Can you take a hybrid camper to Yellowstone? (A guide)

In this brief guide, we will explain: Can you take a hybrid camper to Yellowstone? We will also give you a virtual tour and the best tips for camping in Yellowstone National Park. 

Can you take a hybrid camper to Yellowstone?

Yes, you can definitely take a hybrid camper to Yellowstone National Park. Your only concern should be whether your hybrid camper fits the size requirements. In the table below you will find useful information about the size restriction in Yellowstone National Park. 

Camping Size Restriction in Yellowstone National Park

AreaSize RestrictionsAdditional equipment

Fishing Bridge

RVs up to 40 feet or less
Towing vehicle of 25 feet or less;
No tents, picnic tables or fire grates allowed.

Bridge Bay
RV&Vehicle  up to 40 feet or lessTents – allowed
Hookups – not permitted

RV&Vehicle  up to 40 feet or lessNo hookups, but tents allowed. This is an RV-only site!

RV&Vehicle  up to 40 feet or lessTents – allowed
Hookups – not permitted

RV&Vehicle  up to 40 feet or lessTents – allowed
Hookups – not permitted

Now that you know that you can safely take your hybrid camper to Yellowstone, let’s get to the fun part: what to visit and when to visit the Yellowstone National Park. 

What to see in Yellowstone with your hybrid camper?

  • Obviously, the geysers. It is one of Yellowstone’s top attractions, with almost 200 and almost 10,000 hot springs.

Among all these geysers, the best known remains “Old Faithful”, the one that spits every 90 minutes, and the largest, “Steamboat Geyser”. The warm waters also help create natural sculptures, when limestone from the rocks collects on the surface.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is also to be seen, it is the largest hot spring in the United States, which boils at over 70 degrees.

  • Animals and wildlife. Just as famous as its geysers, Yellowstone’s wild animal life is abundant and worth a visit. We recommend that you take a walk in the park early in the morning or at nightfall to have the best possible chance of seeing animals; these are the hours when they go out to feed. 

We did not say that it is your responsibility to feed them: it is strictly forbidden, and animals should not be approached within 90 meters (bears and wolves) or 23 meters (other animals).

  • Nature. Yellowstone Park is home to one of the largest untouched temperate ecosystems in the world, and therefore a unique natural diversity in the world. Yellowstone’s vegetation is typical of the Rocky Mountains, with over 1,000 native plant species, 9 different conifers, and 3 endemic species.

What to do in Yellowstone with a hybrid camper?

The park is one of the largest natural areas in the United States, with more than 2.2 million acres of nature, and more than 1,500 kilometres of hiking trails. In addition to walking, you can also cycle, rollerblade, and scooter. Your hybrid camper is only there to serve as a temporary home. Get out and explore!

Take a boat or go fishing. Yellowstone Park has several lakes, and only 2 accommodate motorboats, Yellowstone Lake and Lewis Lake. About 50,000 out of 4 million visitors come here to fish each year, and fishing has been one of the park’s main occupations for over 100 years.

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. In winter, the park is covered in snow and hundreds of meters of tracks and trails are open to you. Royal.

Horse riding. It is possible to go on a horseback ride for 1 or 2 hours, with the possibility for non-riders to join the troop aboard a train and enjoy a good steak.

Camping. You don’t want to go anymore, do you? That’s okay, there are 12 camps and over 2,000 spots where you can camp in Yellowstone.

How many days do I need to visit Yellowstone with a hybrid camper?

Yellowstone is a huge park with a lot of interesting places to see. So at least you will need three days to visit the essentials. We toured the park by car for 5 days and we didn’t have much time left. There are no public buses inside the park, so you will need your own vehicle or hire a tour or organized visit.

Yellowstone’s main road (Grand Loop road) loops in the shape of an 8, forming two circles. The return to the small circle or north route is 112 kilometres and it takes at least a day to see the best of this area. The great circle or lower lap is 154 kilometres long and you will need at least two days to cover the essentials. With these data, you can get an idea of ​​the great distances that are within the park.

When to go to Yellowstone with a hybrid camper?

Although the park is open all year round, in winter it is easy for the roads to be impassable due to snow. During the months of November to April, only the northern access is open and you will need chains. Remember that all these data are subject to changes due to the weather.

  • Yellowstone in Summer: Peak season runs from late June to mid-August. Temperatures during the day are mild, but at night it can be cool. At this time of year the park fills up with visitors and you have to reserve in advance.
  • Yellowstone in spring and fall. It is the best time to visit the park since there are fewer visitors and everything is calmer. In addition, the prices of the accommodations are more moderate. But, if you travel in autumn, keep in mind that the weather is very unpredictable, and some roads can be closed due to snowfall.

Prices and access hours to Yellowstone Park for hybrid campers

Yellowstone is open 24 hours a day from April to October (although there may be restrictions due to weather). From November to March, due to the snow, only the Mammoth and the northeast entrance are open.

Although you can pay for the entrance separately, the best option is to buy the national park card (Annual Pass). With this card, you can enter all the parks in the country for a year, and it is much cheaper. It can be purchased at any of the park entrances.

You have extensive information about the park, access details, updated prices and maps on the National Parks of the United States website.

FAQ on Can you take a hybrid camper to Yellowstone?

Can you drive through Yellowstone without paying?

No, you cannot drive through Yellowstone without paying. The entrance park to the national park is $35/vehicle and it doesn’t include a pass to the Grand Teton National Park.

How do I plan an RV trip to Yellowstone?

When planning an RV trip to Yellowstone, first, make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to see the park’s best sights. Second, do some research regarding vehicle length, campsites amenities and costs. 

Where to park an RV in Yellowstone?

Some of the best places to park your RV in Yellowstone are at the Fishing Bridge, Canyon, Grant and Bridge Bay.

Can you drive an RV through Yellowstone?

You can drive an RV through Yellowstone, but you will have to make sure you know the Yellowstone national park RVs size restrictions.

Are rooftop tents allowed in Yellowstone?

Yes, rooftop tents are allowed in Yellowstone. However, camping (in tents, vehicles, or caravans) is not allowed outside of designated camping areas. Yellowstone National Park, with its 2.2 million acres (890,308 ha), is one of the most important natural park areas in the United States.


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