Can you travel with a park model RV?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you travel with a park model RV? We will discuss the pros and cons of living in a park model RV, but also how easy it is to move it from place to place. 

Can you travel with a park model RV?

It is possible and convenient to travel with a park model RV, however, these semi-permanent homes were not made with the idea of frequent travel in mind. They can be certainly moved and you can tow them yourself if you have a powerful car, but it is costly and definitely not an easy job!

Still, there are many benefits of travelling with a park model RV. The purchase of a park model today is partly motivated by the mobility and independence that this type of habitat provides. Functional and practical, it is a perfect solution for traveling nomadically, economically and really taking your whole home with you. Here are some of the advantages of traveling with this real trailer hut!

  • Mobility! Traveling in a park model has not only become more and more popular but also allows you to travel differently: in an ecological and nomadic way! This is a perfect solution for planning a tour of Europe for road trip enthusiasts.

The park model is perfectly mobile and it follows you wherever you go.  The space of these real trailer huts is perfectly optimized thanks to the mezzanines. Storage spaces are also provided inside the park model to maximize the storage of your belongings. Opt for stairs with storage drawers for more practicality.

A little advice to prepare for your trip: even if park models are increasingly popular in the US, the regulations concerning them are not yet very clear in all countries. Before leaving, we therefore advise you to find out about the various rules that apply in particular to parking, traffic or setting up your park model on a lot.

  • Save time and money: Traveling with the park model is also beneficial in terms of time and money. You decide to go on vacation? Forget about hours of research to find accommodation that will suit both your budget and your availability.

You will also save your time because you will no longer have to pack your bags! To go, simply attach your trailer home to your vehicle and you’re good to go. So you take your whole house with you! No risk of forgetting anything.

The exceptional materials with which the park models are built guarantee safety and comfort. As wood is a natural insulator both in terms of sound and heat, you can be sure of having a calm and peaceful stay.  In addition, thanks to its wooded interior, you will enjoy a cosy, warm and wooded atmosphere that will undoubtedly allow you to recharge your batteries during your vacation.

No disappointment in discovering accommodation that does not meet your needs, your park model is perfectly personalized according to your desires!

  • An autonomous park model for a stay in complete freedom. For even more freedom and independence and not to have to worry about connections, opt for autonomy solutions!

For the energy part, choose a photovoltaic kit for electricity and powering the lights and electrical outlets. Add gas options such as a water heater or an oven with gas hobs. For the heating part, choose a wood or pellet stove.

For water autonomy, opt for a greywater treatment kit, ecological and economical, which filters up to 300L of wastewater. Thanks to a storage tank placed under the trailer, you can also take the water necessary for your consumption during your stay.

What facilities do park models have?

Park models, often referred to as “mobile homes,” are recreational vehicles designed for seasonal use and frequently used as a second home or cottage. This type of trailer is generally installed at one location for the duration of the season and its movements must be occasional. 

Resembling real houses on wheels, park trailers have all the conveniences of a home, although they do not have an electrical system for lighting and various appliances. They must therefore be connected to public services, once installed. There is a whole range of models ranging from the most modest to the most luxurious.

Park models are built on a simple frame on wheels that may or may not be removable. They are classified into two categories which are distinguished by their dimensions. 

The first, having a width of 8 feet, is closer in terms of weight and length to a conventional trailer and must be towed by a heavy utility vehicle, such as a pickup truck, and does not require any special permit for its movements. It usually has one or two sliding sections to increase its living area.

The second category consists of wider and taller models, with a width varying between 10 and 16 feet. This type of park trailer must be towed by a specialized vehicle driven by a driver with the necessary license to manoeuvre this type of load. The cost of travel and the choice of location should always be considered when purchasing this type of recreational vehicle.

Can I move the park model camper myself?

A park model camper transport may seem expensive but it is supervised work requiring large means reserved for professionals only. As a general rule, this involves moving an indivisible mass of several tonnes with dimensions that do not allow traffic other than exceptional on the roads.

It is absolutely necessary to hire a professional for this type of transport, even for very short trips of a few miles.

The wheels and axle of a park model camper are only designed for movement inside the campsite or residential leisure park, they are only used for transporting onto the plot and for the various manipulations required for its setting and installation.

We strongly advise you not to attempt the adventure, in addition to a worrying meeting with the authorities you could end up spending much more than the savings you wanted to save.

It is generally accepted to say that the transport of park model campers is expensive and very often one quotes percentages according to the price of the camper.

How to find someone to tow my park model trailer?

To find someone to tow your park model trailer, start by using your favourite search engine and type “park model trailer transport”. If your operation is located in a region you can specify it in your search, otherwise, you can add “entire country”.

Many carriers have sites where they introduce themselves to you and provide you with requests for quotes that you can enter online. Do not hesitate to request several quotes, this will allow you to get a relatively precise idea of ​​the fair price.

With this information and once your selection of two or three professionals is made, put them in competition in order to try to adjust the price proposals to the best of your interests.

You must take some precautions regarding the contents of the park model before having it transported, a good professional will provide you with all the necessary information, remember that the various handling and transport are the responsibility of the professional but that you must also have the park model insured, an essential precaution to exercise any recourse in the event of damage.

If you can find a professional offering you both transport and wedging, installation and connections, it’s better, but be aware that sometimes it turns out to be very difficult 

because climatic conditions allow mobile homes to be moved but do not allow the second part of the operations (wet ground for example).

Insofar as the destination campsite offers you the possibility of parking the mobile home, you can expect better conditions so that the installation, setting and connections are done correctly, this is a very important phase for the future life of your park model and it is sometimes more judicious to entrust this task to professionals specialized in this activity.


Living in a park model trailer can be a true life dream for some. And as life happens and circumstances change, the need to move a park model may arise. As these types of trailers can weigh several tons, we’d recommend you to call a moving company and rely on their experience in towing a park model trailer.

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FAQ on Can you travel with a park model RV?

Can I move my park model to another site?

Yes, you can move your park model to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is strongly recommended that you consult your vehicle’s user manual to make sure that the gross vehicle weight rating does not exceed the capacity of your truck to pull the park model.

What is the best brand of park model trailers?

When it comes to the best brand of park trailers, the big winner remains the Jayco Jay Flight, which has been at the top of recreational vehicle sales for many years. A brand appreciated by many caravanners.

What is a park model trailer?

A park trailer is designed for recreational purposes. A park trailer is not used for residential purposes but can be attached temporarily in the same way as a recreational / RV trailer with or without its axles and ties.

How much does it cost to move a park model camper?

It is practically correct to estimate the transport of a park model camper between $3 and $5/ mile, and for very short distances the professionals will offer you a package. The price will vary depending on the difficulty of the route and the route that will be necessary to take.


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