Can you tow a car behind a Skoolie? (how to do it)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Can you tow a car behind a Skoolie? We will explain how to tow a car behind a Skoolie and give you a few tips on towing on a flatbed. 

Can you tow a car behind a Skoolie?

Technically yes, you can tow a car behind a Skoolie, like you would tow one behind any other RV. Of course, you must know that if your Skoolie didn’t have enough power before, towing a car will make it worse. Still, cars are not that heavy nowadays and if you pull your vehicle on a flatbed, you’ll manage just fine. 

How much weight can a Skoolie tow?

How much your Skoolie can tow will depend on the type of engine and transmission it has, and the year it was fabricated. But for the sake of answering this question, a Skoolie is equivalent to a Class A RV, thus it has a towing capacity between 5,000 lbs and 10,000 lbs.  

For all those who are passionate about travel, a Skoolie offers a way to always be on the go without sacrificing the comforts that a home offers. School buses are also a blank canvas – once the seats are removed the possibilities are endless. The design will depend on the number of people that will be accommodated on the bus, as well as their lifestyle and needs.

Cars that can be towed behind a Skoolie

A Skoolie is a great way to have a home away from home. However, you may need an additional car that you can use for shopping trips or off-road digging. In this case, you will need to tow your car flat.

Not all car models can be towed flat as there can be issues with the transmission. The transmission needs the engine to be always on so that the pump can lubricate all moving parts. For this reason, the best cars that can be towed flat are manual ones. If you have an automatic car, call your dealer and ask if you can tow it with the automatic transmission before trying.

 Most cars built before 2016 are best suited for towing.

Car modelDetails
Fiat 500, Toyota Corolla and Chevrolet SparkThese are fairly small cars that can be towed easily behind a Skoolie. The cars are light and ideal for finding a parking space. These cars are usually equipped with a manual gearbox, which is excellent for towing.
JK Jeep Wrangler and Jeep RubiconThe Jeep is a favourite of many car owners who like to drive off-road. The jeep can be pulled with all its wheels on four wheels. For best results, try models prior to 2018.
Land Cruiser or FJ CruiserThe most popular Toyota models for towing are the Landcruiser and the FJ Cruiser with manual transmission. Most newer Toyota and Lexus automatic models are not suitable for towing.
The problem with these models is that the transmission is designed in such a way that the transmission pump must be running to lubricate the moving parts. 
This means that you have to drive the car. If the car’s engine is not working, you will have serious problems when towing the car.
Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Fusion HybridAlthough both cars are equipped with automatic transmissions, they are still easy to tow. Cars are also rear-wheel-drive vehicles. 
Avoid 2016 and later models, unless the car manual explicitly states that you can tow them.

Tips for towing on a flatbed behind a Skoolie

A Skoolie is a great second home when you are camping. However, you may have to take a few trips leaving the Skoolie behind. With a small car that you can use frequently, you save fuel and parking space. Flat towing involves moving the car on all four wheels.

The car rolls as you move. Before the era of modern cars with automatic transmission and modern electronics, it was quite easy to tow any car with a manual transmission.

Accessories. If you have a car with an automatic transmission, you can add several add-ons to make towing easier. This may include the addition of transmission lube pumps and driveshaft decouplers. However, these add-ons vary by car model. These plugins are also expensive to buy and install. Eventually, you can end up destroying your car, which could cause problems with your warranty.

Towing method. Towing your car with your RV is also known as a “dirty trailer.” If it is impossible to tow your car on all four wheels, you can use a flatbed or enclosed trailer. In some cases, you can let the car drive on its two wheels while the other wheels are suspended. The weight of the car compared to the weight of the motorhome also determines your towing method.

The law specifies the allowed combined weight of vehicles. This is the total weight of the motorhome and the car. This figure is important because it protects you from destroying your transmission. When towing flat, be sure to install a radiator to avoid damage to your transmission.

Car uses. The type of car you want to tow is also determined by the purpose of your trip. If you plan to use the car for shopping and short trips to the city, a small car is ideal. However, if you are planning on serious off-road driving, a jeep is the best option.

Run the engine during stops. As already mentioned, some vehicle models can only pump transmission oil when the engine is running. In this case, you may need to stop and start the engine regularly on the road. This will lubricate most of the transmission. In some cases, you may need to remove some fuses before continuing your journey. When towing the car, you must put it in neutral.

However, there are some 4X4 cars that are towed flat in the parking position. Then use neutral mode for transfer cases. You will need to recheck the manufacturer’s manual to confirm. Destroying your transmission isn’t worth lugging around your beloved car during RV rides.

Ignition switch. Most modern cars lock the steering if the car is not running. These types of cars block the front wheels and make driving impossible. In this case, you are obliged to leave the key in the ignition.

Auxiliary brakes. The RV is a large vehicle and with a towed car behind it is a recipe for traffic accidents. In such cases, the driver behind you cannot see when you signal or brake. To prevent accidents, several US states have prescribed emergency brakes that work in conjunction with the towed car. To avoid fines, even in states that don’t make it mandatory, these emergency brakes must come on.

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FAQ on Can you tow a car behind a Skoolie?

Are Skoolies worth it?

For many people, Skoolies are totally worth it. A Skoolie offers a way to always be on the go without sacrificing the comforts that a home offers. School buses are also a blank canvas – once the seats are removed the possibilities are endless. The design will depend on the number of people that will be accommodated on the bus, as well as their lifestyle and needs.

Is a Skoolie considered an RV?

Yes, A Skoolie is considered an RV. They have become popular recently and are nothing more than converted school buses. They are spacious and offer plenty of room to decorate and furnish as you may please. 

Are Skoolies allowed in RV parks?

Yes, Skoolies are allowed in most RV parks. Some campsites, however, don’t allow Skoolies, creating the temptation to park in a public parking lot instead, but it’s worth the extra distance to find a Skoolie-friendly park!


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