Can you tow a static caravan?

In today’s blog, we will answer the following question: Can you tow a static caravan? We will explain what a static caravan is, why you would need to move one and how to do it. We also talk about the costs and what it is like living in a caravan.

Can you tow a static caravan?

Towing a static caravan can be quite a challenge, and moving one with your car is almost impossible, as most static caravans can weigh at least six tones. 

Our recommendation would be to hire a company that has a low loader truck, the right experience and equipment to tow a static caravan. Aside from the fact that you may need an escort to move a caravan of this size, only a professional team could guarantee a simple, efficient and safe move.

By hiring a team to tow the static caravan, you can make the transfer expeditiously, as they usually have a large staff of responsible and trained transporters to carry out this work to the destination you need.

Of course, the cost of your transfer may vary depending on certain aspects. Either way, with transfer service, you can always move your caravan anywhere in the country, ​​with the assurance that it will arrive without setbacks and at a truly affordable cost.

How much does it cost to tow a static caravan?

Many people think that the price of moving a caravan can be very high, but this is not necessarily the case. But how much does a caravan transfer cost? The calculation of the price of the caravan transfer depends on several factors, such as:

  1. The caravan dimensions: the greater the weight and size, the cost of the transfer can increase.
  2. The distance of the transfer: depending on the mileage travelled, the rate is adjusted.
  3. Transfer area: an international transfer requires higher expenses than a national one.

All these aspects are considered at the same time to estimate a fair rate. It is also important to note that if the caravan requires a trailer, this will increase the provision of the service.

Where is it possible to move caravans to?

Whether it is a question of moving a caravan between campsites to another municipality or it is necessary to move it beyond our borders, as long as there is a passable route where one can move, your caravan can be towed.

Tip: It is very important to consider that the caravans’ movement requires documentation, especially if it is an international transfer. 

What is living in a static caravan like?

First, the living space is reduced to the size of the caravan. To give you an idea, the average caravan measures 5.7 meters long, 2.7 wide and 3 meters high. You will realize that inside the caravan all the spaces are useful and the best of all is that you have the largest and most varied terrace in the world.

The priorities for this type of life are completely different: where do I park, how do I manage energy, how do I get clean water, were to empty the dirty ones and the bathroom, how do I manage my resources, where do I wash my clothes ... do they sound familiar?

Find a good place to sleep. You will be lucky that your home is where you want to be. Every day you have to find a place to sleep, quiet, that is allowed to park and if possible with good views at sunrise.

But you will not always be able to do it, not all places are safe, others have difficult access or do not have the basic needs that you need to cover.

Difference between living in a flat vs living in a caravan

Living in a flat/houseLiving in a caravan
A lot of spaceLimited space
More amenitiesFewer amenities
Water and electricity when you need itLimited water and electricity
Washing & Drying Machine No Washing Machine or Drier
Full bathroom and running hot waterBathroom with chemical toilet & cistern to be emptied
Security and privacyMore insecurity and less privacy
Limited outdoors spaceHuge terrace with different views

Many people prefer to live in a static caravan, especially in summer when the outside temperatures are perfect for enjoying all the benefits thoroughly. Still, some people are thinking of extending the camping period, including the cold season. So can you live in a caravan in the winter?

Indeed, this involves more hassle from the start, but it can be put into practice if the caravan is specially built to withstand low temperatures. Winter in the caravan is not indicated on frosty days, but, says a caravan learned with winters in Romania, it can become a reality if there are an electric radiator, blankets and duvet, very thick clothes, furry socks.

A frosty night can be spent brilliantly, without the person having to camp in a place equipped with electricity. Still, the situation changes in the following days, the reservations ending, so the winter with the caravan must be spent, certainly, in a campsite. Fortunately, it does not mean large expenses, as they are much lower than those in a block of flats.

The bottom line

Living in a static caravan can be a true life dream for some. And as life happens and circumstances change, the need to move a static caravan may arise. As static caravans can weigh several tons, we’d recommend you to call a moving company and rely on their experience in towing a static caravan.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions on the content.  

FAQ on Can you tow a static caravan?

How easy is it to move a static caravan?

Moving a  static caravan is easy for an experienced professional who can load the caravan on their truck and move it safely across the city or the country. If you have no experience, be careful with towing the caravan and it is better to ask for help. 

How much does a static caravan weigh?

A static caravan can weigh between five and weight tonnes, depending on its size and how much furniture and gear there is inside the caravan. 

How much does it cost to transport a static caravan?

The cost for transporting a static caravan will depend on its weight and size and the distance it has to be transferred to. You could pay an average of $1500 +  VAT.

Do I have to pay council tax on a static caravan?

No, you don’t have to pay council tax on a static caravan. However, you may have to pay a fee to the park where you are keeping the caravan.

Can you live permanently in a static caravan?

Some people live permanently in a static caravan. However, in most cases, they are only used as holiday homes during the summer, as it can get quite cold in a static caravan during winter. 

Can I move my park home to another site?

Yes, you can move your park home to another site, as they technically are motorhomes. It is today possible, and there are companies in charge of that. 


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