

Also, if there is a schedule that you absolutely don’t want to miss, you may need to plan your motorhome trip accordingly to make sure you have the signal.

Is it possible to use a “normal” TV in a Motorhome?

Wondering how a motorhome TV differs from a regular TV?

Here are some key differences:

  • Voltage ;
  • Efficiency;
  • Robustness ;
  • The ability to resist vibration;
  • The weight.

Most caravan/motorhome TVs are 12v TVs, which makes them infinitely better at power management than “home” TVs, and therefore more efficient.

In addition, caravan televisions are designed for mobility, so they are stronger than the televisions we have at home, which we rarely move.

In addition, a caravan TV is designed to be able to withstand the vibrations caused by driving, not to mention the bumps and jolts that annoy even the most careful of drivers.

Finally, caravan televisions are lighter than home televisions. Of course, this is largely due to their small size, but also to the way they are designed, which allows you not to exceed the load limit of your caravan.


For most caravans and RVs, unless you have a lot of energy to waste, modern 12v LCD TVs are the best choice. However, the screen of these televisions is more fragile than that of older versions, and can easily be damaged if the television is not properly secured. Plus, they’re often sensitive to voltage fluctuations, so a voltage regulator might be worth it.

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FAQ on Can you watch TV in a motorhome while driving?

Do I absolutely need a 12v TV for my Motorhome?

Unless you plan to watch TV only while at the campsite, you will need a 12v TV that will run off the slow discharge battery in your caravan or motorhome.

Can you use an RV bathroom while driving?

Yes, you can use an RV bathroom while it is in motion. Almost all RV’s water pump works as normal while driving, thus there won’t be any issues with using the bathroom facilities. 

Can you use the microwave in an RV while driving?

The general rule is that you shouldn’t use the microwave in an RV while driving. Doing so would imply that you are not seated in a chair with the seatbelt on. While it is true that not all 50 states prohibit walking in a motorhome while it is moving, we would recommend you to stay safe and wear a seatbelt all the time the vehicle is moving.


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